A Christian Ministry In The National Parks

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Lead a worship service on top of a mountain in Jackson Hole!
Hike with your coworkers!
South Rim Worship Service
Explore the swamps of the Everglades.
Grand Teton National Park
Hike around the beautiful deserts and mountains of Big Bend.
St. John, Virgin Islands
Big Bend National Park
Enjoy time spent exploring God's beautiful creation.
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ACMNP teams
The beautiful desert of Death Valley.
Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

Live. Work. Serve in a National Park.

Looking for more than just a seasonal job in a majestic setting? Serve God by impacting those who live and work in the national parks. This winter, you could be boating through the Everglades, riding donkeys in Big Bend, or skiing in Jackson Hole ... all while growing spiritually and building lifelong relationships!

ACMNP's ParkLife Ministry offers winter placements in Big Bend, Death Valley, Everglades, and Grand Teton National Parks!

About A Christian Ministry In The National Parks

ACMNP's ParkLife Ministry combines ministry, leadership development, and work experience amidst the beauty of the national parks. Our winter locations encourage team members to invest 6-7 months in a diverse community while skiing in Jackson Hole, kayaking around the swamps of the Everglades, or rock climbing in Death Valley. Don't just work any job this winter; grow personally and engage in ministry in the most incredible work environments imaginable!

Join a team of other people with the same passion and serve God this winter in one of the most beautiful spots in the country. ParkLife team members work a full-time job with a park concessionaire and also engage in relational ministry through their work. Our teams provide worship services for those who visit, work, and live in national parks. Apply today, or reach out with questions, as our national staff waits to help inspire your new adventure and find the best fit for you this winter!

The Employee Experience

Once you apply and are selected to serve with ParkLife, we help you secure employment in the park you have been intentionally placed in. We are not the employer, but a non-profit ministry that connects our team members to jobs within national park concessionaires.

Typically, our teams work in fast-paced hospitality-type jobs in the heart of a national park in order to provide relational ministry to those far from any Christian community. Our trusted relationship with park employers has made ACMNP possible since 1951!

Ideal Candidate

We are looking for mature, committed followers of Jesus Christ. A ParkLife team member not only loves the outdoors, but desires to build relationships with those that work in and visit America's national parks! They must want to grow as a leader in an unfamiliar and fast-paced environment with the support of our national office team, as well as on their individual team. Expect to grow personally and in relationship as you explore a national park for 6-7 months!

We not only connect people to jobs in national parks, but train up leaders, promote community, and offer opportunities to worship in God's awe-inspiring creation. We will consider all applicants who can affirm the Apostle's Creed and work in an interdenominational context. 

Room and Board

Once our team members secure employment in the park they were placed in, we hand them over to the concessionaire to acquire housing. Our national staff will help teams walk through this process, but allow Human Resources to do their job in preparing employees to live in their specific location.

They are your main resource when it comes to transportation to the park, housing, food and more!

Employee Perks

ParkLife team members work full-time, seasonal jobs in Everglades, Grand Teton, Death Valley, or Big Bend National Parks. Not only do you earn a paycheck, live and eat on property, but may be offered other benefits within the individual company. Dependent on the location, you could receive discounts on tours, boat rentals, and in shops and restaurants!

Getting Here and Getting Around

Although not required, bringing a vehicle is always suggested to team members. This allows our teams freedom to explore the surrounding area, go into town, and get to worship service sights more easily. Many employers will provide transportation to and from the airport upon completion of their contract.

There is a space for this question on our application and we will determine the best fit either way!

For Fun

ParkLife combines your love for the outdoors and desire to serve all while earning a paycheck. Connect with people who love photography, winter sports, kayaking or just leisurely hikes in what will inevitably be your new favorite park!

How to Apply

To join us in a national park this winter apply online today, or reach out to our national office staff  at info@acmnp.com with your questions.

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