Whitewater Express

Your High Adventure Begins Here! Rafting, Kayaking, Horseback Riding, Ropes Course, Mountain Biking, Zip-Lining, and much more!

Looking for an awesome summer job in the outdoors? Whitewater Express is the place to be! From horseback riding the trails at our 300 acre camp on the Ocoee river, to zip-lining from Georgia to Alabama over the mighty Chattahoochee river, we've got it all! Flexible schedules, free housing and free meals! No experience necessary, just a genuine love of the Great Outdoors!

The Ocoee River - the most popular whitewater in the country! The Nantahala River - "Land of the noon-day sun"! The Chattahoochee River - Warm as Costa Rica and Wild as Colorado!

About Whitewater Express

Whitewater Express is a professional river and high adventure outfitter with over 40 years experience. Our safety record is unsurpassed in the industry, and has remained our top priority since opening in 1980. Whitewater Express was founded with love for adventure and the Great Outdoors and it's that same love that has allowed WWE to become the fastest growing outfitter in the industry. "Find a job that you love and you'll never work a day in your life" has never been applied greater than here at Whitewater Express. Whether you love horses or climbing, rafting or ziplining, mountain biking or paintball, or helping organize it all, we've got a spot just for you!

The Employee Experience

Working at WWE is not just a job... you become part of a family of like-minded outdoor enthusiasts that are  hanging out after work around a campfire, hiking trails on and off property, learning new skills, and making friends and experiences that will last a lifetime!

Room and Board

WWE provides free housing and meals for our employees so that you can save most of your earnings! Employee housing is provided in camp style bungalows and you will typically have a roommate.

Employee Perks

Flexible Scheduling. Have a wedding you need to go to, your annual family vacation, or other arrangements? Not a problem! Want to switch between different activities? No problem at all, we will happily train you at them all!

Learn to kayak, raft, ride horses, play disc golf, and much more! Even if you predominately want to work at the front desk, you have the ability to learn all activities we offer, as well as much more from other talented employees.

Free housing and meals

Often times, the best compensation is the smile on a kid's face who came in scared to death of horses and leaves wanting to become a cowboy or from helping someone conquer their fear of heights

How to Apply

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Please fill out the application and email it to brittain@whitewaterexpress.com

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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