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The best kept secret of the Sequoias

Silver City Mountain Resort offers boutique lodging and craft food at a high elevation. We are mountain people and enjoy hard work, relish challenges, and love the outdoors.

Remote and off the grid, Silver City Mountain Resort is tucked deep in Sequoia National Park. We are located at 7000 feet elevation and surrounded by high peaks, alpine lakes, and the best hiking in the Sequoias!

About Silver City Mountain Resort

Silver City Mountain Resort is located deep in Sequoia National Park four miles from the breathtakingly beautiful Mineral King Valley. This is the place Walt Disney once planned to build the biggest ski resort in California. The plans never came to fruition mainly because of the cost of rebuilding Mineral King Road a windy, some people call it treacherous, mountain road. However, due to the inaccessibility of Silver City and Mineral King the mountain has remained largely untouched and continues to be the best-kept secret of Sequoia National Park. With arguably the best hiking trails in the country; in just a few hours one can be out in the back-country surrounded by nothing but nature!

The most unique part of Silver City Mountain Resort is the fact that it is privately owned and operated, even though it is surrounded by National Park Service land. We are a small operation that values teamwork, communication, and enjoying all the beauty that surrounds us! Silver City Mountain Resort is also a part of the Silver City community which is made up of a series of privately owned cabins. This community is a small, close-knit community that has been around for generations; it doesn't get much better than this! 

Silver City Mountain Resort started in 1929 as just a few cabins that rented for a few dollars a cabin. It has grown and now includes a restaurant, gift shop, and luxury lodging. Silver City is remote, off the grid, and has no cell phone reception. The closest store and town is an hour and fifteen minutes away. We are located at 7,000 feet elevation surrounded by majestic Sugar Pines, cedars, and Douglas Firs.

Our Culture: We embrace self-reliance, love hiking, and have a good old fashioned can-do pioneer spirit. Challenges are welcomed and teamwork is essential. We pride ourselves on being the "friendliest staff" in the Sequoias. We are looking for hardworking, outdoor-loving, individuals who know how to work in a team to achieve goals, and have fun doing it!

The Employee Experience

Silver City Mountain Resort is a small business that values family. Our staff consists of ten to twelve employees in total. This creates a very intimate family-like work environment. Expect to make lasting friendships, conquer many challenges (and mountains), and learn what it's like to live in a small community off the grid. We value friendships, teamwork, innovation, having fun, and good old-fashioned hard work.

Silver City Mountain Resort admires and respects the pioneers and miners who originally founded Silver City, true mountain men and women. These men and women endured great hardships and used creativity, tenacity, and a can-do attitude to not conquer the mountain but live in it and with it. These are the values to which we aspire.

We appreciate our heritage but have also made a few upgrades recently. These include: our new state-of-the-art kitchen, remodeled store and restaurant, remodeled staff housing, and more! Our new kitchen is much larger, more efficient and organized than ever before, and with it, we plan to create and serve an even more decadent menu!

The updated store and restaurant area look absolutely beautiful with the walls made of blue pine. With more space than ever before we will be adding more merchandise to the store and seating to the restaurant. Silver City Mountain Resort is now officially a "cut above" the rest!

Ideal Candidate

An ideal Silver City Mountain Resort employee is the following: An adventure seeker who loves the outdoors, a mountain enthusiast, someone who embraces hard work and challenges, one who puts the team in front of themselves, someone who finds solutions rather than problems. Must be mature individuals who know how to get along with others.

Room and Board

Silver City Mountain Resort does provide room and board otherwise it would be a really long commute to work. We have newly remodeled staff housing cabins for both men and women with shared rooms and bathrooms. There is also a brand new common area and staff kitchen. The cabins are located on-site, a very short walk to work. Although the management staff has dogs on-site, staff pets will not be allowed to be brought. Sorry for the inconvenience but with the wildlife and being within the Sequoia National Park it is too much of a liability. Thank you for understanding. Silver City Mountain Resort charges $65/week for room and board.

Employee Perks

The greatest perk we offer is the opportunity to live in the High Sierras. You can hike all summer and still see only a fraction of what Mineral King has to offer.

Getting Here and Getting Around

Getting to Silver City: we are located at Mile 21 Mineral King Road in Sequoia National Park, CA. One can fly into Fresno and take public transportation to Visalia. From there you would need to be picked up to begin your journey up the mountain. There is no public transportation to Silver City. We can gladly pick you up in Visalia and transport you and your luggage up the windy Mineral King road.

For Fun

Again, loving the outdoors and being a mountain enthusiast is a must. In our opinion Mineral King has the best hiking in Sequoia National Park. The trail heads are just two to four miles away from the resort. Sawtooth Peak towers 12,343 feet up and is a favorite hiking destination. The backpacking and fly fishing are phenomenal. There are well over twelve different alpine lakes to hike to. If star gazing is your thing, Mineral King Valley offers one of the best locations in the country; the light pollution is non existent. Watching meteorite showers in Mineral King is a favorite staff activity. If you enjoy climbing mountains, fishing streams, skinning dipping in icy mountain lakes and being awestruck by the enormity of the Milky Way, then you will enjoy Silver City Mountain Resort.

How to Apply

Please click APPLY HERE to complete our online application. You are encouraged to upload your Cover Letter and Resume as part of the application process. 

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