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Scrub it up and away in Southeast Alaska! Salary + tips, private room and delicious meals!


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Summer Seasonal Positions vary in length from June through September and are based at Whaler's Cove Lodge, on Killisnoo Island, in Alaska. All employees must commit to an entire season.

  • Charter Captain & Fishing Guide

    Whaler's Cove
    Whaler's Cove Lodge
    $5,500.00 / month + tips

    Charter Captain & Fishing Guide - Summer Seasonal - Fresh water and Salt Water Operations

    Salt water vessel operations (up to 6 guests) including fishing for salmon, halibut,  gray cod, ling cod, black cod (sablefish) and 30 species of rock fish. Demonstrable knowledge of small boat operation (Diesel Inboard and single & twin Gas Outboard up to 35’ in length), including close quarter handling, anchoring (shore and deep water) and maintenance/cleaning is required.

    All guides must be able demonstrate safe operation of equipment and sufficient skills before hosting clients solo.

    Dates of Employment - Be available for the entire season from approximately mid-June through mid-September.

    Job Requirements

    • Guides are required to have an applicable U.S. Coast Guard Merchant Mariner Credential.  A U.S. Coast Guard Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels (OUPV) License is a minimum requirement.
    • Guides are required to have a current American Red Cross (or equivalent) First Aid and CPR card.
    • Guides must purchase a State of Alaska Sport Fishing License with King Salmon stamp prior to April 1, 2022
    • Guides must purchase a State of Alaska Guides License prior to April 1, 2022
    • Guides must be healthy, physically fit, maintain a clean appearance, drug-free (pre-employment drug testing and random seasonal drug testing is required by U.S.C.G. regulations), and be a non-smoker. Alcohol is not permitted to be consumed prior to or while working.
    • The ability to lift 50 lbs. and be free of any mobility limitations is required to perform the duties of this job.

    Starting Salary:   DOE $5500 - 6500 to start

    Tips:  Our guests stay for 3 to 10 days, and may tip their captains directly or specify tip allocation at checkout. Captains are not included in the general staff tip pool. A quality captain, guide and fisherman could expect $50 to $100+ per day (per vessel, not per person) in tips (or more if you provide amazing experiences to our clients!)

    Send your Letter of Interest, Resume, and Merchant Mariner Credential to:  wclapplicant@gmail.com

  • Server

    Whaler's Cove Lodge
    $3,316.00 / month + tips

    Salary is DOE + Tips. Room and Board included.  Flight reimbursement upon completion of full season.

    • Reports to the Front of House Manager.
    • Exhibits strong menu, beverage, and lodge knowledge. If there is something that you don’t know, know where to quickly get the answer.
    • Exhibits service etiquette.
    • Understands floor and table numbering and order communication with chef.
    • Professional, respectful, and timely communication with the entire BOH and FOH crew.
    • Provide outstanding service to our guests.   Exceed their expectations.
    • Handles all opening and closing duties required to operate the restaurant, including but not limited to ensuring that all stocking is done, the dining room is clean, break down and set up of stations, resets of dining space.
    • Communicates all necessary and important guest information with the Food and Beverage Management Team and Guest Services Team.
    • Promote environment conducive to teamwork.
    • Support co-workers when you can.
    • Maintain an open line of communication with the culinary staff, other servers, and management.
    • Ask for help when you need it.
    • Attend all scheduled meetings, trainings, and events.
    • Smile, be pleasant, and great all our guests, using their names whenever possible.
    • Adhere to grooming and uniform standards as mentioned in the WCL Employee Handbook; dress modestly and appropriately for the activities of the industry.
    • Adhere to the WCL Employee Handbook, policies & procedures.
    • Handle customer complaints to the best of your ability.  Ensure that the Head Chef, Sous Chef, or Kitchen Manager are involved when necessary.
    • Prepares the coffee and condiments.
    • Prepares and maintains the mixing station in the Buoy Bar.
    • Inspects the floor area frequently, especially main walkways, for any spills and makes sure it is cleaned immediately.
    • Helps clear the tables of used plates and utensils assuring that there are no used plates around that the Guests no longer need.
    • Refills condiments and beverages.
    • When the meal period is done, makes sure that the tables are clean and buffet areas are clean for the following meal.
    • Insures that the cabinets are sanitized, stocked and organized.
    • Handle plate ware and glasses carefully and in a sanitary manner.   Avoid breakage by carefully sorting for the dishwasher when dropping of dirty plates.   Wipe debris into trash beforehand.  Don’t let silverware go into the trash.
    • Timeliness and time management are imperative.
    • All kitchen staff, BOH & FOH, participate in dish duties.
  • Fish Processing/Dock Crew in Remote Southeast Alaska

    Whaler's Cove Lodge
    $3,316.00 / month + tips

    In addition to filleting fish, you’ll also be cleaning and trimming the carcasses to prepare them for the rest of the processing operation. You will be responsible for checking the fish for any defects or abnormalities, tracking the fillets for each guest, following our processing procedures to ensure each guest receive the fish that they caught, putting the carcasses into the gut buckets and labeling goods. You’ll be working with a variety of hand tools including knives, banding machine, box stapler, and vacuum packagers. You will not only use the knives but also sharpen them, and maintain other pieces of equipment.  You will be responsible for excellent customer service.


    Filleting technique depends on whether you're filleting a flat fish or a round fish. To fillet a flat fish, you cut off its head, tail and fins, cut it down the center and cut the flesh off of the bone. This process is repeated three times, until the three fillets have been separated from one another. Filleting a round fish involves slicing around one side of the fish’s head, slicing the fish from head to tail and cutting the fillet away from the body. The filleter then turns the fish over to repeat the process, this time starting from the tail end and working upwards. The fillets are then trimmed, meaning the fins at the bottom are removed.  We process over 60,000lbs of fish per season.


    Work Conditions

    Our fish filleters work on our fish processing dock. You will spend most of your day standing up and are likely to have to spend extended periods of time working in the rain and in the cold.  Our freezers are below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.  A fish filleter is also be required to do heavy lifting as part of his job.  Each of our packed and wrapped fish boxes weighs 50 pounds.



    • Must be over 18 years of age
    • Preferred High School Graduate or GED
    • Preferred processing and fillet experience
    • Must be able to work 6 days a week
    • Hours vary throughout the day depending upon quantity of fish processed.
    • Monthly Salary starts at $3316 per month; Depends On Experience
    • This position qualifies for TIPS.
    • This position provides private room and board.


    Submit Cover Letter and Application to wclapplicant@gmail.com.

  • Juneau Expeditor

    Whaler's Cove
    Whaler's Cove Lodge

    Juneau Expeditor (Must live in Juneau). The Juneau Expediter will be responsible for driving company vehicles including a Box Truck, Flatbed and/or trailers to pick up all supplies needed for lodge operation. Expediter will work 5-6 days per week, with varied and sporadic schedule based on lodge needs. Must be customer service oriented. 

    Weekly Operations include:

    • Load/unload vehicles onto/off of the AMHS ferry. Vehicles range from 19' to 34' - CDL is not required.
    • Picking up/loading all lodge supplies from multiple Juneau purveyors in a time efficient manner (Will be required to transport frozen and perishable goods.) 
    • Must maintain a clean state in vehicles.
    • Will be responsible for verifying purchase orders with received goods, collecting invoices, making employee purchases, and responsible for petty cash handling.

    Salary starts at $3150 per month, DOE. Employee will be based out of Juneau, and be responsible for own room and board. 

    Required Skills:

    • Able to consistently lift 50 lbs 
    • Able to drive and maneuver truck and flatbed trailers (including tight space trailer maneuvering skills)
    • Forklift experience
    • Customer service skills
    • Extremely organized
    • Excellent phone and email communication skills
    • Ability to track receipts and provide accurate expense reports. 

    Training begins mid-May and Season concludes on the 3rd week of September. Must be able to complete the entire season.

    Please go to www.whalerscovelodge.com and click on "Employment Opportunities" for more information on how to apply.

    Equal Opportunity Employer

  • Facilities Maintenance Technician & Repairman

    Whaler's Cove Lodge
    $5,000.00 / month + tips

    Facilities Maintenance which will include:

    • Daily checks and maintenance of facilities. This includes, but is not limited to, plumbing & electrical distribution systems, water treatment and waste water treatment systems,
    • Maintaining inventory and stock of facilities related items.
    • Respond to Maintenance request orders
    • 5 acres, 100 rooms, 30 bathrooms, and main lodge

    Summary of Essential Job Functions

    Experience -   Whaler’s Cove Lodge is a remote island resort that must provide all services and be self-sufficient. To this end, the Facilities Supervisor must have a well rounded knowledge of the building trades, including plumbing, electrical, carpentry (foundations to finish carpentry) 

    Dates of Employment - Be available for the entire season from approximately June 1 through September 20.  There is an opportunity for pre-season facilities work if you are qualified for heavy equipment and finish carpentry, and/or have concrete skills (as early as May 1).  Guests will be at the lodge every day June 21, through September 11, 2022.  

    Professionalism - We require our employees to present themselves in a professional manner at all times.  We always have guests at the lodge (from June into September) with turnover days two days per week..  Because of our remote location, it is very difficult to replace any of our crew.  We expect a commitment from our managers to stay the entire season or agreed upon length of contract.  It is important that our applicants understand the operation and what responsibilities will be required of them.

    Attitude - Our managers have a position with very high guest exposure.  It is important that our personnel enjoy people and enjoy showing the guests a good time.  The ultra-outdoorsman or the mountain man attitude is not what we are looking for.  We are looking for people who can share knowledge in a positive format of encouragement, reinforcement, and style.  We require our team to have a positive attitude, show extraordinary manners, and be courteous at all times.

                                                                          Daily Schedule & Routine

    Start of Day - Breakfast is served at 7:00 am each morning.  Our crew is expected to be at breakfast on time.  The department managers prepare for the day’s activities before breakfast.

    Mid-Daily Routine- During the day, the Facilities Technician will report to the Facilities Supervisor for prioritized daily tasks.  

    End of Day - Dinner is served to the guests and the crew at 7:00 pm and is over by 8:15 pm. If circumstances prevent any staff from being able to attend dinner, our chefs and kitchen staff can plate and hold dinner with notice. Live on-site employees are encouraged to enjoy dinner with guests. This adds to the guest’s experience! Occasionally guests may report room deficiencies. Immediate concerns (such as lack of heat or hot water) need to be addressed immediately.  

                                                                                General Expectations

    Employee Communication – Our employees are expected to work as a team to ensure the success of every group at Whaler’s Cove Lodge.  It is imperative that our department managers share openly and professionally with all other staff. The Facilities Supervisor is expected to work closely with the Dock Manager, Shop Foreman (Manager), Guest Services Manager and team, Chefs and kitchen team, Housekeeping Manager and team and the General Managers of Whaler’s Cove Lodge. A weekly managers’ meeting is scheduled based on the groups schedule and is mandatory.

    Staff Awareness and Safety – Our staff and especially our Department Managers are our eyes and ears on the lodge property. Whaler’s Cove Lodge operates a small town with little to no outside support available. Employees are expected to be on the lookout for potentially dangerous situations and to rectify the issue immediately. If a potential situation cannot be rectified, then it should be reported immediately to your supervisor. Safety is paramount in everything we do!

    Medical Assistance - If a situation arises that requires medical attention, employees are to contact the lodge management immediately and render any assistance possible. The community of Angoon has a medical clinic with emergency staff available. Regional scheduled sea plane service or charters may be available to transport patients to adequate medical care facilities in Juneau or Sitka (this is a minimum 40 minute transport).  In addition the U.S.C.G. Air Station in Sitka has the capability to medevac serious injuries. In any case, the lodge management is to be contacted immediately to ensure a coordinated and timely response.

    Radios – VHF radio base stations are located in the lodge admin offices (2nd floor), Guest Services counter (main floor lodge), Shop office and the fish processing plant (dock). All vessels are equipped with VHF radios and or guides can and will act as radio relay stations if a boat is trying to contact the lodge and is out of VHF range. Furthermore, each department manager, assistant manager and other select staff carry and monitor handheld VHF radios. The handheld is used for all manners of company information. Each employee assigned a handheld radio is required to maintain its operation (battery charge level) and to wear it while on shift.

                                                                                           Job Requirements

    Good communication skills, sound work ethics, be service oriented, and be self-motivated.

    Employees must be healthy, physically fit, maintain a clean appearance, and drug-free. Anyone who cannot maintain themselves in a professional manner regarding alcohol consumption need not apply.

    The ability to lift 50 lbs. and be free of any mobility limitations is required to perform the duties of this job.

    Employees of Whaler’s Cove Lodge are to abide by the most current version of the employee policy manual (provided at time of hiring). The duties and policies described in this job description are in addition to, and an integral part of, the employee policies set forth in the Employee Policy Manual.


    • Salary: As specified in the Job Offer.  Starting salary is $4000 - 5000 per month DOE.
    • Transportation:  Transportation and overnight lodging (over nights as required in Juneau only) are provided to Whaler’s Cove Lodge and back to point of origin upon a successful (complete) season. Travel is only to and from points in the continental U.S. allowance is capped at $800 per person, round trip. This travel allowance does not include luggage fees
    • Room & Board:  Included as part of your compensation package.
    • Accommodations:  While at the lodge, the guides/crew will be housed in private rooms with shared bath facilities.  Laundry facilities (including detergent) are provided for the crew along with bedding and towels.
    • Meals:  Our staff enjoys hearty meals served buffet-style in the crew dining room.          
    • Personal Items:  Your only living expenses while at the lodge will be personal items: i.e. toiletries, medicines, etc.

    If interested:  please submit letter of interest and resume to wclapplicant@gmail.com  

    Thank you for your consideration.

How to Apply

We are NOT set up to accept H2B or J1 visas.

Applicants must email their resume and cover letter to wclapplicant@gmail.com. Captain and guide applicants need to provide Merchant Mariner documents at the time of application in order to be considered. Only applicants that submit a resume and cover letter will be reviewed. Interviews begin pending available positions and qualified candidates.  Please go to our website for full job descriptions, professional requirements, and company requirements or call 907-723-7667 with questions.

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