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Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Las Vegas, Nevada


Every Fearless Leader has to put in some time at the school of hard knocks, and Bill Berg did his digging ditches and laying drainage tile with good ole Uncle Mel in the Old Country (Minnesota). Some years later, Bill graduated to pumping gas in Yellowstone National Park – very glam. Eventually his inner compass and working half-MBA pointed the way to coolworks.com, which Bill founded in 1995. Today, as Founder and President, Bill keeps a wide angle eye on all things CoolWorks, and is humbled to know he’s changed many lives along the way. He believes passionately in the magical power of getting or giving a seasonal job in a great place.

If you’d like to send love notes about how CoolWorks has changed your life, please seek out Bill. Bill’s plates spin in wonderful and wide ways beyond CW, too. Don’t be surprised if you bump into him at the top of a mountain peak or while working a Job In A Great Place. Just smile and say “Hey – Captain CoolWorks!”

B and Jasper Bill Berg Founder & President, Prince of Preservation, Bagger of Peaks
Tashi and K near Patagonia

After 15 years working seasonally in and around Yellowstone, (which included living in a tepee during one early winter and then moving from there to her next seasonal job at a place called, ironically, Pahaska Tepee) Kathi graduated from MSU with enough credits for two undergrad degrees. This shows both an insatiable curiosity and the inability to decide what she wanted to be when she grew up. Thankfully all that curiosity opened the door to signing on with her friend and CoolWorks founder Bill, during a ride in a VW Bug in Mexico in 1996.

So grad school never happened but figuring out what she wanted to be when she grew up did. Kathi consults and strategizes one on one with employers to make sure their recruitment messages are comprehensive, visual and exciting so that they get qualified and targeted response that will lead to the best seasonal staff EVER. And be forewarned, curiosity has not killed this cat, so she’ll have plenty of questions for you!

Kathi Kathi Noaker Director of Employer Happiness, Compassionate Comadre

Little did Patty know that one summer job in Yellowstone during college would lead to a Human Resource career hiring literally thousands of summer employees, and that Yellowstone would become the home where she would later raise her two girls. For all you high school sports fans out there, Patty was the itinerant Class C Mom / Bookkeeper who logged many a dark, cold night in a school bus traveling the snowy Montana roads with the Gardiner, MT sports teams. That prepared her well to become the SHRA Queen.

Since 1997, Patty has been the force behind the annual Seasonal Human Resource Association Conference. She plans, preps, and puts on the whole shebang every fall in some wondrous locations. And as our resident Mama Bear, no job is too big or too small for her to tackle, especially in the web recruiting and human resources departments. Whether with CW, as a potter, or a DIY enthusiast, she’s creatively putting pieces together. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Patty if you need her to sprinkle her special brand of problem-solving-pixie-dust on your issue.

Patty-NPS Patty Ceglio Employer Wing Woman, SHRA Queen, CoolWorks Mama Bear
E on the path

A life-long tech nerd and computer geek, Eric attended MSU Bozeman and by the summer of 1995 graduated with a degree in physics. E got involved with an up-an-coming new thing called ‘the web’ and was a partner in a dial-up ISP (Remember modems? scrrrreeeeech-weeee-wooo-weee-woo-bong-bong-zooop…..connected: 14.4K) Later that same year, Eric crossed paths with Bill Berg just as Bill was looking for a Montana company to host this crazy idea he had: CoolWorks. 20 years later, Eric is still writing the code and maintaining the servers that keeps our website pumping.

E and Nimbus Eric Lund Web Wizard, aka Man Behind the Curtain
Q and her boy cat, Johan

Q, as we call her around here, started her illustrious seasonal career as a Seattle tour bus driver, which was supposed to be “just for the summer,” but it turned into an 11-year career with Holland America Line and Princess Cruises spent mostly in recruiting, safety, training, and human resources. And, you guessed it, she worked with the CoolWorks crew to fill her seasonal jobs in Washington and Alaska. Q’s exuberance and sparkle are truly contagious, and she lights up a room, especially the rooms at the Alaska Travel Industry Association’s annual convention, where she’s been flying the CoolWorks flag for many years.

Kari’s here to help employers with any and all recruiting needs as well as administering our applicant tracking system called Staffing Center. And be forewarned, if you find yourself within arm’s length of her, you WILL get snagged for a group selfie.

NPS-Kari Kari Quaas Employer Wing Woman, Staffing Center Queen, Master of the Group Selfie

Electric Peak lured Ker’en west from Pennsylvania, and because of a stint as Keeper of the Sheets at the Yellowstone River Motel in Gardiner, Montana, she can tell you it’s hard to keep whites … well, white. Her summer job led her to becoming not just a Gardiner local but THE Gardiner local as the Executive Director of the Gardiner Chamber of Commerce. Next up, she brought two beautiful shining stars into the world, and being our Keeper of Accounts was the perfect fit for a full-time Earth Mama. Fortunately for us, she knows how to keep us in the black and out of the red.

Ker’en enjoys finding time to create – whether it’s baking, building, or budgeting, KW has the skills to get it done. She’s spent the last few years raising her kids in a “tiny house” she designed and built from scratch, with the help of her dad. No challenge is too great when it comes to taking care of her wee ones with every life-sculpting experience and homeopathic remedy she can find, and no task is insurmountable as she digs in to conquer a design project, a missing cent, or continues to lovingly challenge the CW team.

Silly KW Ker'en Walters Keeper of Accounts, Reconciliation Ravenclaw, Holistic Earth Mama

A registered electrical apprentice from the age of eleven, Kelcy has had construction in her blood from an early age. She built the first of three spec homes in the Colorado rockies at 18, and continued her general contractor career throughout summers, home from college. Upon realizing that college couldn’t quell her curiosity, she discovered CoolWorks.com, hit the road, and landed in Grand Teton National Park. One summer gig at a front desk grew into a six year career as a Human Resources and Recruiting Manager, where she reveled in her role of Magic Wand Wielder, helping many others pursue their own “grand” adventure.

Kelcy is a homegrown CoolWorks kid and our Social Media Maven, and when she’s not using it to spread the word, she’s OUT walking amongst our people with her gusto and passion, spreading the word about the life changing power of seasonal job. She also counsels employers with her tried and true HR skills, from job seeker-centric marketing and on-boarding, to employee recreation and recognition programs. She’s been the seasonal job seeker and the HR Manager, and she’s a champion of happiness and joy for all.

IMG_0571 Kelcy Fowler The One Who Walks Amongst Our People, Whimsical Wordsmith, Employer Wing Woman, CoolWorks Kid
Matt Moore

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to climb into a trash compactor filled with smashed pallets of mayonnaise? Or what it would be like to sing at the White House? Do you regularly wake from dreams of canoeing the Snake River? You should probably just pick up the phone and call Matt Moore. Another homegrown CW kid, Matt ventured out from Tar Heel State for a seasonal CoolWorks job in Grand Teton National Park. As the story goes with so many, that seasonal job turned into a permanent relocation to the West.

Matt came to CW with a passion for Great Places, a keen eye for accounting, and as a platform to say “Y’all” at least a few times a day. We keep him around because of his hilarious expressions and tales of woe, and to feed his dream of running an amusement park just for pigs. His coding super powers are growing, and so are the chickens and cows in his backyard. We’re lucky to have Matt Moore as one of the bright stars in the CW universe – and the good news is, y’all are lucky, too!

IMG_7682 Matt Moore Finance Farm Sheepdog, Captain of Contracts, Troubadour, CoolWorks Kid