Steamboat Bay Fishing Club

Join our hospitality team in beautiful SE Alaska!

One of Alaska's most esteemed luxury sport-fishing resorts is seeking a team to manage and operate our resort from early June to late August 2018. 

Depart from Ketchikan, Alaska. Approx 45 min. sea plane ride to remote Noyes Island.

About Steamboat Bay Fishing Club

Steamboat Bay Fishing Club is the closest lodge to the best fishing spots of Alaska's famous Inside Passage. This exclusive wilderness luxury resort rests in a scenic, private bay on the north coast of Noyes Island near Ketchikan, AK, just 90 minutes from Seattle.

Steamboat Bay Fishing Club is the sister property to Waterfall Resort.  Waterfall Resort has been the premier sportfishing destination in Alaska for the past 30 years. Both properties are located in SE Alaska approximately 45 miles apart by water.

The Employee Experience

We are looking for individuals available from June- August. Team members are paid hourly and can expect approx. 1 day off per week, 10-12 hours per day. As our season is short, we ask that any prior commitments conflicting with the season be discussed during the interview process. 

Steamboat Bay Fishing Club is an incredibly special place! It is surrounded by nature and sea life and employees best suited for this environment thrive in such locations. For team members new to remote working and living, camp life can be a transition. On days off, employees can explore the area or may choose to simply rest. We do not center our social activities around alcohol. Many of our past employees have been musicians, writers, and travelers looking to share adventures with one another. Meals are taken together and despite being in the wilderness, camp life is not ideal for someone looking for extensive time alone.

We strive to create a memorable season that in the end brings new exciting experiences and new found friendships. Steamboat Bay Fishing Club is a world-class facility/operation and we hope everyone leaves feeling proud of their accomplishments and season. We value the wilderness and our ability to work and play within it. We're passionate about sharing it with new and longtime guests.  

As we are a boutique operation in an intimate environment with our visitors, all positions are guest forward in some capacity. This requires everyone to be diligent in their personal presentation even in off hours. For the benefit of the operation and fellow team members, some rules are strictly enforced, including a no-drug policy and quiet hours.  

Ideal Candidate

Depending on the position you're applying for, some experience may be required and in some cases extensive. All employees will receive an orientation and training for their respective roles. 

Preferred but not required, our ideal candidates have experience living and working remotely in a guest forward environment. Luxury hospitality, lodge/resort experience is ideal.

Hardworking, honest and committed individuals will be best suited and enjoy working at Steamboat Bay Fishing Club. We are a luxury lodge located in the heart of nature. If this speaks to you, please do apply! 

Room and Board

Room and Board is included for all employees. Three meals are prepared daily and taken with your fellow team members. Most dietary considerations are possible, but if strict, they should be discussed during the interview process.

Rooming is generally shared with one other employee of the same sex. Bathroom and laundry facilities are shared as well. 

There is common space, which includes a shared eating and living area, equipped with books and movies. We do dedicate resources to the upkeep of these spaces, but everyone on the team helps ensure these areas are respected and taken care of regularly. 

Getting Here and Getting Around

Employees are responsible for getting themselves to Ketchikan, Alaska. Transportation to and from the lodge is provided at the beginning and end of the season. 

For Fun

Every season we try to ensure each team member gets to experience fishing and/or wildlife viewing from one our boats with a guide. This is based purely on the availability of a non-guest boat, but historically, this has always been possible.

Whales, otters and other sea life often frequent the bay and can be seen from camp regularly.

Team members have enjoyed hiking, kayaking, and beachcombing. 

Our Jobs

All positions are seasonal, approx June - August. Everyone receives training and an orientation at the beginning of the season. Some positions may include more extensive pre-season training in the spring.

Positions include:

  • Server / Housekeepers: (combined duties)
  • Kitchen Crew: Sous Chef, Cooks, Dishwashers / Prep Cooks / Lunch Makers 
  • Massage Therapist: (position will also include Housekeeping & Serving Part Time)
  • Maintenance / Fish Cutters: (combined duties) general maintenance experience and some boating experience preferred.

Every role we have is a hands-on position! Our Crew is relatively small and we all help where needed. 

How to Apply

Please email which position you'd like to be considered for, along with a resume and cover letter to