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A great place to stay in the heart of Fairbanks, Alaska

Alaska 7 Ventures started with only the 7 Gables Inn, a former fraternity house converted to a hotel. Since then we've grown, now operating the 7 Gables Inn & Suites, Abbey Archway Inn, Fairbanks Extended Stays, and Fairbanks International Hostel, and we're still growing!

Fairbanks Alaska, the Golden Heart City, Land of the Midnight Sun

About Alaska 7 Ventures

We develop our land and construct our properties ourselves! We need creative architects, creative engineers, competent construction workers, carpenters, plumbers, building electricians, landscapers, interior designers, welders, and maintenance crew to repair, replace, renovate, renew and reorganize.

We operate a bed and breakfast (9 rooms), extended stay hotel (40 units), long-term monthly rentals (15 units), and a backpackers hostel (15 beds). We have a constant need for housekeeping staff who can keep up with the varied and unique housing options we offer.

At Alaska 7 Ventures, we offer the most flexible schedules to determine the time you want to start and stop work! We have year-round, seasonal, full-time, part-time, and temporary positions available. We have internships in construction, rental property management, tourist accommodations, and property acquisition. Some of our staff have been here for more than 25 years like part of our family.

We offer employee housing and travel reimbursement for those traveling in from outside of Fairbanks. Come join us in the Land of the Midnight Sun!

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The Employee Experience

At Alaska 7 Ventures you get to determine your own schedule. That's right, you get to decide when you want to start work and when you want to stop work; there's always more work to be done around here. There's nothing monotonous about working with us, each day brings something new and exciting!

Our team is full of fun-loving people who are easy to get along with. Coworkers become fast friends here!

We offer employee housing to those who desire it. You can't beat the commute, or the price!

There's no risk if you're coming from out of state; for the right candidates coming from outside of Fairbanks, we will reimburse your travel expenses after a short period of time working with us.

Ideal Candidate

All you need to succeed at Alaska 7 Ventures is being dependable, reliable, and able to get along with your coworkers. We will provide training for all of our jobs to candidates who want to work!

Room and Board

We have myriad employee housing options available. Almost any of our rental properties can be occupied by employees, from trailers to tree-houses, tiny-homes to studio apartments, we have it all.

Employee housing is paid for with hours of work, varying depending on the accommodations requested. We have breakfast (and coffee) here available for employees in the mornings after our usual breakfast supplied for guests.

Employee Perks

Free boats! We have kayaks, canoes, and flat-bottom boats for employee use.

Bicycles! We have bicycles for employee use (although some may require repair).

Getting Here and Getting Around

Fairbanks is a small enough town that transportation is easy. You can get around town on a bicycle, or in the bus (free). If you elect to occupy employee housing, there's hardly any commute at all!

You can get to most of our properties using the bus, and the bus from the airport comes close by. We can offer travel ticket compensation for anyone traveling from outside of Fairbanks; come work with us for a short period of time and we will repay your travel costs!

For Fun

In the Golden Heart city, there's no shortage of adventure. In the summer, there's plenty of hiking and cross country running at Birch Hill, music at the Gazebo Night's at Pioneer Park and at the UAF Botanical Gardens, and culturally important events like the Festival of Native Arts and the World Eskimo Indian Olympics, fishing at the Chena Lakes State Recreation Site, canoeing in the Chena river, and so much more!

In the winter, there's skiing and snowboarding, snow machining, snow shoeing, dog-sledding, and plenty more winter sports to supplement the winter. You'll never find a better spot to view the Aurora than up on Esther Dome, just a hop skip and a jump away from our properties.

How to Apply

You can email us a resume, give us a phone call, or apply online at

Additional info for international applicants

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