Alford Lake Camp

Grow, Stretch, and Challenge Yourself this Summer!

A residential girls camp located in Hope, ME, Alford Lake Camp strives to make a lasting impact on our campers and staff by empowering them to go out and make a positive difference in our world. Our goal is to provide a place in which our campers feel totally comfortable with themselves, grow, stretch and challenge themselves.

We are located in Hope, ME which is mid-coast Maine near the scenic towns of Camden and Rockland.

About Alford Lake Camp

Alford Lake Camp will be celebrating it's 110th summer in 2016! This makes us one of the oldest girls' camps in the world. We are located on 370 acres with over a mile of waterfront on Alford Lake.

Though our counselor staff have access to wifi our campers live in white platform tents (4-6 per tent with one counselor) without electricity or any electronics. All staff teach an activity as well as living with campers. Hiking and canoeing trips are offered to all of our campers outside of the activities included in the regular program. Swimming, sailing, canoeing, paddle-boarding, gymnastics, tennis, dance, art, climbing, horseback riding, archery, community service are all a part of our program. We are fun-loving and LOVE to laugh so a sense of humor is a must! Through our activities and the connections we make with each other each summer we will create a safe community in which we dare to take 'risks'.

"Being a camp counselor at ALC has taught me to embrace the most authentic version of myself. At Alford Lake, I get to challenge myself in new ways and fail without ridicule. At camp, I get to stand in front of 200 other people, perform the goofiest skits, and hear a crowd erupt in cheers when I am through. At camp, I feel as though I can share my thoughts with anyone and feel understood and loved. At camp, I can laugh and cry so hard that my stomach starts to hurt and I have to leave the room to calm down. At camp, I get to play outdoors every single day! And I mean, really play! It is this environment that accepts my "true" self and teaches me to be the best leader that I can be. I will be forever grateful to ALC for the confidence it has given me and the sunlit memories that I get to carry around for the rest of the year." 

Ideal Candidate


  • those individuals who are genuine
  • people who are willing to work hard
  • those who are willing to focus on the needs of their campers
  • the person who is willing to laugh at themselves
  • people who are able hear observational comments
  • someone who is a team player
  • those who want to challenge themselves to grow and change
  • those who are flexible!

Room and Board

We provide a salary as well as room, board and laundry at no charge to staff. Housing is either in a tent with campers or in staff cabins if the staff member does not live with campers. The cabins are shared with a private room, bathroom and laundry.

Employee Perks

One of the huge perks of working in camp is getting to know LOTS of people from all over the world. Should you want to travel anytime after camp, you will have made friends with whom you may connect and stay. Having become part of a community who has alums in many different areas in the professional world, you will have access to connections that may prove fruitful in your career.


Getting Here and Getting Around

For those who do not have their own vehicle, we provide transportation from Portland airport and Portland and Rockland, ME bus stations. We also provide transport on days off for those who do not have vehicles to either Camden or Rockland, ME. Having a car, obviously, provides greater flexibility on time off during the day and on days off, however, is not necessary.

For Fun

Alford Lake Camp is tucked away and yet close to a ton of great things to do on time off. Camden Hills State park provides short hikes and Camden, ME has shops, day cruises on schooners, restaurants, music and libraries. Rockland, ME has museums, a Lobster Festival, The North Atlantic Blues Festival, shops, beaches and restaurants; we are close enough to Freeport, ME (home of L.L. Bean) to visit if you have a vehicle where there are lots of outlet stores.

How to Apply

Please visit our website via the links below to complete an online application. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Betsy Brayley at 207-785-2400 or

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