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Solo time. It's important to take time for yourself when you can!
Horseshoe Bend - This is what dreams are made of!
Dinner with a view. Grand Canyon for sunset anyone?
Antelope Canyon
Grand Teton National Park does not disappoint!
Death Valley is full of magic and mystery.
Banff in the winter time. Great shot @stevint!
The Grand Canyon... of the Yellowstone!
Winter at the Grand Canyon is special time to visit. Not many people, just miles of wonder!
Canyonlands National Park
Good morning sunshine! A sneak peek at the day from our Mitten View camp.
Grand Canyon
This is a once in a lifetime kind of camping experience for many of our guests. The feeling here at Monument Valley is hard to describe.
Monument Valley
Despite the heat, Utah is tough to beat!
We HAD to pull off for a quick pic at the Utah sign!
Our roomy home base in Las Vegas! The magic that happens out on the road couldn't exist without the preparation, maintenance and hard work behind the scenes.

Spend your time right this summer, sharing your passion for travel and your love of North America's amazing National Parks!

Bindlestiff Tours is an adventure tour company based in Vegas. We specialize in single & multi-day tours in our national parks. We pride ourselves on having knowledgeable, down to earth tour guides & our experience in the industry allows us to create THE best itineraries! One of our main goals is to surround ourselves with great people who love to share their passion for the outdoors with others!

We have a great facility as our headquarters in Las Vegas, (and we have fun when we're here!) but the majority of our staff spend most of their time in National Parks like The Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce Canyon, Yosemite, Yellowstone, Kenai Fjords & Denali, just to name a few!

Jobs in the Spotlight

About Bindlestiff Tours

The Employee Experience

Awesome Co-Workers

Right through the whole company, from the ownership to the office staff, to the guides and out on the road with our suppliers and vendors, communication, compassion, understanding and support are vital to everyone's success in this industry. We've had years of experience at all different roles through the industry so we know how to support our crew. That being said, we do expect a lot from our staff and every position in the company has a major responsibility to be safe and trustworthy, and having a good solid work ethic and follow-through for every assignment you take on is key.

Handpicked Adventures

We're in love with our tours, our guests rave about them, and our guides have a blast leading them. Having a background guiding tours ourselves mixed with years of working with customers to customize special, one-off tours, we know what works, and we aren't afraid to get creative when it comes to building our trips. Over the years we've learned a lot and continue to expand our offerings. How does this translate to our guides? Well, there's never a dull moment. That also shows through to our guests. If we have happy, stimulated guides, we have satisfied guests that just can't help but talk about their 'tour of a lifetime' when they return home from their trip...and often while they're still on it! It can be one of the most rewarding feelings in the world when you hear those words from your guests!

Travel & Earn!

Not only do we do our absolute best to be a leader in the industry when comes to compensating our driver/guides, but we also try to ensure our guides live well, on and off the road. We understand what it's like to be out there, working hard on tour, so we try our best to make sure our guides have the solid support they need from our office crew and a nice 'home-base' to return to between trips.

In addition to this, our company has built a reputation for delivering top-notch customer service. In turn, our guests often show their appreciation in the form of gratuity. We offer them guidelines, which we've found helps let people from all over the world understand our customs of tipping here in the USA.

Ideal Candidate

A good fit in general is a trustworthy person who does what they say they're going to do and has no problem communicating if they're having any kind of problem they need help with.

That being said, we also want people who can think on their feet, act responsibly in a wide variety of situations and always remain professional and courteous. We are in customer service and our guests come to us because we deliver a high quality product.

The Office Crew

If you're working in our offices, behind the scenes, we're looking for efficient, friendly, fun people who bring solid organizational skills to the table as well as a supportive mindset when it comes to helping our guides out on the road and at base and of course when dealing with any of our guests, suppliers, or our tourism community.

Bindlestiff Tour Guides

If you're one of our guides, safety is number one. We have to make sure our guests stay safe so they get that trip of a lifetime experience. Safety and customer service fall into the same boat in our minds. In addition to this is the obvious fact that our guides need to be able to deliver a lot of knowledge of the areas they're guiding in a way that keeps the guests engaged. We do allow for flexibility, as every guide will do things a bit differently depending on their background and knowledge base. If you don't have a ton of knowledge in the areas we offer yet, don't worry. We'll set you up, we just need you to be astute at soaking the information in and being able to share it well with your passengers! Some of our guides have said one of the highlights of working with Bindlestiff tours is that they learn something new almost every time they go out on tour. 

Room and Board

The short answer: Yes, accomodation is available in many of our positions.

We're looking for a wide variety of positions. Some of those would be year-round positions, which would require you to have housing of your own in the area. Some of our positions, however, would lend to being on the move quite most of the season. In this case, Bindlestiff would cover your accommodation while out on tour. While you're back in Vegas, there could be the possibility of shared accomodation at a basic fee should you decide to utilize it. Many of our guides are local, or once hired, they'll often meet up with other like minded guides and secure seasonal, shared accommodation here in Las Vegas together. We'll judge the need as we get into our main operating season and keep you posted as we go through the hiring process.

Employee Perks

Beyond our competitive wages and the tips and commissions earned in our tour guide positions, many of our trips offer an automatically paid meal stipend. "You pay for my food?" Yep, on many of our tours we pay a set amount whether you use that money for food or not! 

Another great perk of the job is that you not only get to lead your passengers toward excellent adventures like helicopter tours over the Grand Canyon, mountain bike trips in world famous destinations, white water rafting tours on breathtaking rivers, but you also often get to join at no cost to you! 

We offer a quite substantial end of season bonus that we know many of our guides in the past have used to fund off-season travels to remote destinations all over the world! After a busy season in the tourism industry, what's better than going to be the tourist yourself, or maybe just go hang at a remote beach and enjoy some peace & quiet for a while!

Getting Here and Getting Around

If you don't already live in Las Vegas, we'll discuss your availability to start and options for your travel to the city. While some people would fly out, many of our guides drive their own vehicles. We don't provide for your transportation here, however, if you do have your own vehicle, we may allow for a certain number of staff to park at our facility during tours. Obviously, Las Vegas is a big city, so parking anywhere in the city would be at your own risk, and our insurance does not provide protection for any theft of personal items, vehicles, etc., so it is important to come to the job with a minimalist mindset, so as to keep from having to leave any personal items of value in your vehicles.

For Fun

What's the best part of this job?

We could go on and on with comments we get from our current and past guides and crew. That answer will be different for everyone who works with us. However, the most common themes we hear have to do with the freedom people feel when they're out there on the road, living for the moment. The fact that you receive some of the most positive feedback you can imagine on almost a daily basis from guests is also a very unique experience for many jobs out there. We're not saying it's always rainbows and sunshine, but when it is, it's a hard feeling to beat!

How to Apply

To Apply for one of our positions, head over to and read through the site, then fill out the application form on the 'Apply Now' page!

We hope you'll join us soon!

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