Dreaming of the job that's better than a vacation? Join us!

RaftOne is an Outdoor Adventure Company specializing in whitewater rafting, zipline/canopy tours, mountain biking, and an onsite restaurant. RaftOne has an unlimited amount of opportunities for potential job seekers. We take pride in being the highest rated company on the Ocoee River. RaftOne is family run and employees always have the summer of a lifetime when they join our team.

In the Cherokee National Forest near the Blue Ridge Mountains and the world renowned Ocoee River.

About RaftOne

Raft One is the brainchild of two brothers who want their customers to have the best adventure-filled trip they can possibly have. After being on the river for 20 years, Brent and Dusty Rogers, the owners of Raft One, have seen every aspect of every whitewater rafting company on the Ocoee River and other whitewater rafting companies across the country.

Having the enthusiasm and drive to make Raft One the BEST it can be, they have taken the top aspects from each company and put them together to form the Ocoee’s most fun-filled and safe company.

Brent and Dusty both had 9-to-5 jobs out of college, but every year they felt the rafting itch when summer rolled around and had to get out on the Ocoee River to guide trips. For these brothers, it has always been a fun competitive challenge since day one to see whose crew has more fun and who can surf their crew harder in Hollywood Hole or hit the perfect wave. When the opportunity arose for them to get a permit to operate on the Ocoee River, it was a no-brainer. Today you will still see the Rogers brothers guiding, out having the time of their lives rafting the Ocoee River with customers who receive the best time possible rafting on the Ocoee River. Once you speak with Dusty or Brent, it will be evident they are passionate about what they do, and about customer satisfaction. They ensure that you can’t leave Raft One without having a great time!

*ALL TRAINING FOR SUMMER 2024 POSITIONS START IN APRIL!* Apply early to reserve your spot in next season's training classes! 

Initial Interviews start in November. 

The Employee Experience

Working at RaftOne is not your average or typical job. Brent and Dusty truly want you to have the BEST Summer of your life while providing excellent service for our customers. Have you ever been Whitewater Rafting and thought, "Man, that guide has the coolest job ever!"? Make it yours! Never been rafting but always wanted to? What better way to go than learning how-to guide and rafting EVERYDAY!? Now's your chance! Ever been Zip-lining? Do you like Mountain Biking? Are you an outdoors person? Do you like to work with people? Now's your chance! 

Are you scared because you have zero experience and have never done anything like this? Now's your chance! 

We provide ALL training no matter your experience. There's a reason why our guides AND guests say we are the BEST Company on the river. 

Quotes from actual guides: 

"The best part about working at RaftOne is getting to work with my best friends every day!" 

"Best Summer Ever!" 

"I look forward to coming back to the river every summer." 

Ideal Candidate

Anyone who is accountable, works well with others, and isn't afraid to try something new! If you're willing to learn, we're willing to train. 

Room and Board

Every employee has the opportunity to live full-time on the property for free! Guide housing is a community-based accommodation in the woods. Most guides love it! 

Guide housing is located about 1/4 mile (a little less) from our outpost. The “housing” is about as basic as you can get. It is a lot like camping but with a metal roof over your head and electricity. There is also community toilets and an outdoor shower. There is currently no kitchen but you are welcome to bring a hot plate, small bbq, or whatever you want to cook with. There are some mini-fridges available but they do get taken on a first-come-first-serve basis (or some are veteran-guides personal fridges). You are more than welcome to bring your own to ensure you have one. (If possible-I would wait until you see the place before you bring any personal belongings)

Guide housing is communal and most likely you will be sharing a room with at least one other raft guide. There are bunk-beds in the rooms (basic ply-wood) so you will need to bring a sleeping pad or air mattress and a sleeping bag. We try to keep guide housing as respectful as possible but do note that when all of the raft guides are “home” (in guide-housing) on the weekends, it does sometimes get loud. 

Most raft guides learn to love guide housing and everyone becomes a family down there. :)

Employee Perks

We will provide a PFD, helmet, wetsuit, splash jacket, and a paddle during training. We have a pretty stellar "pro-deal" with an equipment supplier and we extend the discount to employees. Training is ALWAYS FREE! 

We also take company trips to other rivers in the southeast like the Gauley and the Chattooga. There are also always opportunities to take family and friends down the Ocoee at a very discounted price! 

Getting Here and Getting Around

The closest airports are Chattanooga, TN (about 1.5 hours) and Atlanta, GA (about 2 hours). I would definitely recommend a car. The outpost is located near Copperhill, TN which is a VERY small town. It is possible to get around by bicycle (we’ve had guides do it before), but it is definitely not convenient and I wouldn’t recommend it unless you are an absolute avid bicyclist. 

The closest Walmart & Home Depot are located in Blueridge, GA which is about 30 minutes from the outpost by car. 

With that being said it is definitely possible to live in guide housing without a car, most people are more than willing to drive you to a store especially if you have gas money. It is just more difficult in the early season when there aren’t very many people living onsite yet. 

For Fun

Southeast Tennessee is your outdoor playground. We have rivers for rafting and kayaking. Lakes for any flatwater sports. Mountains for climbing and hiking. Trails for mountain biking. Waterfalls for hiking, swimming, and cliff jumping. We are under 2 hours from Atlanta and Knoxville, about 3 hours from Nashville, and just over an hour from Chattanooga for any city-time fix you may need. 

How to Apply

Check out our website, and then email us if you have more questions.

Ready to Apply? Click Apply Here and complete our online application. 



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