Stanley Supper Club

Great food in a beautiful place

The Stanley Supper club is a full-service restaurant in beautiful Stanley, Idaho. We are chef owned and food focused. Our goal is to serve great food in a cozy atmosphere. As long time service industry workers, we strive to create a pleasant work environment where everyone is treated with respect and compensated fairly.

Stanley is a great little community in the middle of Idaho's incredible Sawtooth and White Cloud mountains. Hiking, mountain biking, fishing, kayaking, and hot springing are all easily accessible.

About Stanley Supper Club

The Stanley Supper Club is owned by Heather Logan and Ben Barlow.  We met working in Stanley and love the town and the mountains.  As a restaurant, our first and foremost goal is to cook delicious food; we both have years of experience in fine dining; food means a lot to us.  In order to achieve that, we make almost everything in-house including bread, fresh pasta, pickles, sausage, layer cake, ice cream, etc. But beyond that, we want to create a comfortable, homey environment; a grandma's table kind of vibe.  We believe that sharing food is key to creating a vibrant atmosphere, so our menu is focused on family-style dining served by a friendly and helpful staff.   

To deliver this, it takes a hard-working and personable team! We acknowledge that seasonal work can be busy and difficult at times but we value each member as an individual and strive to create a happy work/life balance. Stanley is gorgeous and all of our staff should be able to have an adventure-filled season, so you'll have a set schedule and plenty of insight into the best hikes, biking, music, and rafting the valley has to offer. Ideally, we're looking for a positive-minded team that is excited to learn about food and thrive in this remote mountain town filled with endless recreation.

All in all, with the assistance of our great staff, Stanley Supper Club is aiming to be that unexpected gem of a restaurant. A memorable and welcoming dining experience tucked away in the Sawtooths.

The Employee Experience

The main reason to come to Stanley is for the incredible location!  It's a beautiful place with endless opportunities for outdoor recreation.  Being surrounded by the Sawtooth and White Cloud Mountain ranges as well as the Salmon River means you can easily access breathtaking hikes, alpine lakes, world-class rafting, mountain biking, and more. And for such a small town, it does have a vibrant nightlife with music almost every night of the week.

As for the Supper Club, what sets us apart from other seasonal jobs is our experience in serious urban restaurants and our background with food. One of our goals is to expand people’s palates and expose them to different foods on a daily basis. With most everything made in-house, this should also be seen as a safe and inviting learning experience and a way to expand your knowledge and skillsets. Overall, we strive to create a silly, respectful, and professional environment where everyone is valued, heard, and compensated fairly.

Ideal Candidate

First and foremost, we are looking for both kind and hard workers.  Restaurant work can be tough, but it can also be so rewarding. Enjoying the hospitality industry is key.  Other attributes we look for in our workers are strong communication and organizational skills and a good attitude. Beyond that, we are looking for people who are really excited about the outdoors and living in Stanley.  Love of food is always a plus too.

Room and Board

Our housing options vary, but private rooms are guaranteed. We can elaborate on these options during the interview process. And if you already have housing for the season, we will gladly offer a $400/month housing stipend for Full Time Employees.

As for meals, Family Meal will be provided at the end of every shift. We take pride in creating meals for our staff and want it to be more than just an afterthought. Throughout the season there is an ongoing list of ideas created by the entire staff, to get everyone excited and involved. With that in mind, our menu will vary from season to season but always expect a variety of flavors and cuisines. And for any potential cooks, see this as an opportunity to try out new ideas and to get creative in the kitchen. Discounts at the restaurant will also be provided.

Employee Perks

The main perk of working with us is the high quality of life Stanley has to offer. In addition to that, we provide Family Meal every shift, regular schedules with consecutive days off and discounts for employees at our restaurant.

Getting Here and Getting Around

Stanley is approximately 130 miles NE of Boise (about a 3-hour drive).  The nearest major airport is in Boise, but there is a smaller regional airport in Sun Valley, about 60 miles south.  There is no public transit and the area is a lot more fun if you have a car.  It is possible to get around on a bike, but you shouldn't plan on using that as your main mode of transportation unless you are a seriously committed cyclist.  

For Fun

Stanley is an absolutely amazing place to spend the summer.  The mountains are beautiful, the stars are breathtaking, and the weather is great. The town itself is community-focused and friendly.  It has a good nightlife with lots of events and music pretty much every week.  Within 30 minutes of town, you can do some world-class hiking and biking.  Fishing, kayaking, hot springing, and rock climbing are also easily accessible.   

How to Apply

Just send us a resume and a couple of paragraphs telling us about yourself and addressing the following questions:

1) Why do you want to come to Stanley?

2) What do you find appealing about seasonal work?

3) What do you enjoy about restaurant work?

We look forward to hearing from you!

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