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Guide Cycling Tours in Southeast Alaska!

Cycle Alaska has been operating bicycle tours for 23 years in Juneau, Alaska. It's our little gem, we love getting to ride bikes and share the beauty and history of Juneau with others! Guests Join us for a fun, scenic and active experience of Juneau, where we take them out to the Mendenhall Valley, hop on bicycles and explore on roads, bike paths, and trails through the Tongass National Forest.

Juneau, Alaska is located on the beautiful Gastineau Channel, surrounded by gorgeous mountains!

About Cycle Alaska

We are a small company working as a team to provide a great experience for our guests and we get to enjoy that same experience every single day. With a max of 24 guests on tour, you get a chance to talk with guests one on one and create a more personal experience for all. At the end of the day, our guides are swapping stories of all the wildlife they encountered along the route and the guests reactions to seeing Bears, Eagles and Whales, or the people they met and that one guest that kept cracking jokes and made them laugh the whole time. Every day is a different experience and each one adds to your summer adventures in Alaska!

The Employee Experience

At Cycle Alaska it is important to us that you enjoy your experience working and living in Juneau. We set up our schedule for the main part of the season for you to have the same 2 days off in a row every week. This allows you to make plans and enjoy your time off exploring around Juneau and the outer area. There is so much to do and see here, and we love being able to see new people go out and explore, its awe-inspiring even to the people that have called Juneau home for years. 

Our staff are really the ones that make this a fun place to work. Our Guides range in age from 15 to over 70 and all have vibrant enthusiastic personalities! It's a great crowd to be around and cultivates a wonderful culture of friendship. We hope you will join our team!

Ideal Candidate

Cycle Alaska is always looking for fun, outgoing and enthusiastic personalities to share our love of Alaska with our Guests. It's an important piece to being a successful guide, as you will be engaging with guests for up to 9 hours a day throughout the summer and need to have the same attitude on the first day and the last day of the season. 

Juneau Alaska is located in the Tongass National Forest which is a temperate rainforest that receives on average 60+ inches of rain a year. So when you hear it rains in Juneau, we aren't kidding, but that's what makes it a beautiful lush green forest and we love it! It is important that you know what you are getting into and will enjoy getting outside in the rain and having fun with it. It creates a lot of beautiful waterfalls for you and your guests viewing pleasure, so there are plenty of positives to take with it.  

Our ideal candidate will have a positive attitude, be a self-motivated team player, flexible with schedule changes and must be at work on time. Tardiness is not acceptable, tours must go out at their scheduled time, so arriving late to work cannot be tolerated. 

Room and Board

Cycle Alaska does not provide housing for employees, however, we are happy to share and pass along any housing opportunities we know of, as well as answer any questions you may have in your search for housing.

The best resources for finding housing are Facebook group: Juneau rentals and housing, as well as Craigslist.

Typically you can find a room in a house to share seasonally and may be able to set something up before you arrive in town, but don't be discouraged if you cant. People may prefer to meet you in person before committing to sharing space, so you may have to wait till you arrive to check a few places out.

There are local accommodations you can use in the interim such as a hostel, the Juneau Hotel and The Prospector, a couple of those also do long-term living you can use all summer. So you won't be stranded as long as you do your homework!

Employee Perks

  • We have a full range rental fleet that is available to be used by our guides when not being rented out! Whether you want to go out for a road cruise or go for a trail ride to Herbert Glacier, we will work with you to get you out and having fun.
  •  Our employees receive a discount in the shop on parts and accessories. Discounts on bikes are available after a minimum working length of time. 
  • We work with other tour operators doing industry trades which allow our employees to go on their tours at no cost (some may have a small fee for food/drink). You may have an opportunity to go on a whale watch tour, zipline or maybe even experience a Glacier trek! 

Getting Here and Getting Around

We suggest bringing your bike for commuting around town and exploring all that Juneau has to offer. A vehicle is a plus and provides a wider area for finding housing, but is not necessary. Juneau is a pretty bike friendly city and has bike lanes and paths from one end to the other. There is some public transportation, but it's a slow ride and not consistent in all areas. However, it is there for when it's needed and helps on some days for shopping and exploring. If living in downtown or West Juneau you can easily walk to our place of business.  

For Fun

Juneau is an all-around adventure town! With over 250 miles of hiking trails, your sure to stay busy trying to find your favorite one. With almost all of them being multipurpose trails, you can hike, run or bike, and expect to see dogs on the trail as Juneau is a super dog-friendly city.

Maybe you prefer being on the water? Bring your kayak with you (rentals may be available) and get out on the Mendenhall lake getting up close and personal to the Glacier! Or take it out on the ocean exploring close by islands and view Sea Lions, Humpback Whales, and other wildlife. Maybe drop a line in the water and catch yourself some dinner. 

Do you rock climb? We have a great rock climbing gym downtown for you to tackle routes and meet other climbers. There are also a couple outside climbing areas, it is a little limited but the Sea Cliffs are a beautiful spot for some rock climbing.

Juneau also has public forest service cabins that can be rented out for the night, as well as plenty of areas to go camping for the night or make a beach fire. If you like disc golfing there is a very challenging course in Auke bay!

Need to get inside and out of the weather? Don't worry there are plenty of Museums in town and some offer discounts if you work at Cycle Alaska! There are two indoor pools, three libraries, two movie theaters, a performing arts theater, lots of yoga studios, three gyms, two local breweries, one local distillery, and a few cafes to hang out in. Plenty of things to keep you busy and having fun around town! 

How to Apply

To apply for positions please email a cover letter and resume to Briana Swanson, Cycle Alaska's General Manager.

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