Above & Beyond Alaska Wilderness Adventures

Do you have this view from your desk?
Lead group canoe paddles to the ice!
Explore the Inside Passage by kayak
Make people's adventure dreams come true!
Don't mind crowds?
Wait till your clients see this clear water!
Heading out to Mendenhall Glacier!
Everyday up on the ice is different!
Having fun is encouraged!
Sometimes work is about just hanging out :)
Ice climbing anyone?
Come see all the amazing ways ice melts!
Want to help make make every trip happen? Apply for a Support Staff position! Learn everything it take to be a professional Wilderness Guide
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Climb higher then you have before!
Guide from Ocean to Ice in Alaska!
Make memories, friends, and money this summer!
Want to amaze people everyday? Apply today!

Juneau's premier boutique adventure guiding company is now hiring! Come explore the Tongass Rainforest!

Above & Beyond Alaska (ABAK) is a locally owned and operated company who have been exploring the Tongass National Forest, glaciers of the Juneau Icefield, and waters of Alaska’s inside passage since 2002. ABAK's goal is to offer our clients an opportunity to explore any of the environments found around Juneau by kayak, canoe, or foot. Come help us explore from ocean to ice!

Nestled in the temperate rain forest, surrounded by snowy peaks, and right on the Pacific Ocean, Juneau is a town of 30,000 people but with a small town feel. We have an incredibly high quality of life with an active culture scene plus more hiking trails than roads. It's a wilderness playground! Check out the video titled "Exploring Juneau Alaska" for more info and a peek at our office and staff!

About Above & Beyond Alaska Wilderness Adventures

At Above & Beyond Alaska, our goal is to provide a complete Alaskan wilderness experience for our clients by sharing our passion, technical know-how, and natural history knowledge. Our goal is find well rounded team players with a passion for the outdoors and a willingness to put the clients experience first. We have a huge variety of trips, from day to overnight, from sea kayaking to ice trekking, and more. You do not have to be an expert in every field, but be open to growing your technical skills and sharing your stories with the clients and the team. 

We are one of the premier wilderness guiding companies in Alaska and also work with major production from around the world including Nat. Geo, the Travel Channel, Oprah Magazine, and we even took Martha Stewart ice trekking once! If you would like to gain experience in the production world we can help you grow your skills and show you the ropes. 

We are now hiring the best of the best in Wilderness Guides for Summer 2019. We require a love of hiking, kayaking, canoeing, and exploring with a positive attitude and team orientated mindset. So if you want to learn from the professionals and have the most diverse guiding experiences during your time in Alaska, apply to join our team today!

The Employee Experience

Alaska truly is the final wilderness frontier. You feel very small wherever you go in the magnificent scenery. You also get unlimited outdoor opportunities. Do you want to sea kayak today up the rugged coastline? Or maybe go ice trekking on a glacier that is thousands of years old? Or how about a hike through the lush and beautiful rain forest? One thing that we highly recommend asking every potential employer is, "how many days off per week I am expected to work?" The truth is most companies require 6 to 7 days on per week all summer, which limits your free time for adventure. We work very hard to try and provide more flexibility with 5 days on and 2 days off whenever possible. We want you to have amazing experiences in your free time to improve your skills, stories, and experiences. Your time and quality of life is very important to us but we do advise everyone considering a job in tourism - it can be intense! It is fast paced, changes often, never boring, and requires constant flexibility. Please consider the pro and cons that exist with every position and consider if you are up for the challenge. 

At Above & Beyond Alaska we value safety and preservation of the wilderness above all else. We are here to provide safe tours that help to preserve and educate our beautiful home. No trace left behind and take nothing but photos is our philosophy. If you share these values you will be surrounded by a large and experienced staff who can help and mentor you to grow. Love to kayak but want to learn ice trekking? No problem! Let's make a day of it and have an adventure!

Ideal Candidate

ABAK is seeking applicants who:

  • Are independent and reliable
  • Have the flexibility to work an ever-changing schedule
  • Consistently demonstrate empathy and enthusiasm
  • Work well as part of a team and have strong communication skills
  • Enjoy working with people and providing service that goes above and beyond
  • Place an emphasis on safety and demonstrate conservative judgment and decision-making
  • Love the outdoors…and don’t mind the rain
  • Have the desire and ability to share their knowledge of the natural environments of Southeast Alaska and the history of Juneau and the Tongass
  • Are open to learning and expanding their “people skills”, technical know-how and natural history knowledge
  • Have physical stamina, fitness, and no potential physical limitations and can lift and carry at least 50 pounds
  • Have an unflagging honesty, sense of humor and respect for all others
  • Are willing to work where needed and fill different roles for the company when asked
  • All employees must be First Aid and CPR certified. (American Red Cross class recommended)
  • All Wilderness Guides must have a WFR or EMT certification. 

For Guide applicants:

  • Be willing to learn the technical skills needed to guide glacier trekking, canoeing or kayaking trips (i.e. crevasse rescue, proper trekking, and ice climbing technique, top-rope site management, spotting techniques, proper paddle strokes, assisted re-entries, advanced capsize rescues)
  • Hold a WFR or EMT certification 
  • 1-2 years outdoor guiding experience preferred but not required. 
  • Looks forward to a fast paced intense working experience. 
  • A love of the outdoors and experience in a variety of outdoor settings.
  • Team player who will place client needs as the top priority 
  • Guides often get 2 days off per week, but consecutive days off and time off requests are hard to accommodate. If this is a big factor for you, please consider our other positions which have more scheduling flexibility. 

Room and Board

Juneau is an easy place to find summer housing and this allows you to find the perfect situation for you. If you have a specific price range or requirements we are happy to help you locate the best fit for you. Management will make every effort to assist in helping locate and solidify housing and no one has ever had a problem finding a good place for them. 

Employee Perks

  • Competitive wages starting at $14 per hour for all positions if you are 21 years and older and raises for returning for additional seasons
  • End of season bonus based on performance
  • Guide staff regularly receive gratuities from guests
  • Full time hours for all staff with some overtime opportunities
  • Paid training and ongoing training throughout the season
  • Opportunity to purchase discounted and wholesale outdoor products from the top manufacturers. (Pro deals!) 
  • Free seat on the ABAK trips in your time off (when open seats are available)
  • Free use of gear, equipment, kayaks, paddleboards, and more during your free time
  • Discounts on ABAK trips for friends and family
  • Mentorship with staff of professional guides, regardless of your position in the team we have excellent leaders who will help and train in every aspect of wilderness guiding, helping you become the best! 
  • We are not the company to make the most money over the course of the season, we are looking for people who want a work/life balance and want to maximum their free time while still earning money and gaining experience. 
  • Our team members are a top priority for us. We encourage open communication, feedback, and any input to help improve the employee experience. 

Getting Here and Getting Around

Juneau Alaska can be accessed by plane or ferry only. Daily flights from Seattle to Juneau are available with Alaska Airlines. Staff will be available to help coordinate and support transportation to Juneau.

We highly recommend driving a vehicle up to Juneau, not only is it a great road trip but a car is helpful to have in the Juneau area. That being said, buses and bikes work too! Please let us know if you aren't bringing a vehicle and we can help identify good housing locations close to the office. 

For Fun

Its Alaska! The only limit is your imagination! 

Ideas include:

  • hiking
  • kayaking
  • mountaineering 
  • whale watching
  • bear watching
  • photography
  • ice trekking 
  • heli-skiing
  • zip lining
  • canoeing 
  • camping
  • backpacking

How to Apply

Apply online via the link provided. We look forward to hearing from you!

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