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Camp Jobs

"The summer I was a camp counselor in New York was one of the hardest, yet most rewarding summers of my life, and I wouldn't trade it for the world." - Emily B. Looking for a summer job where you will give much and receive even more in the process? There are some great choices here!


Conference and Retreat Centers

Working or volunteering at a Conference or Retreat Center often includes the extra perk of being able to take classes from a variety of disciplines

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Conservation Corps Jobs

Work with one of the many state conservation corps or national conservation corps. Conservation service internships, paid year-round and seasonal jobs and volunteer opportunities in our National Parks, Forests and other public lands.


Driving Jobs

Whether you're transporting stuff or people, you will find some cool places to drive on this page.

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Environmental Jobs

Check this page if you want to do your part to take care of the health of the environment as an environmental educator, technician, conservation corps leader or member, or volunteer for the government, companies and non-profits.

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Farm and Garden Jobs

Work or volunteer using your green thumb!

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Food and Beverage Jobs

Front and back of the house positions including cooks, chefs and sous chefs, dishwashers, bakers, baristas, servers and waitstaff, bartenders, managers, bussers, hosts and more, located in high-end culinary restaurants, caf├ęs, grab and go establishments, and standalones. This page also features dining jobs with camps, lodges, ranches and resorts in GREAT PLACES!

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Guide Jobs and Trip Leaders

Tons of different types of Guide Jobs to choose from - white water rafting guides, sea kayak guides, adventure guides, ropes course guides, zip line guides, trek leaders, biking guides, tour guides, horseback guides, fishing guides, tour directors, naturalists and more!


Hospitality Jobs

Hospitality positions including front desk, concierge, bell staff, porter, houseman, valet, housekeeping and laundry


Internships in the U.S. with outdoor centers, conservation corps, resorts, national parks, summer camps, etc. Humanitarian and environmental Internship opportunities also available in many countries around the world.
See what it's like & tell your story at My CoolWorks.

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Jobs for the Older and Bolder

If you consider yourself "Older & Bolder," you are retired or planning on retiring, and are looking for a seasonal or temporary job in a great place, the following employers are interested in you. Keep in mind, each has varied accommodations; some have RV spaces, some offer private rooms, and others have rentals nearby. Are you ready for your encore career?

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Jobs On Water

If water's your thing, get a load of this. Work as a rafting guide, fishing guide, on a cruise ship or in plenty of other guest service opportunities with a lake or ocean as your backyard!

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Jobs with Fish

Like to fish? Want to get paid for it? This is the place to look for all kinds of jobs with fish. Watch for fly-fishing guide jobs on Guest Ranches, fishing guide jobs in Alaska, or totally get your fish on by working in an Alaska fish processing plant!

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Jobs with Horses

Many guest ranches and horse concessionaires in National Parks hire Wranglers every summer. Do you have what it takes to be a Wrangler? Please review this list of qualifications before applying.


Jobs with RV Spaces

These employers welcome Work Campers and have RV sites to accommodate your home on wheels. If you're a mobile adventurer, this is the CoolWorks page for you!

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Lodge and Resort Jobs

Check out all the jobs at beach resorts, National Park lodges, Alaskan fishing lodges, and more. And remember, ski resorts don't just hire for the winter!

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Managers and Supervisors

If you want to lead a team, or progress in your career, this is the page for you!

National Park Jobs

Why not work at the best of the best? National Park jobs let you live and play in some of the most amazing places on the planet. Mountains, desert, seacoast, lakeshore, wildlife, geysers, glaciers and more. Picture yourself in it for a season - or a career.

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Non Profits

Seasonal and year-round jobs with various non-profits. Make a difference in the world by volunteering or working for these employers.

Bear other jobs

Other Cool Jobs

Make sure you check out these jobs! They're here simply because they don't "fit" any of our other established categories! Opportunities can include include: photography jobs, fish processing jobs; bike, building and vehicle maintenance; golf course jobs; tour leader positions; dog mushers; educational and service opportunities and much more.


Ranch Jobs

Wranglers are at the heart of Guest Ranch Jobs, but there's so much more. You could be part of a guest service team which includes meal service, housekeeping, chuckwagon cookouts, children's activities, gardening. You can't beat the scenery of these beautiful spots where hiking, fishing and riding are right outside your bunkhouse or cabin.

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Retail Jobs

Take your retail sales experience to all new Great Places!

Seasonal Professionals

These jobs generally require experience or specific training to qualify. Build your resume, build a career with great gigs in great places.


Ski Resort Jobs

Find a job at a great ski resort or in a ski town this winter. Many positions are inside a lodge, resort, ski shop or hip ski town restaurant ~ you'll just be staying warm until it's time to shred! A ski/ride pass often comes with the jobs. Ski patrol, instructor, groomer and lift operator jobs may keep you outside all day - now THAT's Cool Work!

State Park Jobs

Internships & volunteer positions, camp hosts, and a wealth of guest service positions at resorts in various state parks. Check out some of these gems!
See what it's like & tell your story at My CoolWorks.


Teachers / Educators

This page is for all of you educators out there! Find your next instructor gig or teaching job. Have summers off from your teaching Job? Check out our Camp Jobs page - these positions typically have short summer season dates, perhaps a perfect complement to your school year.

Teen Jobs

Are you a teenager between the ages of fourteen and seventeen and looking for a fun summer job with adventure? Interested in meeting new people your age? Have a look at what these employers have to offer.


Volunteer Positions

Volunteer Positions in the U.S. and around the World - from Alaska to Africa - short-term and long-term. NOTE: some of these opportunities may require program participation fees; others offer housing or travel stipends. We encourage you to explore all the details!

Work in the USA - J1 and H2B Visa Info

If you are not a U.S. citizen, and you would like to work in United States, you will need to have the appropriate work visa. We have more information HERE.

The most common visa for temporary work in the U.S. is the J-1. You must be a full-time university student or within six months of graduation to qualify for this visa. Your home country must also authorize your participation in this program.

Contact any of the Designated Sponsoring Agencies below to obtain information on applying for the Work and Travel program to assist you in securing a job placement as well as your visa and other travel documents.

Additional information can be found here.


Work, Study, Teach Abroad

The organizations listed provide great opportunities for US citizens to work, study, and teach abroad.


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Fall Jobs

Looking for the perfect fall opportunity? Check out these fall jobs, volunteer and internship possibilities!

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Spring Jobs

Looking for the perfect spring opportunity? Check out these spring jobs, volunteer and internship possibilities!

Summer jobs

Summer Jobs

Looking for the perfect summer opportunity? Check out these summer jobs, volunteer and internship possibilities!


Winter Jobs

Looking for the perfect winter opportunity? Check out these winter jobs, volunteer and internship possibilities!

Year Round Jobs

Employers and Volunteer organizations listed on this page have year-round, full-time positions.