Skagway Brewing Company

We work hard. We play hard. Come join our 2021 Mini Summer Season team!

Established in 1897 to hydrate the thirsty prospectors of the Klondike Gold Rush, we continue to create fresh unfiltered ales and delicious pub fare for today’s local and traveling crowds.

Nestled at the northernmost point of the Inside Passage in Southeast Alaska, you'll find Skagway, where the streets are lined with wooden boardwalks and restored buildings, looking much as they did 100 years ago. Skagway’s history and spectacular natural setting create unparalleled sightseeing and recreation opportunities.

About Skagway Brewing Company

“We work hard. We play hard. And we know how to have a good time!” That’s the motto for the hard-working crew that makes Skagway Brewing Company what it is. Looking for a fun, yet challenging job in a fast-paced, high-volume environment? Do you enjoy hand-crafted ales and great pub food?! Then the Skagway Brewing Company may be the right fit for you!

The Skagway Brewing Company features an on-site microbrewery and restaurant, retail store and seating for up to 400. We also take pride in our sustainability efforts - we have a year-round indoor garden where we grow all of our own leafy greens & culinary herbs.  The harvest yield of these greens and herbs are boosted by the carbon dioxide released from the brewing process; we capture it in pipes and send it on over to the garden.  Taking things one step further, we use all of our spent vegetable oil to create biodiesel which is then used to heat the building as well as fuel the brewing process. Currently, the biodiesel program is on pause.

Our business is heavily influenced by seasonal tourism, which is directly linked to Skagway being a major port calling for cruise ships; prior to Covid-19 putting a major halt to life as we know it, May through September had our tiny boardwalk town overflowing with tourists. Our crew is comprised of year-round locals, but we rely heavily on our “seasonal individuals” -- those drawn to the allure of Skagway, its history, and of course, good beer! 

The Employee Experience

The 2021 Mini-Cruise Ship Season is expected to run from the end of July thru the end of September. While our town won't be swarming with the normal high tourist numbers, we will be receiving a tourism bump and are looking for professional and motivated team members to provide the best experience!

Skagway is kind of like a summer camp for adults. In the morning the cruise ships roll in and visitors flood the town (which is only 5 blocks by 23 blocks - time to brush up on your bicycling skills)! You and your friends head to work, show off your all-star skills, make the $$ and then by 8 pm, the cruise ships blow their horns and glide away.....and the town is ours again! That's when the real fun happens.  With 20+ hours of daylight in the peak of summer, there's ample time to enjoy the great outdoors - and they really are great in Southeast Alaska.

Skagway is a small coastal town rich with gold rush history, nestled in a little valley surrounded by majestic mountains. There are about a dozen hiking trails right out your back door. Ever see a pod of Humpback or Orca whales breach and blow or see the night skies dance green?! A summer working at the Skagway Brewing Company will give you a chance to work hard, show your skills and learn some new ones while creating long-lasting friendships and memories in breathtaking surroundings!

Ideal Candidate

The backbone to a successful brewery and restaurant is not just delicious beer and food – it’s the people that make your experience memorable by offering fast, efficient and friendly service with a smile. SBC takes pride in a team that calls each other family.  Respect, enthusiasm, adaptability, hard work, and FUN are the names of the game.

Room and Board

The Skagway Brewing Company offers several different housing options.  Due to the special circumstances of a shortened 2021 season, we are offering FREE housing! Internet and cable/satellite are extra.  We have a strict NO PET and NO SMOKING policy in ALL units. Requests for specific units will be taken into account, but not guaranteed.

  • 4-Bedroom Apartments
  • 3-Bedroom Log Cabin home
  • Studio Apartments

Employee Perks

  • FREE housing 
  • $500 signing bonus (full-time employment is required; will receive after training is complete on first full payroll)
  • $1500 performance-based end of season completion bonus (full-time employment is required; if eligible, will receive on the payroll after last shift worked)
  • 50% off food & retail

Getting Here and Getting Around

Getting to Skagway

Travel to Skagway is an adventure all it's own! No commercial airlines fly to Skagway.  If you're starting your travels via commercial airlines you'll have to fly to Juneau, AK or Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada. However, the border between Yukon, Canada and the US is closed for non-essential travel so Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada is NOT an option.

  • From Juneau you can catch a scenic 45 minute flight on Alaska Seaplanes or take the equally scenic ride on the Alaska Marine Highway Ferry System (about 6-7 hours); you can also take the ferry all the way from Bellingham, WA....leave Bellingham on Friday, arrive in Skagway on Monday, that's right, 3 nights aboard the ferry! Splurge and rent a stateroom or throw your camping pad and sleeping bag down in the solarium and sleep in the great outdoors.

  • From Whitehorse, the drive is about 2 hours through the mountains and down to sea level.  There are no buses, so you'd have to find someone to pick you up and drive you down to Skagway. However, the border between Yukon, Canada and the US is closed for non-essential travel so traveling between Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada and Skagway, AK is NOT an option.

Want a real adventure? Drive the Alcan Highway to Skagway! However, traveling from the lower 48 through Canada is not suggested at this time as non-essential travel permission may not be granted. We highly recommend getting your hands on the Milepost if you are going to drive - it will help you to plan your gas stops, hotels/camping, hot springs soaks and sightseeing along the way!

Getting Around Skagway

Skagway is a tiny town - only 5 blocks wide and 23 blocks long. You can get anywhere you want to go on foot or bike. If you can bring a bike along, do so as they can be hard to come across.

For Fun

Summer camp really does exist for adults in Skagway.  When you aren’t demonstrating your stellar skills while working hard, there are a plethora of activities to fill the oodles of extra daylight you have! Hiking, kayaking, disc golfing, dog mushing*, glacier tours*, horseback riding*, zip-lining*, white water rafting*, bonfiring, camping, canoeing…..the list goes on and on and on! Are you the competitive type? Skagway also offers league sports* such as softball, soccer, pickleball, and cornhole! Are you a runner? No problem, Skagway is home to the Skagway Marathon*, 5% rough, 95% brutal.  You’ll also have the chance to run the Klondike Road Relay* from Skagway to Whitehorse…..ever run overnight while the northern lights dance above you? Now’s your chance!

*Due to the pandemic, many tour & guide companies and/or leagues & events may not be in operation until 2022. Skagway is still home to amazing hiking, camping, kayaking, helicopter tours and more regardless of company tours.

How to Apply

Send a cover letter and resume with 3 professional references to

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