Red Horse Mountain Ranch

A local eagle shared this photo with us on Instagram. Thanks eagle! Great shot!
The 2023 Summer Team! We're so great.
Just your average Idaho back yard.
Kitchen crew likes to keep it light and fun!
After work rides are some of the most cherished memories the team makes here!
Hospitality's weekly team meeting under the apple tree. We do our meetings outdoors preferrably!
Our team also consists of 105 horses! Very spoiled, well fed, happy horses.
On our way to the Harrison parade!
We have 2 arenas for lessons and testing for our advanced ride. Staff enjoy playing after work in here too!
Our Thursday Wine Dinner team.
Just your average ranch commuter vehicle.
Challenge Course certification week. We have zip lines, a rock wall, and a lot of other fun elements to push you out of your comfort zone!
Hoss, where are your manners!?
A nice spring day in our valley!
We sell the same hair product this horse uses in the trading post. AMAZING.
Hospitality Team. Is this photo strange to you? I was thinking the same thing.
This is NOT a bed in the employee housing. It is the guest cabin. Sorry.
Did you know North Idaho was this stunning?
Emergency ice cream run for the Hospitality team!
Part of the beautiful Red Horse Mountain Ranch property. So many woodsy areas to explore out your back door.
American Pride. Go USA! And then, go clean that spider web you are looking at.
We like to have fun here. At least, I think she's having fun. Or she has gum stuck in her hair? Either way, Hospitality Team can play during their days off with the guests doing the Challenge Course and other activities!
Team Hospitality. Teams that scrub floors together...stay together. Or something like that.
Zip lining into the pond. Into a pond, not a fancy heated pool, WITH FISH and a little seaweed. Because we are a ranch.
Idaho - more than potatoes. Cow-folk, horses, and true Western Hospitality. And, I guess we have potatoes for dinner sometimes, so those too.

2 Days Off /Week, Free Housing and Meals, and a Great Work Environment!

Glad you are visiting our employment page! The team at Red Horse Mountain Ranch is the #1 reason our guests choose us to visit. We hope you can join our world class crew in the Idaho mountains this summer!

Located on in a private mountain valley, the ranch is a 1.5 hour drive from the Spokane International Airport, near Coeur d’Alene, ID.

About Red Horse Mountain Ranch

Red Horse Mountain Ranch is a 600-acre dude ranch in Northern Idaho surrounded by endless wooded public land our team gets to explore. The ranch is one of the last rare spots, kept secluded and safe in a mountain valley, and we want to share that with our team. We have 39 team members in the summer and 11 in the off-season, about 50 guests per week, and a herd of about 105 horses. 

Our Mission and Core Values

We believe our ranch exists to “Reconnect People to the Important Things of a Life Well-Lived” so we hope our team is able to reconnect to those things that are important to them during their time with us. No matter our roles here, we are always professional in how we do our job and treat others. We take ownership over our work, including the mistakes. We are problem solvers with positive attitudes when things get tough. We create a safe environment for our guests and team members to grow and thrive. We care about people and have hearts for hospitality!

Basic Requirements For All Positions

Red Horse Mountain Ranch is currently accepting applicants who value learning new things and hard work, like to laugh, and are not grumpy! Other requirements are: a current and valid driver’s license, being able to lift 50 pounds, working a 45-50 hour work week, being drug-free, being authorized to work in the USA, and being at least 21 years of age.

Time Frame

Full Summer Positions (May 13 - October 5, 2023)

Fall Help (August 10 - October 5)

Some May-August positions are available

Positions We Hiring Seasonally

  • Chef Assistant
  • Hospitality (Serving and Housekeeping)
  • Sous Chef
  • Wrangler and Guide
  • Ranch Hand
  • Kids Program Wrangler and Guide
  • Bartender

Meet the Team

Full-Time Team:

Seasonal Team:

See what our guests say about us:

The Employee Experience

What is it like to work here? I hope you like to read...bear with me...

We like to have fun and get stuff done. There are lots of people from different places and who bring unique talents, ideas, and skills to the team. There are cowboys and cowgirls, avid hunters and fly fishers, hikers, outdoor enthusiasts, artists, and front porch guitar pickers living and working here. We like to hear laughter coming from the kitchen and witness a good ol' practical joke go down. We have department meetings and all ranch meetings to improve communication and solve problems that come up. We like to be well-staffed and everyone busy working on things that matter. Coworkers forge friendships that last a lifetime and create memories they will cherish their whole lives. We like things clean, organized, and world-class.

Our guests are awesome and they think we are the best! We share REALLY good food together as we exchange stories and laughs. We encourage the folks who are having a bad day and enjoy teaching others the hobbies we have mastered. We have fun at the lake, explore the endless public land Idaho offers, and learn how to be better horseback riders. You will see managers and seasonal employees alike jump in and help where needed because no task is below anyone here. 

Our goal is for our team to have a great experience while they work here. Although we are not perfect, we work hard to have a happy team who feels appreciated so they enjoy the summers they spend with us.

Ideal Candidate

The best way to describe the person who would thrive here is to let you know what our core values are at Red Horse Mountain Ranch. 

We are professionals at what we do whether washing dishes, making a bed, or tacking a horse. Always polite, knowledgeable, and classy, this is a REAL JOB - not just a fun summer job.

We have a positive attitude when other people may not. We all have hard stuff to deal with, but show up anyways! 

We take ownership of doing our jobs well and learning from our mistakes. We do the job well because it is the right thing to do.

We create safe environments where people can let down their guard, explore outdoor adventures, and relax knowing they are being well-cared for. We make good, sound decisions with pride laid aside. From the spotless floors to the tack checks it all counts in creating a safe place people can trust.

We are problem solvers. Things are not perfect, and they never will be, so we attack the problem and find a way! We have a track record of always figuring it out at Red Horse.

We have hearts for hospitality. We care about people. Guests, staff, and our community. We want everyone to feel welcomed and a part of something special. If you do not like people, you won't like working here.

Room and Board

We do provide free housing (woohoo!) and meals! It is the same meals (and pastries!) the guests get, so you'll be eating well. Food coma well. The only meals we do not provide are during the Thursday wine dinner, Saturday lunch/dinner, and Sunday breakfast/lunch. (The chefs need a day off too!) We have a leftover fridge for those days the kitchen is closed. You can also go out to eat with your new awesome friends from work or cook a meal in the employee housing.

Here is what the housing is like: 

It is a long ranch-style co-ed dorm with a men's wing and a women’s wing coming off the middle common area. Each wing has its own laundry room and communal bathroom. The bathrooms are similar to something you would see in a college dorm. Down the wings, doors open to Narnia. I mean, 12x12 foot rooms. There are 2 beds, a window, closet, 2 dressers, and a desk for doing studious things like chemistry if you want?? You will have one roommate in this room.  The common area the men and women share has a living room, full kitchen, dining area, and a porch. There is a cleaning schedule, TV, land phone (Yikes, a what!?), internet,  and parking. There is no cell phone reception (Gasp!). You will have to do a 10-15 minute (scenic may I add) walk to work each day. No pets, illegal drugs, or overnight guests are allowed. Camping is allowed in certain locations near the housing. We expect it to be a respectful and safe place for everyone living down there.

Employee Perks

One of the nicest perks that may set us apart from most other places is that our team members get 2 days off a week here. We do work 45- 50 hour work weeks, so we like taking 2 days off to rest and make the most out of living in such a cool area.  

Other perks include access to the ranch activities like horseback riding, kayaking, and mountain biking in your free time, 2 employee t-shirts and hat, a free CPR and first aid class, 2 paid weeks of training in May, free delicious food and desserts, and free on-site housing with a porch in a remote mountain valley. Family members get discounts on vacations here and we love it when parents come for a visit for the day too! 

If you ask our team (which I just did), they would want me to mention the live band at saloon night and our campfires. They also think the incredible amount of quality memories and friends you make while here is the best perk of all!

Getting Here and Getting Around

First things first - don't listen to Siri! She's a gem, we know; and whatever we did before her, I don't know. But, she may lead you into the wilderness never to be seen again if you ask her to take you here. 

Hop onto our website for directions first to confirm your travel route. There should be some gravel in your route, but not snow, clouds, or sheer panic.

Spokane is the nearest airport which is an hour and a half away. We provide an airport pickup if a team member decides to fly here instead of driving.

We recommend driving so you can fully enjoy the area and explore on your days off. You can always bum a ride with others, but in your car, alone, is the only place you can belt out your favorite George Straight song without disturbing the peace this summer.

For Fun

We do not mean to brag, but Idaho is known for its large amount of public land and for the tough gritty people who enjoy life outdoors. Somewhere around 62% of the land in Idaho is for public use! No trouble finding places to explore here.

This area is like no other place you have been. It is cowboy and lake life coming together. Outdoor enthusiasts dream. We have mountains, endless backroads, lots of pine trees, hike and bike trails, lakes, rivers, zip lines, mountain biking, fishing...every outdoor activity you can think of (except ocean and desert activities I guess). Many team members do weekend trips over to Glacier National Park during their summer here and also to nearby concert venues like The Gorge in Washington.

Harrison is just 15 minutes from the ranch. It overlooks beautiful Lake Coeur d'Alene and has a population of 250 of us in the winter. We have a famous bike path, great restaurants and bars that have bands on the weekends, a library, a beach, a grocery store, local volunteer EMT and Fire, community buildings, gift shops, churches, a park with music every Saturday, an ice-cream shop, a marina and rentals for lake activities. Other great cities our team goes to visit are Coeur d'Alene and Sandpoint.

We usually plan a couple of fun get-togethers as a team that includes lake days, pool parties, campfires, after-work rides, and a couple competitive events to gain some bragging rights.

How to Apply

Head to our website for information. The Apply Here button will lead you to our online application.

Contact Red Horse Mountain Ranch