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Summer Seafood Processing Jobs in Remote Bristol Bay, Alaska

If your goal is to make and save as much money as possible over the summer, Coffee Point Seafoods is the locale for you. We operate two plants, Coffee Point and Big Creek, located on the Egegik River in Bristol Bay, Alaska – home of the largest and best managed sockeye salmon run in the world.

Remote site along the mighty Egegik River contributing to Bristol Bay's rich wild salmon fisheries.

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About Coffee Point Seafoods

We bring in enough fish to keep you working (and making overtime!), and the remote location keeps all your hard earned cash in the bank. Coffee Point has a 5-6 week season during June and July; if you are interested in working through July and into the August season we frequently transfer workers to other plants.

Who We Are

Coffee Point Seafoods (Coffee Point for short) is a wholly owned subsidiary of E&E Foods (which is why our online application is on the E&E Foods website). Coffee Point operates two plants on the north beach of the Egegik River, the Coffee Point plant and the Big Creek plant. During the summer salmon season we employee approximately 200 people; hardworking men and women able to work up to 16-hour shifts.

What We Do

In order to keep fishermen fishing, we load their catch directly from fishing boats to landing craft vessels to trucks on the beach and then to the plant. Sockeye are processed within hours of being caught to preserve freshness, flavor, and texture. The Salmon are headed and gutted, graded, sized, individually quick frozen (IQF) and then packed in 50-pound boxes or 1,000 pound totes. We also produce Salted Salmon Roe (Sujiko).

Our Season Dates

The typical Bristol Bay salmon run, start mid-June and finish around mid to late July. We transfer and coordinate many workers wishing to work a longer season to other seafood facilities. 

Ideal Candidate

Our goal is to produce high-quality Alaska and North Pacific seafood products that exceed our customers' expectations. To do this, we need the dedication and commitment of hardworking, responsible people who want to work in a team environment with a guiding principle of mutual respect. We’re not kidding.


Legal Adult: you must be at least 18 years of age.
Legal Worker: you must be a lawful U.S. citizen or provide valid work authorization.
Dedicated: When the fish are here, we need people working (this can mean 16-hour days).
Responsible: Following instructions and adhering to safety rules is imperative for everyone’s well-being.
Healthy & Strong: The work is physical and demanding in a wet, cold and noisy environment.
Safe and Sober: We have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to drugs and alcohol, weapons of any kind, and fighting, harassing, or "horseplay". In short, we expect you to treat everyone with courtesy and respect and to act responsibly at all times.

Room and Board

Rooms & Board is provided at no cost. 

  • Rooms are same-sex, multi-occupancy.
  • Meals are provided in a company Mess Hall - 3 hot meals per day.
  • Bedding and laundry services are provided.

Employee Perks

All required gear, including raingear, boots, gloves, hair nets and ear protection are provided at no charge. Internet is available at the plants.

Getting Here and Getting Around

We will provide prepaid airfare from Seattle, Washington or any location in Alaska to the job site. If you successfully complete the season, we will also provide prepaid airfare back to point of hire. If you continue working after the Coffee Point June/July season, we will cover your airfare to your next plant.

Why You Should Come Work With Us

1) Make good money ($12.40 per hour + lots of overtime @ 1.5x)
2) Meet great people (make lifetime friends)
3) Spend your time off walking the beach and taking in the beauty of Alaska
4) Explore Alaska before or after your work season
5) Have great stories to tell!

For Fun

Check out our video! It was made by one of our employees and gives a peek at the Coffee Point experience.

How to Apply

COVID-19 NOTE: We are planning on operating this summer and are actively hiring.  The State of Alaska has deemed us a critical workforce so we will be able to operate even with self-quarantine orders in place.  We are putting in place policies and procedures to protect everyone at the facility and will have more information to share as we get closer to the season.  Stay healthy and safe!  Thank you.

Click Apply Here to learn more about working for Coffee Point and to apply online.  Thanks for your interest!

Be sure to note CoolWorks in the How did you hear about us? application box.

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