Yukon Heath's Popcorn Emporium

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Come work and play in beautiful Skagway, Alaska!

We are a gourmet popcorn, ice-cream store located in the heart of a small gold rush town in Skagway, Alaska. The town is a popular cruise ship destination averaging over 1 million seasonal visitors each year. Endless hiking trails & outdoor activities available. Fun job, great work environment, lasting memories.

Skagway, Alaska

About Yukon Heath's Popcorn Emporium

We make amazing products that our customers love. The store is one of the busiest in town. The atmosphere is upbeat and fun. Everyone that comes through our door has a smile on their face making our work environment one that is happy and rewarding.

Season Dates: The beginning of May through the end of September.

Ideal Candidate

We are looking for popcorn workers that have energetic personalities, are organized and loves working with customers!  Candidates need to be mature, responsible & able to handle a fast-paced environment. Responsibilities include cooking various types of popcorn products, food prep, working the register, serving ice cream products & making sure our customers have a great experience in our store!

Room and Board

We offer housing for our workers in the form of an apartment, RVs, Fifth-Wheels, and Bunkhouse Campers. Monthly rent is very reasonable and within walking distance to the store.

Employee Perks

Our company also owns Southeast Tours, Glacier ATV tours and Alaska Green Jeep tour companies. All of our employees can take advantage of our tours & excursions into the Yukon Territory at no cost on their days off. Check out Southeast Tours for what we have to offer!

Getting Here and Getting Around

You can fly, ferry, or drive to Skagway. Most fly here from Seattle to Juneau, and then take a small commuter flight or Ferry to Skagway. Vehicles are not necessary in Skagway since the town is only 21 blocks long.

For Fun

There are world class hiking trails available. We have 26 day-hike opportunities, as well as fishing, camping, canoeing/kayaking, frisbee golf, midnight soft ball leagues, numerous summer socials & outdoor concerts, as well as organized employee picnics and events.

How to Apply

Please email us a cover letter explaining why you think you would be a good candidate for the job(s), and a resume of your prior education and work experience.

We will be contacting qualified applicants by phone or email to set up initial phone/skype interviews.

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