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  • Reservationist- Do you have a passion for selling an unforgettable experience? Our reservationists talk to people all over the world to plan an incomparable trip to C Lazy U Ranch. Full-Time Year-Round Position
  • Concierge- Do you want to be a part of making a once in a lifetime trip? Then the concierge position is the role for you! This person is the first point of contact with guests once they arrive on the Ranch. They also have a hand in helping the guest plan activities before they arrive so they have a trip they will never forget.
  • Dining Room Supervisor- . Do you want to be a leader in our Food and Beverage Program? This position will give you a jump start while reporting to our Dining Room Manager for guidance. Full-Time Year-Round Position
  • Ranch Hands- Unlike many other ranch hands, our ranch hands lead all the activities that happen off a horse. They oversee everything from trap shooting, archery, and hatch throwing to mountain biking and cross-country skiing. This job isn't all glamor though, they also oversee check-ins and making sure the Ranch always looks pristine.
  • Store/Spa Attendant- From our riverside spa to our store in an old donkey barn, the store/spa attendant gets to encourage guests to treat themselves while they are on Ranch.
  • Pool Attendant- With all the events that occur around the pool, it's no wonder that there is a lot of upkeep that goes into making sure everything is guest ready. This person will work closely with maintenance to ensure our hot tubs and pool are clean and ready for the cowpokes after the ice cream bar.
  • Servers- Unlike a usual restaurant, our guests will be dining with you 3 meals a for a week. This position has ample time to connect with the guests about their day on Ranch instead of having to memorize a menu.
  • Bartenders- Our bartenders get to incorporate all the 100 years of C Lazy U Ranch history into cocktails that would do the Old West proud. They get to create satellite locations around the property to create the ultimate sensory experience.
  • Cooks- One thing is certain about C Lazy U, you will never leave hungry. From cooking breakfast on a bluff to preparing roasts for cookouts, this culinary experience is something you will want to be a part of.
  • Chef De Partie – The position of chef de partie is a entry level supervisory role. This position is responsible for a small team of two – three people and reports to the Sous Chef. The Chef De Partie will monitor, observe and guide small teams to achieve the greater goals and objectives of the entirety of the Culinary brigade. This position will be responsible for training others to be successful in the kitchen team.  This position is overall responsible for the cooks under them and will communicate effectively with the Chefs in order to guide the team efficiently toward objectives. A Chef De partie is training to be a Sous Chef.
  • Assistant Pastry Chef- A dining experience isn’t complete without a sweet treat to wrap it all up. Our pastry department creates delicious treats that everyone on Ranch will be raving about.
  • Dishwashers- No position on Ranch goes unnoticed. Without the hard work from each and everyone of our dishwashers, the other departments would not be able to shine.
  • Housekeepers- Our housekeepers have fun while they work. Whether it’s playing games after lunch or hanging out with Petey & Tilly in between rooms, these team members truly master the art of “work hard play hard”.
  • Housemen- Our housekeeping department couldn’t succeed without the muscle behind the operation. These folks help make sure each housekeeper has the items they need to make each room sparkle.
  • Kids' Counselors- Do you have a passion for both horses and kids? The kid’s counselor position allows you to make an impact on a child and hopefully spread your passion of horses.
  • Landscapers- People say the grass is greener at C Lazy U; that is all thanks to you.
  • Flower Attendants- The Ranch comes to life when the summer flowers arrive. Your job is to keep the pansies smiling.
  • Maintenance Technicians- Do you have brains? Do you have brawn? The C Lazy U maintenance team is the team for you.
  • Barn Maintenance- With over 8,500 acres to maintain we need help with the true Old West work. Those who are not afraid of a long day’s work in the fields should apply for this position.
  • Human Resources Assistant- Interested to see if HR is the right career for you? Here at C Lazy U Ranch you will get to see every side of HR to give you a well rounded idea if its the right path for you. 
  • Housekeepers


    Immediate Opening! In order to be considered for immediate Winter season openings, candidates must be available to start in November/December. 

  • Maintenance Technicians


    Basic Maintenance experience (on the job or maintenance education) is required. Full-Time Year-Round

  • Holiday Ranch Hand

    Have a passion for outdoor activities and interacting with people? Apply to be a Ranch Hand and lead guests cross country skiing, snowshoeing, and much more or spend time at our trap range or archery course instructing guests.

    Ideal winter and holiday candidates are available from Mid-November until early January.

  • Servers

    Food & Beverage
    unknown / hour + tips

    Interested in learning more about the food & beverage industry? Waitstaff is a great way to see first hand the way our dining room operates without needing previous experience! Apply now as positions are filling quickly.

  • Lead Steward

    Food & Beverage
    unknown / hour + tips

    The Lead Steward is responsible for maintaining and regulating cleanliness and sanitation standards for china, glassware, tableware, cooking utensils, cookware, etc. using machine and manual cleaning methods while also guiding the stewarding team and the stewarding operations.

How to Apply

Please apply online using the link below.

Candidates who can work the entire season are given hiring priority. Be sure to indicate your earliest date of arrival and the latest date that you would be available to work on your application. Applicant availability is very instrumental in our selection process.

Please do not send inquiries through CoolWorks. While we do appreciate resumes, we require all applicants to fill out an application to be considered.

We will email or call qualified candidates to set up a phone interview.

C Lazy U Ranch is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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