Drowsy Water Ranch

Summer Ranch Jobs in Colorado's Rocky Mountains

Family owned and operated for over 40 years, Drowsy Water Ranch is an award-winning dude ranch. We take pride in providing great programing from our herd of over 120 horses, to our counseled, outdoor-focused children's programs, to our hearty and healthy meals. Our goal is to make each guest feel part of the family and to give them an unforgettable western vacation experience.

A two-hour drive from Denver, Drowsy Water Ranch sits at the base of the Continental Divide near Granby.

About Drowsy Water Ranch

Family owned and operated for over forty years, we see our staff as an extension of the family.  Each week, we welcome 50-60 guests that stay with us for an all-inclusive week at a genuine western ranch.  Our guests are mostly families that come from all over the U.S. and the world to enjoy our quaint ranch's focus on family and outdoor fun.  We have our own private valley and a full schedule of activities to entertain our guests.  We have top-notch horseback riding with a herd of over 120 horses and a complete horse program that teaches western riding.  We have counseled activities for children from infants thru 13 year olds, guided hikes and mountain bikes, a raft trip, a zip-line, and fishing.  We serve three hearty meals each day, have daily housekeeping service, and nightly entertainment.  

We expect our staff to work as hard as we do, from early morning round-up or breakfast service to late night entertainment clean up, our staff is very important in providing a quality experience to our guests.  A vacation at Drowsy Water is truly magical for our guests; we get letters all the time from guests saying it was their best vacation ever.  Our staff's hard work and genuine interest in the ranch and its guests is what makes the magic possible. 

The Employee Experience

Each summer, we hire around 25 staff members that live and work on the ranch.  Throughout the summer, staff members have the opportunity to meet incredible people from all over the world, spend time outdoors in Colorado's Rocky Mountains, and learn the value of hard-work, teamwork, and friendships.  We, the owners, all live and work on the ranch as well and are never going to ask a staff member to do anything we can't or won't do.  We value hard work here at Drowsy Water Ranch, and we all are willing to work until a job is done, not until a certain time.  We also value service and are willing to give our guests more than they expect.  

Staff enjoy spending time outside, exploring our area, and getting to know other staff and the guests throughout the summer.  We encourage staff to take part in the horseback riding program and to enjoy the mountains around us.  We are secluded in our private mountain valley that sits on about 600 acres, but we are only about 10 miles from the closest town and only about a two hour drive to Denver so you can get most anything you need without too much hassle.  

At the end of each summer, we have staff that want to come back again the next summer.  The staff that want to come back are those that like to work hard, enjoy the outdoors, and enjoy going above and beyond to provide outstanding service for guests.    

Ideal Candidate

Self-motivated individuals that enjoy leading and motivating others with hard work and a positive attitude are the most successful employees at Drowsy Water.  We look for individuals that relish the rewards of hard work, enjoy working as a team and are willing to do more than is expected on a daily basis.  

Staff live and work with each other for around four months.  In that time, they form relationships that often last a lifetime. Staff members that get the most out of working at DWR are those that take an interest in our guests. Spending time with other staff is great, but spending time, even free time, with the guests is often more rewarding in the long run.    

While we have some internet and cell phone coverage, we find that staff who prefer spending time outdoors and exploring our beautiful surrounding mountains are those that get the most out of their time at DWR. 

Room and Board

Staff accommodations are bunkhouse or dormitory type rooms. Typically, 2-3 people per room (male and female separate) with shared bathrooms. Bedding is provided for those that are flying in and don't have room to bring their own. We do provide staff laundry services free of charge weekly.

Staff meals are typically the same as our guests eat and are provided 3 times daily in a separate staff dinning room. Snacks and refreshments are always available.  Special dietary needs can be accommodated.  

Employee Perks

Along with working in a beautiful location and meeting great people from around the world our staff are compensated with an hourly wage plus an equal share of ranch gratuities. Many of the positions work an average of 40-55 hours per week depending on position and we do pay overtime. Our staff also save during the summer by having low costs for housing, food, commuting, and laundry facilities.

We have quick access to some of the best hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding in the state.

Getting Here and Getting Around

The majority of our staff either drive themselves to the ranch, fly into Denver and take a shuttle, or ride AMTRAK to Granby, Colorado. Granby is the closest town to the ranch and has a grocery store, gas stations, restaurants, etc.  Denver is the closest major city and is about a two hour drive.  If you do not drive yourself to the ranch and need anything from town, you are more than welcome to ride along with the "town run" which is daily or to carpool with other staff members.  

For Fun

Along with all the ranch activities and amenities (horseback riding, rafting, pool, hot tub etc) we recommend staff enjoy the beautiful area and surrounding areas on their time off. We have thousands of places to hike, mountain bike and fish in the area including Winter Park, Grand Lake and Rocky Mountain National Park.

Our Jobs

Our season runs late May through mid-September.  We like most of our staff to arrive mid-May and be able to stay as late into August or September as possible. 

All wranglers and children's counselors a required to have CPR and 1st aid by the time guests arrive. 

Children's Counselor

Drowsy Water Ranch
We have two different children's programs at Drowsy Water Ranch and want counselors that have interest and enthusiasm for the group they work with. The Buckaroo Program is for kids ages 0-5 years and provides a day-camp type atmosphere that focuses on outdoor activities, basic horseback riding, small animal care, crafts, and games. The Buckaroo group is usually small, only about 3-5 kids each week. The Buckaroo Counselor is responsible for the kids when the parents and other family members are taking part in the horseback riding program or other ranch activities. Ideal candidate has experience and interest in working at day cares or preschool programs. The Rangerider Program is for kids ages 6-12 years. This age group is given a horse for the week and rides two times daily. The counselors for this group are responsible for programming when the kids are not riding. Activities include team building, hiking, archery, swimming, outdoor games, sports, songs, etc. Ideal candidate enjoys leading enthusiastically a group of 10-20 elementary and middle school aged kids. Counselors are also responsible for taking care of all petting zoo animals and ranch flowers, both activities that the kids enjoy to help with!

Cook's Helper

Drowsy Water Ranch
We make healthy, homemade food at Drowsy Water. Our kitchen prepares and serves 60-80 people three meals daily. Cook's helper is responsible for some breakfast preparation and service and assists the chef with lunch and dinner prep and service. Meals are generally family friendly and served family style or as a buffet. Many recipes and menus have been ranch staples for generations, others are new or open to new additions. Some cooking experience or interest is preferred.


Drowsy Water Ranch
We make healthy, homemade food at Drowsy Water. Our kitchen prepares and serves 60-80 people three meals daily. That much food creates a lot of dishes! We all pitch in to do dishes at DWR so we all understand how important it is. Our dishwasher works as part of our kitchen staff and is a very important part of the team at DWR!


Drowsy Water Ranch

Housekeeping Staff

Drowsy Water Ranch
We provide housing for up to 60 guests each week in nine cabins and a lodge. Daily housekeeping service is one of those behind-the-scenes jobs that is always much appreciated by both guests and ranch owners. Accommodations are small but tidy and clean. This is an active job that requires some lifting, bending, and walking.

Office Assistant

Drowsy Water Ranch
Our office assistant helps prepare weekly information sheets for our guests and staff, helps with reservations by answering the phone and emails, and makes other computer related signage for the ranch. Must have some knowledge of Word processing and Excel or Numbers.


Drowsy Water Ranch
We serve up to 60 guests three meals a day at Drowsy Water Ranch. Waitstaff are a key part to the dining experience at Drowsy Water Ranch. Because guests stay for a whole week, you get to know your tables throughout the week and form lifelong friendships with some of the folks you serve. We expect our waitstaff to set-up, serve, and clean-up from scheduled meals as well as help with other tasks around the ranch.


Drowsy Water Ranch
Wranglers at Drowsy Water Ranch are in front of our guests more than almost any other position. Wranglers are responsible for the care of our herd of over 120 horses and also for the safety and well-being of our guests when on rides in our surrounding mountains. Wranglers lead small groups (5-8 people) on rides through our surrounding mountains. Knowledge and love of horses, experience with horseback riding, and a genuine interest in people and teaching people about horses is a must. Our wranglers are one part cowboy, one part teacher, one part lifeguard, and one part entertainer.

Yard & Maintenance

Drowsy Water Ranch
Yard and Maintenance staff members make sure the ranch is looking and operating at its best. From daily clean-up around the grounds and pool, to building projects, yard maintenance, and fence fixing, we like our maintenance crew to be willing to work hard outside most of the day. Ability to lift heavy objects and work outside in various conditions is a must.

How to Apply

  • Do you enjoy people and like to serve people?
  • Do you value hard work?
  • Are you flexible and willing to learn? 
  • Do you want to help give our guests the best vacation ever?

If you answer the above questions YES, and if you feel you are an honest, friendly, and hard working person, then we'd like to hear from you!

Please complete and submit our online application.

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