Kodiak Raspberry Island Remote Lodge

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Summer work on remote Raspberry Island within the Kodiak Island Archipelago

As second generation hosts we specialize in both fresh and salt water fishing, fully guided and outfitted sea kayaking and hiking trips, and fly out Brown Bear viewing. 

We are a remote wilderness lodge on Raspberry Island, about 35 miles away from Kodiak City.

About Kodiak Raspberry Island Remote Lodge

Private guest cabins, daily hand crafted meals, micro-hydro electric power, hot tub, sauna, and wireless internet help ensure that returning from adventures into the raw wilderness at our doorstep can be easily blended with the modern comforts of home. 

The Employee Experience

Each of our available positions represents an integral member of a tightly woven team living on a remote island far from the conveniences of normal, modern civilization, whose primary goal is to present our international visitors with a safe, comfortable, and enriching experience in Alaska’s Wild. We seek personable, responsible, and respectable men and women who welcome our direction yet are confident in approaching the task at hand autonomously. Your persona will not only be part of our visitor’s experience to Kodiak Raspberry Island Remote Lodge; you will also be an influence to our two young children and an important constituent of the support system for Tiffany, Birch and the rest of our team.  In turn, we offer the rewards of living in this spectacular environment, surrounded be interesting and successful people visiting from around the world, and a family atmosphere we hope you become part of.

Ideal Candidate

Our ideal candidate is someone who can quickly become part of our team, embracing this likely different environment and lifestyle, and approaching all of this with a positive, ‘can -do’ attitude.  We look for quick learners who aren’t dismayed by direction yet can approach each situation autonomously while seeing the ‘big picture.’  Whether behind the scenes as a Camp Hand or up front as a Guide or Chef, each member of our team has a tremendously important impact on our guest’s vacation, which ultimately determines the success of their trip and our success as a team and business.  Finally, we are looking for members who can love and enjoy the area we live in as much as we do.

Room and Board

Our team stays in a co-ed staff cabin here on the property. It is heated, and has indoor bathrooms with flush toilets and showers (nice for the wilderness), 24 hour electricity, and limited satellite internet use. All meals are provided. 

Employee Perks

Monthly salary, generous tipping, end of season bonus.  Awesome remote location, small team, ‘off the beaten path’ type clientele.  Room and board included.  Fantastic opportunities to enjoy and immerse yourself in the area we call home.

Getting Here and Getting Around

You’ll need to fly through Anchorage, Alaska, and on to Kodiak City.  We’ll typically pick you up in Kodiak for the boat or plane ride out to the lodge.

For Fun

Team members enjoying their days off are welcome to use our kayaks and/or hiking trails around the lodge, relax, sleep in, enjoy our extensive video library, and so on. This is an amazing, beautiful place, and opportunities abound.  You will meet people from around the world, who in many cases may be able to offer you constructive input and professional connection.  Your office will be in the middle of the remote Alaskan wilderness on the edge of the Pacific Ocean. Your apartment is one of the top lodges on Kodiak and in Alaska, and your restaurant is appreciated by travelers from the world over.  Among these the true opportunity of this job lies; it is up to you to make the most of it. 

Our Jobs

You will find detailed job descriptions on our website.  We prioritize rehiring past team members, and offer two terms for some positions.  While we offer the following positions, please check our website to see what vacancies are available for this season. 

  • Boat Captain
  • Chef
  • Indoor Camp Hand
  • Outdoor Camp Hand
  • Guide/Floater

How to Apply

Please understand the only available jobs are the ones listed on our website.

Please visit our webpage to learn more about where we are, who we are, and what we do.  Carefully review our available Job Descriptions and Employee Handbook.  Then completely fill out and submit electronically our Job Application.

Our job descriptions include very detailed information about each position as well as season dates and wages.

Thank you again for considering us!  We hope to work with you this summer.

Birch and Tiffany Robbins 

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