West Creek Ranch

Work and play where so many dream of visiting.

West Creek Ranch is an invitation-only destination for local and national nonprofits looking for a retreat in Big Sky Country. Guests and staff will enjoy Montana’s majestic natural setting and a chance to reconnect with the land – and each other. West Creek Ranch is the perfect place for the outdoor enthusiast or for those seeking a peaceful mountain setting in the heart of Yellowstone Country.

West Creek Ranch is bordered by the Yellowstone River, Gallatin National Forest and only 22 miles from Yellowstone National Park. The perfect setting to work, play and relax.

About West Creek Ranch

Whether you desire to guide guests on a myriad of adventures, or to play outside during your time off, there isn’t a better place on earth to explore mountains, rivers and acres of glorious wilderness than the Paradise Valley. 

The Employee Experience

This is so much more than a job.

During the interview process, we try our best to describe the environment, the job, and the connections that staff form with guests, with their coworkers and with nature. Despite our best efforts, however, we eventually learn that this experience goes far beyond what our words can convey. 

While you can read on in greater detail below, we'll summarize the experience with this: You will work hard, alongside fellow staff and the management team, as we tirelessly strive to provide our guests with the most incredible experience possible; you will play hard, getting to experience the endless recreational opportunities and natural wonders that Yellowstone country has to offer; and you will experience all of this with a group of adventurous, hard-working, personable and fun-loving people that will become lifelong friends. 

Ideal Candidate

We're looking for people who understand the importance of a friendly smile and a kind word.  Our staff members are personable, adventurous, hard-working, honest, and are willing to pitch in when they see that a helping hand is needed.  Finally, we're looking for people with a desire and a willingness to learn.  Rather than departmentalize, we give our entry-level Guest Services staff the opportunity to work a variety of jobs in order to gain a better understanding of the operation as a whole, and to better prepare them for whatever may come in the future.

Training is provided, and while prior experience and demonstrated skill are considered in evaluating applicants, desire to learn, be a positive contributing member of the team, and your match to the attributes of our ideal employee are most important.


Room and Board

Room and board is provided to all West Creek Ranch staff members.  Staff will be living at a beautiful lodge on the Yellowstone River a 7 mile drive North of West Creek Ranch.  Our accommodations are mostly communal with private accommodations reserved for managers, returning senior employees or elder staff members.  West Creek Ranch provides linens, comforters, pillows, and towels including weekly housekeeping service.  There is sufficient storage space on the ranch for personal belongings. We provide ample space for indoor recreation, along with a place to do laundry. Staff members are allowed to respectfully use all ranch facilities including our world-class golf course.

Meals are provided in our staff dining room at the Ranch.

A total of three communal kitchens will be provided where you will have ample room to store food and cook whatever your craving whenever you crave it.

Employee Perks

Not only do employees have access to the full facility, but they are also encouraged to participate in guest activities free of charge – so long as there is availability. Horseback rides, guided hikes, fly-fishing instruction, golf and whitewater rafting trips are just a few of the activities you’ll have the opportunity to experience. 

A competitive seasonal salary, free room and board, a beautiful mountain environment, access to Yellowstone National Park, use of our world-class facilities and activities, and the opportunity to mingle with our amazing guests and staff from all over the world… who could ask for anything more? The friendships you make, the skills you learn, and the memories you’ll form will last you a lifetime.

Throughout the year, our staff will give back to the communities in which they live and work — through their physical involvement, personal philanthropy and through grants made to non-profit organizations.  The team will be given opportunities for rewarding volunteer work in both Park County and Gallatin County.

Getting Here and Getting Around

Many staff members will choose to fly to Montana. The closest airport to West Creek Ranch is in Bozeman, Montana (BZN), and we will provide ground transportation from the Bozeman airport to West Creek Ranch once we have your flight details.

If you want a bit more independence to explore the area, bringing a car to the ranch is the best option. Many staff carpool to the ranch from all over the country – a great way to get to know your coworkers while saving some gas money!

For Fun

There are plenty of opportunities for adventure in the heart of Yellowstone Country. The Gallatin National Forest, Yellowstone National Park, the Absaroka-Beartooth Mountains, the Crazy Mountains, the Bridger Mountains, and the Gallatin Canyon area all provide excellent opportunities for hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, rock climbing, and camping. Big Creek and the mighty Yellowstone River offer fishing, rafting, and kayaking opportunities. Livingston is a 45-minute drive, and offers a quaint downtown with great restaurants and a vibrant artistic community. Bozeman is an hour drive, and is home to Montana State University and the Museum of the Rockies, as well as a great variety of coffee shops, stores, restaurants and bars. Local haunts like the Pine Creek Lodge, The Old Saloon in Emigrant, and Chico Hot Springs are always staff favorites, and feature live music and great food without the long drive.

Our Jobs

May 22nd (the start of staff orientation) through October 31st (the final day of the season).

Please plan on arriving Monday May 21st 

Our full guest season runs from June 1st- October 20th.  

Wranglers Dates of Employment: 4/16/18 - 10/31/18 

Food & Beverage

AM Cook


Our ideal candidate would have relevant experience as a breakfast cook as well as being enthusiastic about being an early riser.  Duties include opening the kitchen, working closely with our pastry chef to produce high quality breakfast and lunch buffets for up to 50 guests and 25 staff, as well as assisting the Executive Chef in the creative process. Understanding of kitchen safety and sanitation is a must.

Dates of Employment: 5/22/18 - 10/31/18


Food & Beverage

Dining Room Manager


Our dining room manager oversees all front of house operations. The Ideal candidate will have a passion for food and beverage as well as a desire and aptitude for training new staff. This role will work closely with the Executive Chef with ordering, meal setups, and overall guest experience in regards to food and beverage.  Prior experience in a supervisory role and a friendly and positive demeanor is a must.  

Dates of Employment: 5/22/18 - 10/31/18

Guest Services

Guest Services


The ultimate variety job! The largest workforce on the ranch, this crew rotates through our dining room, housekeeping department, and dish washing on a shift-to-shift basis. In cooperation with other service staff, Guest Service staff will interact with professionalism and grace while enthusiastically welcoming the guests.  Setting the tone and then properly maintaining the Ranch welcome throughout their stay with attentive service and careful attention to the details.  Depending upon interest and skill set, an additional shift or two per week might be spent leading hikes, transporting guests in passenger vans, helping with landscaping, and more. Dates of Employment: 5/22/18 - 10/31/18 




Housekeepers’ main responsibilities are to maintain the appearance and cleanliness of the Ranch guest accommodations and public areas, with the detailed attention necessary to ensure the high standards that distinguish the Ranch. Tasks and duties include: making beds, cleaning bathrooms, windows, and floors, doing laundry, maintaining and restocking supplies, sweeping and mopping, and other duties as assigned and needed.

Dates of Employment: 5/22/18 - 10/31/18


Housekeeping Lead


Assists with training, guiding and scheduling housekeeping personnel, upkeep of laundry, inventory and ordering.  Runs the department in the manager's absence. Daily responsibilities may also require maintaining the appearance and cleanliness of the Ranch guest accommodations and public areas, with the detailed attention necessary to ensure the high standards that distinguish the Ranch. Tasks and duties include: making beds, cleaning bathrooms, windows, and floors, doing laundry, maintaining and restocking supplies, sweeping and mopping, and other duties as needed.

Dates of Employment: 5/22/18 - 10/31/18 

Food & Beverage

Line Cook


Line cooks will assist the Executive Chef in preparing and executing lunch and dinner for up to 50 guests and 25 staff.  Lunches will consist of an ever-changing buffet focusing on fresh ingredients.  Dinners will range from a weekly BBQ to plated 4 course fine dining meals focusing on seasonality and farm to table ingredients.  Our ideal candidate will have a passion for food and a desire to assist in the creative process.  Prior experience as well as knowledge of kitchen safety and sanitation is a must.

Dates of Employment: 5/22/18 - 10/31/18


Food & Beverage

Pastry Chef


Our ideal candidate will have prior experience as well as being an enthusiastic early riser.  Duties will include opening the kitchen, working with our AM cooks to ensure quality and timeliness of breakfast and lunch service, as well as preparing and baking all pastries, breads, and desserts as needed for each shift. Knowledge of recipes, large scale production, and the ability to efficiently manage time is an absolute must. 

Dates of Employment: 5/7/18 - 10/31/18


Food & Beverage

Sous Chef


Duties include assisting our Executive Chef in all aspects of kitchen management including, but not limited to, ordering and receiving, inventory management, scheduling, and menu planning. Our ideal candidate will have a passion for food, a willingness to be a big part of the creative process, as well as being a natural leader with a positive attitude.   Prior experience in this role is a must.  

Dates of Employment: 5/14/18 - 10/31/18




The ideal wrangler candidate will demonstrate both excellent customer service and strong horsemanship skills. Wranglers will lead rides on over 6000 acres of the working ranch, in addition to the neighboring Gallatin National Forest. Trail rides aren’t your typical nose-to-tail walking dude rides. Our guests stay for a week at a time, and they come to ride! Wranglers lead walk, trot, and lope rides, all with a heavy instruction component.  
Additionally, wranglers will provide fly fishing lessons and skeet shooting instructions to our guests.  Other duties will include driving guests to and from the local airport, lawn mowing, fence maintenance, and trail maintenance.  Individuals with knowledge of basic veterinary care and horseshoeing skills are encouraged to apply.  Ability to operate skid steers and tractors is a plus.   A riding video will be required from applicants not able to join us for a riding interview, but it is not necessary to submit the video with your initial application.

Dates of Employment: 4/16/18 - 10/31/18 

How to Apply

Please fill out our Online Job Application below


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to: stephanie.boutry@westcreekranchmontana.com

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