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Summer Seasonal Positions vary in length from June through September and are based at Whaler's Cove Lodge, on Killisnoo Island, in Alaska. All employees are must commit to an entire season.

Please visit our website via the link below to read complete job descriptions for each available position.


  • Facilities Water & Wastewater Technician - Summer Seasonal

    Whaler's Cove
    Whaler's Cove Lodge
    State of Alaska Level 1 Water & Waste Water Operators Certificate Required. Travel benefit + room & board provided.
  • Marine Mechanic

    Whaler's Cove
    Whaler's Cove Lodge
    $5,000.00 / month + tips

    2019 Marine & Equipment Mechanic

     Dates of Employment - Be available for the entire season from May 23 through September 22.

    Title: Mechanic

    Department(s): Shop

    Reports to: Department Manager (Mark Powers)

                                                                                         Job summary

    Duties will which will include:

    Marine mechanical duties involve performing repair work on marine engines using hand and power tools along with technical manuals. These individuals also must regularly inspect and test engines and equipment to pinpoint problems. The engines they maintain can be 4 stroke outboard engines of small boats and diesel engines. A working knowledge on marine Inboard/Outdrive systems is a requirement. Our fleet consists of 14’ to 40’ aluminum vessels powered with recent 4 stroke Yamaha 25hp to 300hp engines. Diesel powered vessels from 28’ to 32’ with Yanmar (marinized Toyota) diesel engines 275hp to 320hp. Mechanics replace parts such as gears, universal joints, seals, bearings, electrical and electronic components, hoses, wiring and cabling and additionally can address problems involving boat steering mechanisms, propulsion drives and cooling systems (above water line and below). Performing routine maintenance (engine oil and filter changes, fuel system filter replacements and bleeding, zinc anode replacements, outdrive lube oil replacements) on all vessels is a large part of this job. This position is responsible for keeping well over $2 million in equipment value in running shape!

    Equipment mechanic duties include maintenance of diesel generation equipment (25Kw to 225Kw) utilizing Cummins and Caterpillar engines. Heavy equipment engines and hydraulic systems (International, Cummins, Caterpillar, John Deere). UTV’s, ATV’s and gas-powered golf carts, assorted maintenance and problem solving. Mechanics diagnose and repair all systems related to onsite equipment except for full engine rebuilds and transmission rebuilds (typically removed, crated and shipped out to specialty shops). Routine replacement of parts such as gears, universal joints, seals, bearings, electrical and electronic components, hoses, wiring and cabling is common. Ability to perform compression testing and valve train inspection and adjustment is required.

    • Consults with supervisor regarding installation or repair problems, sequence of operations, and time required to complete repair or installation.
    • Removes vessels from water, using heavy equipment and trailers of various sizes.
    • Positions and secures blocking at bottom and sides of vessels according to size, weight, and weight distribution of vessels, using fasteners, handtools, and power tools.
    • Removes flaked paint, barnacles, and encrusted debris from hulls of vessel, using scrapers, scrubbers, power washers, and sandblast equipment.
    • Repairs and maintains boats and similar vessels in marine service facility: Examines repair or installation orders, drawings, and vessel, utilizing knowledge based on past experience to determine extent of repairs required or modifications necessary for installation of equipment, accessories, and hardware.

                                                                      Summary of Essential Job Functions

    Mechanics need to be prepared to put in long days (10-16 hours if emergencies call for it). Otherwise expect 8-10 hours 6 days a week. This is a seasonal position and our company earns all of its revenue in less than 90 days per year. Pay rates take into account the expected long hours during our operating season to ensure a quality guest experience.

    Mechanic Experience -  

    Diesel Engines – 5 years    
    4 stroke Outboards – 3 years
    Marine cooling systems (raw salt water and salt water to glycol heat exchangers)
    Marine electrical systems (12VDC)
    Marine Electronics
    Hydraulic systems (Marine and heavy equipment)
    Metal Fabrication

    Steel (plain and stainless) Arc, Mig & Tig welding. Aluminum Mig and Tig welding. Knowledge of metals and uses (basic metallurgy needed for welding) .

    Heavy Equipment Operation:
    Real time working knowledge and use of telehandlers (extendable boom forklifts), front end loaders, backhoe and excavators is needed. This equipment is used daily to do everything from haul vessels, move vessels onto and off of trailers and movement freight and supplies. 

    Tool Accountability & Maintenance:
    All company tools are to be tracked and kept organized, clean and in working order. Tools that are left in hidey holes cannot be used on the next job. Overall productivity is maintained by tool etiquette! Whaler’s Cove Lodge has a substantial investment in tooling and it is a requirement of this position to be the custodian of that investment.  


    Emergency Mechanical Support:
    Any and all mechanical issues with vessels are to be reported to the lodge shop (via VHF) immediately upon discovery by the vessel operator. This enables the shop staff to prepare for mechanical repairs. All of our vessels are booked every day with few exceptions. It is EXTREMELY important that our mechanics know their equipment and stay on top of maintenance. Mechanical issues on vessels that can be dealt with after 5:00pm (boat normal return) are scheduled and handled accordingly. Disabling or potentially damaging failures that occur while the vessels are away from the dock may require an immediate response by the mechanics. This may entail on the water repairs or responding with a backup vessel for the captain & guests to use so the disabled vessel can be run or towed back to the lodge for repair.

         -  Invoicing
         -  Equipment Service Logs

                                                                                      Job Requirements

    Mechanics must have good communication skills, sound work ethics, be service oriented, self-motivated, and make every effort to work with the entire team of Whaler’s Cove Lodge.

    Staff are required to sign a Media Release form for all forms of media including but not limited to: photography, videography, and audio recordings for internet use, print media, radio, or television show. The Media Release form is provided by Whaler’s Cove Lodge at time of hiring.

    Mechanics must be healthy, physically fit, maintain a clean appearance, drug-free (submit to pre-employment drug testing and random seasonal drug testing). Alcohol is not permitted to be consumed prior to or while working.

    The ability to lift 50 lbs. and be free of any mobility limitations is required to perform the duties of this job.

    Mechanics must have a working knowledge of heavy equipment operation

    Skills - Paying strong attention to detail is a requirement for marine mechanics. They must be responsible and careful in their work to prevent injuries and equipment damage. Marine mechanics also must be analytical and good at solving problems. They additionally should have solid manual dexterity, have good hand-eye coordination and be physically fit. These individuals must be self-directed, organized and able to train new mechanics as well, and they should have solid repair skills. In addition, marine mechanics must have solid written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills.                                                       
    Shop Staff Communication
    – Our mechanics and shop staff are a critical par of our fast response team to minor and major emergencies, both on land and water. Mechanics are required to carry and monitor handheld VHF radios at all times while on shift. Any responses needed will be broadcast from the guest services or lodge admin staff accordingly. Prompt and effective voice communications are required and expected to prevent situations from becoming life threatening.

    Clear and concise communication with other staff and department managers is required throughout each day. The shop (department) is instrumental in the productivity and safety of every other department at the lodge.  

    Safety & Medical Awareness – Our mechanics are our eyes and ears with regards to the physical plant and industrial areas of the business. Situational awareness is required to maintain a safe working environment for yourself and others. Emergency medical personnel are available 24/7, but serious injuries can become life threatening as major medical is two hours away (assuming planes can fly).  All shop staff are to be aware of their surroundings and are to assess and adjust practices of themselves (and others as observed) to maintain a safe working environment. Nothing we do should be at risk of people to injury and death. If you see an unsafe situation, or are participating in one, it is your responsibility to stop the action and make corrections as needed. If you are unable to stop another from said actions, you are to immediately report to company managers.

    Facility & equipment Cleaning

    Whaler’s Cove Lodge takes cleanliness of its facilities (shop, storage, water processing & generator spaces) kitchen, guest housing, public spaces, staff rooms and all vessels & equipment extremely seriously.

    Mechanics are responsible for the cleanliness of ship and generation buildings and surrounding support yard.

    The ability to stand for long periods is important for marine & equipment mechanics. Mechanics should be able to handle high noise levels and be comfortable with kneeling, stooping and working in cramped and uncomfortable positions. They also should be prepared to twist and turn their bodies often and must be open to working outdoors in various weather conditions.

    Professionalism - We require our staff to present themselves in a professional manner at all times.  We always have guests at the lodge (from June into September, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) with turnover days on Saturdays (every week) and Tuesdays or Wednesdays (alternating every other week Because of our remote location, it is very difficult to replace any of our crew.  We expect a commitment from our staff to stay the entire season or agreed upon length of contract.  It is important that our applicants understand the operation and what responsibilities will be required of them. 

    Employees of Whaler’s Cove Lodge are to abide by the most current version of the Employee Handbook (provided at time of hiring). The duties and policies described in this job description are in addition to, and an integral part of, the employee policies set forth in the Employee Handbook.


    Starting Salary:   $5,000

    Tips:  Mechanics are entitled to a share of the general tip pool as specified in the current Employee Handbook

    Transportation:  Transportation is provided from Juneau, to Whaler’s Cove Lodge and back to Juneau upon a successful (complete) season.  Guides must arrange and pay for travel to/from Juneau to/from their home.

    Room & Board:  Provided by Whaler’s Cove Lodge.     

    Accommodations:  While at the lodge, the crew will be housed in private rooms with shared bath facilities.  Self-service laundry facilities (including detergent) are provided for the crew along with bedding and towels.

    Meals:  Our staff enjoys hearty meals served buffet-style in the crew dining room. Some of our guides will be asked to dine in the main dining room with the guests a night or two each week.

    Personal Items:  Other than getting to Juneau, Alaska, your only living expenses while at the lodge will be personal items: i.e. toiletries, medicines, etc.

                                                                                Daily Schedule & Routine

    Breakfast is served at 7:00 am each morning.   

    Vessels are typically away from our dock by 8:00 am each morning (except turnover days). Newly arriving guests (on turnover days) are typically ready to depart the dock by 8:30 am to 10:30 am.

    All guest turnovers happen first thing in the morning with outbound guests leaving on the same aircraft or ferry that the inbound guests arrive on. Whaler’s Cove Lodge operates continuously and uninterrupted (24/7) from opening day until the last guests depart.  

    During the day, mechanics will perform routine maintenance on support equipment and vessels that are not in service that day.

    Each guided salt water excursion boat returns to the lodge with guests between 4:30 pm and 5:00 pm.  Guided vessels returning from fresh water trips are to be back to the dock by 6:00 pm. (Freshwater trips and eco/photography tours do not impact the fish processing plant to the extent that salt water trips do. Additionally, fresh water trips have more travel time each day and less time on the water (fishing) for guests.)

    When boats return to the lodge in the evenings, guests and fish are to be unloaded, fish processing forms completed per guest specifications, vessels are to be thoroughly cleaned (interior and external, including heads), tackle and fishing gear maintenance, boating gear maintenance, vessel maintenance checks are to be performed after each guided day (by captains) so that there are no surprises the next morning. Our mechanical and support staff are willing to work all night if need be to perform necessary repairs to ensure that our fleet is in shape for each days’ uses. Our mechanics and related support staff are not available early in the morning to handle repairs that should have been known the day or night before.

    Dinner is served to the guests and the crew at 7:00 pm and is over usually by 8:30 pm. If circumstances prevent any staff from being able to attend dinner, our chefs and kitchen staff can plate and hold dinner with notice. Live on-site guides are encouraged to enjoy dinner with guests. This adds to our guests experience AND enables guides to participate in the evening presentations. The dinner and evening presentation is the focal point of the day. Awards are given each night to guests who chronicle their experiences with the group and for notable catches. We encourage guides and captains to take turns presenting the guest fish “stories”.

  • Fish Processing/Dock Crew

    Whaler's Cove Lodge
    $2,800.00 / month + tips

    Fish Processor


    In addition to filleting fish, you’ll also be cleaning and trimming the carcasses to prepare them for the rest of the processing operation. You will be responsible for checking the fish for any defects or abnormalities, tracking the fillets for each guest, following our processing procedures to ensure each guest receive the fish that they caught, putting the carcasses into the gut buckets and labeling goods. You’ll be working with a variety of hand tools including knives, banding machine, box stapler, and vacuum packagers. You will not only use the knives but also sharpen them, and maintain other pieces of equipment.  You will be responsible for excellent customer service.



    Filleting technique depends on whether you're filleting a flat fish or a round fish. To fillet a flat fish, you cut off its head, tail and fins, cut it down the center and cut the flesh off of the bone. This process is repeated three times, until the three fillets have been separated from one another. Filleting a round fish involves slicing around one side of the fish’s head, slicing the fish from head to tail and cutting the fillet away from the body. The filleter then turns the fish over to repeat the process, this time starting from the tail end and working upwards. The fillets are then trimmed, meaning the fins at the bottom are removed.  In 2016, we processed 300,000 lbs of fish!


    Work Conditions

    Our fish filleters work on our fish processing dock. You will spend most of your day standing up and are likely to have to spend extended periods of time working in the rain and in the cold.  Our freezers are below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.  A fish filleter is also be required to do heavy lifting as part of his job.  Each of our packed and wrapped fish boxes weighs 50 pounds.



    Must be over 17 years of age

    Preferred High School Graduate or GED

    Preferred processing and fillet experience

    Must be able to work 6 days a week

    Hours vary throughout the day depending upon quantity of fish processed.

    Monthly Salary starts at $2800 per month; Depends On Experience

    This position qualifies for TIPS.

    This position provides room and board.



    Submit Cover Letter and Application to wclapplicant@gmail.com or mail to

    Whaler’s Cove Lodge

    P.O. Box 101

    Angoon, AK 99820

  • Shop Assistant- Fuel

    Whaler's Cove Lodge
    $2,800.00 / month + tips

    Work in the Shop with our Crew of Mechanics, assisting in boat maintenance and fueling operations. 

    Room and Board included.  Flight reimbursement earned at end of successful season.

    Must be physically fit!  

How to Apply

We are NOT set up to accept H2B or J1 visas.

Applicants must email their resume and cover letter to wclapplicant@gmail.com. Captain and guide applicants need to provide Merchant Mariner documents at the time of application in order to be considered. Only applicants that submit a resume and cover letter will be reviewed. Interviews begin pending available positions and qualified candidates.  Please go to our website for full job descriptions, professional requirements, and company requirements.

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