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Adventure Awaits

Corolla Adventure Park is a giant jungle gym in the sky offering fun and challenge for the climbers of all skill levels. Participants can explore their limits on 66 different obstacles and 8 zip lines. Our obstacles are arranged on 11 different circuits giving climbers the ability to create their own unique experience during a 2 hour climb. We also feature axe throwing and a small bar!

Corolla NC is north on the outer banks barrier island Near historic corolla village and lighthouse. Visitors flock to our beaches and rich history woven into local businesses each summer. Just south of Corova where old spanish mustangs roam the beach. We are nestled on the 'sound side' of our mile wide section of island giving you an epic view of the beach and sound from the top of our tower.

About Corolla Adventure Park

Our adventure park is a one-of-a-kind designed, giant jungle gym in the sky. Our pair of local owners are experienced builders and operators with a passion for the aerial adventure park industry. Aside from the epic 66 obstacles, and 8 zipline park, we maintain our own grounds that include an axe-throwing arena and have a small bar area where we keep local beers on draft and a selection of snacks. All our obstacle building, maintenance and general operation is done in-house, so we thrive with a small staff that loves to have diversity day to day and work in a fast-paced environment. We take great pride in working each year to build a positive company culture that fits our staff. You’ll be working for people who believe that quality of life directly impacts the quality of service, that open and honest communication that fits your style is a must in the workplace, and are ultimately focused on finding and fostering passion whether in our industry or beyond. 

The Employee Experience

Our course guides are a group of enthusiastic, extensively trained professionals that are watchful eyes and helpful hands throughout every aspect of our park. Working in a seasonal position can often be fast-paced and demanding. We believe it's our job as a supportive, growth-oriented management team to create a safe, open work environment that ensures staff is heard, supported and offered the chance to experience the joy of working in a destination beach. We believe we accomplish this by providing diversity in the day-to-day of our guides, providing clear expectations through proactive scheduling, regular staff get-togethers and hands-on managers and owners. We value the quality of life for our staff and strive to work with each year's crew to create a company culture together that can carry us through any season. Because all of our operations are done in-house we have the opportunity to facilitate growth or experience in a wide variety of skill sets. We hope that Corolla Adventure Park can be a stepping stone towards great adventure in any path you take next. 

Ideal Candidate

Course Guides are the bread and butter of Corolla Adventure Park! They create a one-of-a-kind atmosphere of excitement, adventure, and safety that makes our customers' experiences unique and memorable. Ideal candidates might be adventure enthusiasts, anyone who loves to learn and share new skills, and would be super stoked to live at the beach all summer! Overall rad human beings are welcome. We hope your communication skills are superb and you are willing to learn the technical skills no matter what level you're at when you come in. All in all a great attitude and work ethic are the only things you need, we will make sure to provide all the tools and training for the rest! 

Room and Board

We provide housing for staff. There are 2 staff houses that are a combination of 2 to a room or single room depending on the season you are working and staff size each year. One of the staff houses has a pool and lounge on the back deck as well as secure storage for beach toys, bikes etc. Laundry is on-site for both houses. Both houses are within walking distance of each other and are in a private neighborhood with beach access! We offer a few different rent structures depending on your preference as well as the season you utilize the housing. Fall and Spring staff have FREE room and board including utilities, Summer staff can pay out of pocket for rent or elect for a decrease in hourly wage instead of having rent deducted. We do checks of communal areas (never your private bedrooms) each week to try and ensure comfortable living quarters for all styles of living and provide all cleaning supplies. 

Employee Perks

Quality of life for our staff is a major focus for us. As for the adventure park itself, there is no better compliment that our staff wanting to bring their family and friends to climb. We offer free climbs for friends and family that you get to privately guide. Staff are given 2 free retail items, maybe insulates steel water bottles, caps or shirts. We do our best to try and provide ample opportunity to experience all our little barrier island has to offer. We have organized surf lessons, provided rental boards, organized tours to see the wild horses that live a mile up the beach and climbs of the local lighthouse to name a few. As a part of our summer staff you can look forward to a "social" every other week where your management team cooks an epic family meal accompanied by a fun activity. You will have access to a local gym that has an indoor pool and sauna as well. Our fall staff can look forward to fully catered camping trips. We offer seasonal bonuses and perks throughout employment at every opportunity we can. 

Getting Here and Getting Around

Part of what makes Corolla special is its remoteness. Once here, there are grocery stores, shopping and restaurants within 1 mile of staff housing. Our park is about 5 miles from the houses and is an easy drive or bike ride. You actually get $5 for each time you bike! Most staff drive from various parts of the US to work so that they can bring a car. The closest airport is Norfolk International about 1.5 hours away, but overall an easy drive. We are ultimately flexible in accommodating arrangements for the right candidate.

For Fun

Corolla is a gorgeous town rich in history. Of course the main attraction is the amazing beach right out of your back door. You can surf, swim, SUP or sunbathe. Old lighthouses dot the whole OBX coast and are awesome to see. The Currituck lighthouse is 1/4 mile form the park! Whalehead club offers open green park space to fish, sling a hammock up or watch the sunset from 'the point' that extends into the Currituck sound. Since it's only about a mile wide, if the beach isn't always your thing, the Currituck sound offers another amazing view of our coast. You can paddleboard or kayak through lush march to fish or birdwatch. Just north of the park the highway turns to sand and you can take 4 wheel drive vehicles to see the wild horses that live on the coast. There are small trails that take you through maritime forests or shops and yoga studios if that's more your scene. 

How to Apply

Apply online using the link below. Follow up will be a video call or phone call, your choice!

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