Rock Creek Lakes Resort

Hiking in Rock Creek Canyon.
One of our rental cabins.
Rock Creek Lake
Summer Wildflowers
Sunsets in the backyard.
View of Rock Creek Lake and our boat docks.

Join our staff this summer - small family owned lodge in the Eastern Sierra

We are a small, family-owned summer lodge located at 9,700 feet in the Eastern Sierra. We have a general store, cafe and grill where we serve breakfast and lunch, rental cabins, and boat and kayak rentals. Our season runs from May to October. The Resort is in the perfect location for outdoor enthusiasts. We are surrounded by amazing hiking trails, lakes for fishing, and rock climbing.

In the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California between Bishop and Mammoth Lakes.

About Rock Creek Lakes Resort

Rock Creek Lakes Resort is located at 9,700 feet in the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains. We are 9 miles up Rock Creek Canyon, which is situated in between Mammoth Lakes and Bishop. The Resort was built over 80 years ago and has been owned by the King Family since 1979. Our small general store caters to fisherman and campers in the area. We have a cafe and grill where we serve breakfast and lunch. The property has eleven rental cabins that range from one to three bedroom that all have bathrooms and kitchens. We are situated across the road from Rock Creek Lake and have boats and kayaks available to rent.

Our backyard is amazing! Surrounded by 12,000 foot peaks, we are within walking distance to excellent fishing and some of the best hiking to be had in the Eastern Sierra.

The Employee Experience

Our resort is a small, family owned business. We like to think that our employees become a part of our family each summer. Most people that work at the Resort are outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy going on hikes after work. We love being outside in the mountains and we strongly believe in working hard as a team so we can all get out to enjoy our beautiful backyard at the end of the day. There is no cell phone service or internet available at the Resort, which we consider a nice escape for the summer. We hope that at the end of the season our employees will love working and playing in Rock Creek Canyon as much as we do. 

Ideal Candidate

We are looking for employees who care about the work they do and the environment they are living in. We are in the hospitality business, so friendly customer service skills are a must! Since we live and work in the same place, we spend a lot of time together. Being comfortable and mindful of others is essential. The Resort's work pace can go from 0-100 in a matter of minutes. Being able to stay busy and productive when it's slow and adjust to a faster paced environment quickly is important. Expect to be on your feet for all 8 hours of the work day doing many different things. Not having internet and cell phone service available is unique in today's world. A potential employee will be happier working here if he or she doesn't feel the need to be connected to technology. We don't hire people for specific jobs, our employees work in all parts of the business throughout the day. Being a team player is crucial to our business. The Resort runs best when everyone is working together. 

Room and Board

We provide room & board for our employees at no charge. Most of our housing is set up for one person to live in, although two of our available spaces are set up for two people. Our employee housing consists of small, rustic trailers and cabins in our backyard. We have one employee bathroom with a toilet, sink, and shower; however, employees are also welcome to use the bathroom and rental showers we provide for our customers. We all share the same kitchen to cook our meals in. Food is provided free of charge for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Oftentimes, we eat dinner together as a group. Employees are welcome to cook dinner for everyone, but it is not required. 

Employee Perks

Besides getting to live in the heart of the mountains, our employees receive:

  • A free t-shirt or hat from our store.
  • A free non-alcoholic beverage/day from the store.
  • All meals are provided free of charge.
  • Employees receive discounted prices on certain items we sell in our store.
  • Depending on availability, employees can take a boat or kayak out on the lake after work at no cost. 

Getting Here and Getting Around

We recommend that each employee have their own vehicle.

Resort vehicles are not lent out for employees to use in their free time.

Living at the Resort is not required, but there are no other housing options in the canyon. We are located about 35 minutes from Mammoth and 45 minutes from Bishop. There is no public transportation in Rock Creek Canyon. 

For Fun

Summer in the Eastern Sierra is an outdoor lover's dream! The Resort is located within walking distance to multiple trailheads and is a 2 mile drive from the popular hiking destination, Little Lakes Valley. Rock Creek Lake is about a 3 minute walk from the Resort and Little Lakes Valley offers endless backcountry lakes to fish in. There are also well-known rock climbing areas scattered throughout the canyon. There is no light pollution, which makes for extraordinary star gazing and awesome full moon hikes or kayak paddles. Mammoth Lakes, about a 35 minute drive from the Resort, has multiple music festivals throughout the summer season as well as awesome mountain biking and hiking. Yosemite National Park is a two hour drive from the Resort. Hot springs, paddle boarding, fly fishing, the activities in the area are endless! 

How to Apply

If you're interested in working at Rock Creek Lakes Resort, please email your resume to:

You can also call us if you have any questions: (760)-935-4311

Please visit our website for pictures and more information about the business and check out our Facebook page.

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