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The beautiful Yellowstone River
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Guide on The Famous Yellowstone River!

Located at The North Gate of Yellowstone in Gardiner, Montana, Yellowstone Raft Company has been taking families and friends through the Yellowstone River’s exhilarating whitewater rapids since 1978. We were the first raft company to take trips down this wild Montana River. We are family owned and operated.

We are located in beautiful Gardiner, Montana at The North Gate of Yellowstone. Gardiner is a fun seasonal town that is buzzing in the Summer.

About Yellowstone Raft Company

Yellowstone Raft Company runs 8 and 18-mile trips daily on Class II and III whitewater and Scenic Floats. We own two raft companies, all Guides, and Staff work for both and live on the same property. Our other company is Paradise Adventure Company, literally around the corner from The YRC Office. Having two companies offers you more opportunities to work and earn those tips! We have Guides, Office Staff, Photographers, and CDL Drivers on Staff. The Owners and Managers are at work daily as well and offer their support to make Your Summer special! 

Staff Housing is available!

The Employee Experience

All Guides must complete a Swiftwater Rescue Course or have a valid certification along with a current First Aid/CPR Certification. Our office opens May 15th and typically closes September 15th but we may still take a few trips here and there and we will need some employees to stay longer to help close down for the Winter.

Please check out both websites and our Instagram to get more of an idea of what we do and what it looks like here.

Living here is quite special! You are right across the street from The Yellowstone Park Boundary and your rafting The Yellowstone River right from the park border! You will meet people from all walks of life and see animals and some epic storms while you are here.

The living quarters have a cook shack, showers, and a fire pit. You will need to bring your tent or your van/motorhome. The property is 5 miles out of town and has a beautiful view of the mountains. Everything in town is walkable. There is fun nightlife in the summer months and there is a grocery store and Post Office as well. UPS/FedEx deliver to employee housing. Internet and a BBQ are also on the property.

Ideal Candidate

ALL Applicants must have an excellent work ethic and adapt easily to change or an emergency situation. You must remember, although being a Guide is amazing and super fun, it is also very serious. You will be taking Families down a river that is not dam controlled and can change overnight. You have to want to learn and adjust to safely navigate The Yellowstone. You will also be driving vans full of Guests on a busy highway so you have to be an excellent and alert Driver.

You must have a passion for fun and learning! Yellowstone Park and The Greater Yellowstone Area is teeming with animals, bubbling mud, and towering mountains. You will want to read up on the park and Montana so you will have a good commentary for your guests, your tips depend on it.

You MUST have excellent Hygiene! It sounds funny to have to say that to Adults BUT we have had to tell Staff to go take a shower and we NEVER want to have to do that, ever! Guides must look clean and tidy, which includes gear as well. If you smell, you will be sent home and miss your trip. This also goes for Staff Housing! There will be a rotating Cleaning Schedule and Cleaning Teams will be formed. If you cause a fight, are offensive to do not take care of the property you will need to move OR be terminated immediately.

Be a Team Player! The Owners do not like drama! You must be able to live in a staff housing situation and be able to work with the same people for 4 months! Help each other out, keep the staff housing clean and be happy!

Be Punctual! Do not make us late, Guests do not like that and they do not usually tip and you will most likely be taken off trips.

No fighting, or drinking and driving, setting things on fire, and NEVER BE UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF ANYTHING WHILE ON A TRIP, DRIVING OR IN THE RAFT OFFICE!

Room and Board

The Monthly Fee is $75 and that includes kitchen, TV, Internet, showers/bathroom, vehicle parking, and a place for your tent. Housing is 5 miles out of town on private property.

Employee Perks

You are welcome to borrow gear whenever it's not needed, minus the rafts. Gear must be checked out with Patrik (Owner). We have River Boards and Kayaks and there is someone usually around to drop shuttle for you. If you would like to Horseback Ride, just ask Sarah, one of The Owners. We have Pro Deals with some gear companies and you get a discount in the company stores.

Getting Here and Getting Around

Our closest and best Airport is in Bozeman, MT (BZN). We can arrange for pick up if needed. We do HIGHLY encourage having a vehicle to get to and from work but we are willing to work with any excellent Candidate.

There is a Greyhound Bus Drop Off in Bozeman as well.

For Fun

Every summer there is a Horse Drive and a Rodeo in Town. We do 1-2 big BBQ's/family Dinners every Summer. We also have Shakespeare in The Park and Brewfest and there are some good concerts in Bozeman and Livingston.

There is so much hiking and exploring to do in Yellowstone!

There are some fun bars here that host Costume Parties and Raft Guide Tuesday. 

How to Apply

Please click APPLY HERE and fill out our Online Application

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