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The Best Summer Job in Colorado! Play, Teach, Learn and Live in the Mountains!

We strive to facilitate the development of caring, thoughtful and responsible human beings through creative programming on our 600-acre site and 3 – 5 day wilderness backpacking trips in the San Juan Mountains of Southwest Colorado.

Colvig Silver Camps is located near the historic western town of Durango, CO which lies at the base of the San Juan Mountains and the edge of beautiful desert canyon country.

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Colvig Silver Camps
Durango, Colorado

Seeking Wranglers to Lead Horse Program for Summer Camp in Colorado!


About Colvig Silver Camps

Colvig Silver Camps is a family owned, coed, residential summer camp. Our philosophy is community driven, non-competitive and choice-based, and outdoor oriented. It is designed to develop self-esteem, leadership skills, responsibility, and teamwork. We believe that the challenges of outdoor education, fun, and adventure provide some of the best opportunities to achieve this goal. A non-competitive, coed, choice-based, traditional residential program combined with the adventure of wilderness expedition in the Rockies. 40 years of fun, friends, self-determination, and physical, social, and emotional skill development.

As a small family-owned residential camp, Colvig Silver Camps focuses on outdoor education, appreciation, and personal growth in a non-competitive environment.  We use a balance of both in-camp activities and 3-5 day wilderness adventure trips in order to attain this goal. Through our in-camp activities, we strive to instill positive social skills. Leadership, cooperation, trust, self-confidence, personal responsibility, individual growth, and a sense of identity are at the core of our philosophy.

Together, our in-camp and out-of-camp activities work toward achieving our primary goal of creating caring, thoughtful, and responsible human beings.  We realize that every individual is unique and special in their own way and our program is designed to guide each person toward his/her own greatest potential.

The Employee Experience

The driving force behind what we do is our mission, "to facilitate the development of caring, thoughtful and responsible human beings."

After a summer working at Colvig Silver Camps, you'll feel like you have made a difference, you'll have made many new close friends, you'll have built upon your relational skills, you will have gained new wilderness skills, you'll re-discover your creativity, find new passions and you'll miss camp like you've never missed anything before!

It truly is a life changing job, and an experience you'll continually find yourself reverting back to as you continue in your personal and professional life!

Ideal Candidate

First and foremost we look for people of good character and integrity with a general interest and enthusiasm for working with kids in an outdoor setting. In addition, experience in childcare and/or wilderness pursuits is always a huge plus. 

The majority of our summer staff consists of college students between the ages 18 and 25. Typical majors include Education, Psychology, Outdoor & Experiential Education, Recreation, and Physical Education & Sports. Applicants are evaluated for formal experience with children, experience in the wilderness and other related experience.

Many of our staff have completed courses with NOLS, Outward Bound, the Peace Corps or similar college organizations. Reference checks, driving record checks and criminal record checks are conducted as a part of employment.

Room and Board

We provide room and board to all staff. Living quarters vary among staff and age groups. Counseling staff will live in a wooden cabin with 4-6 campers. Support Staff usually share a cabin with one other Support Staff member.  All cabins are rustic in nature and are quite cozy once staff add their personal touches. We have excellent cooks at camp and we feed our campers and staff very well over the course of the summer. When you are not in camp, you will be living and camping in the beautiful wilderness of the San Juan Mountains.

Employee Perks

  • Live, play and work in the great outdoors!
  • Gain new friends from all over the world.
  • Housing, meals, and laundry included.
  • Competitive seasonal salary.
  • Save money as a result of having very few expenses. 
  • Time off each week as well as a mid-summer break.
  • Bonuses for relevant certifications.
    • WFR = $300
    • WFA = $150
    • Lifeguarding = $150
  • Travel allowance included.
  • Seasonal outdoor "pro-deal" discounts.
  • Experience new parts of the country and go on active adventures!

Getting Here and Getting Around

Colvig Silver Camps is located approximately 10 miles from the city of Durango, CO. Most of our staff drive or carpool to camp, while others fly into the nearby Durango Airport (DRO). Since Durango is such a short drive from camp, many staff visit the town on their nights off by carpooling with fellow staff. We also offer a travel allowance. Travel allowance varies and is determined by the state that issued your ID and is conditional on the hired staff member completing their paperwork by the due date.

For Fun

  • Climb 13,000 and 14,000 ft Peaks
  • Hike the beautiful San Juan Mountains
  • Explore the stunning canyons of Southeast Utah 
  • See ancient ancestral pueblo ruins
  • Visit a Ghost Town near Silverton, CO
  • Have a blast in the small and historic western town of Durango, CO

Our Jobs

Our season is from May 31st to August 11th. All candidates must be available for this entire period which includes staff training from May 31st  - June 10th. Some positions have earlier start dates. Salaries range from $1950 - $3135, and higher for positions such Cook and Nurse for the entire summer and include room, board and a travel allowance. View All Summer Positions.

a. Head Counselor

Colvig Silver Camps
Their primary responsibility is to ensure the physical safety and emotional well-being of campers in their care. Specific duties can be broken down into three categories: living in a cabin with 4-6 campers; planning and leading traditional in-camp activities; and co-leading 3-5 day wilderness trips.

b. Assistant Counselor

Colvig Silver Camps
Provides supplemental leadership. Approximately one half of their time is spent with campers, and about half is spent doing the “grunt work". AC’s are the “backbone” of the camp, filling holes where and when needed in almost every area of the camp operation. Flexibility is the AC’s greatest asset.

c. Pathfinding Instructor

Colvig Silver Camps
Pathfinding Instructors are responsible for leading a group of 6-12 campers, grades 9-11, on a four week wilderness expedition through alpine terrain in the San Juan Mountains of Southwest Colorado.

d. Expedition Coordinator

Colvig Silver Camps
The Expedition Coordinator is responsible for planning menus, preparing and making food orders and packing food and equipment for all expedition trips leaving camp. This is a very time-consuming job and does not include going on trips or working directly with campers.

e. Head Wrangler and Assistant Wrangler

Colvig Silver Camps
The wranglers’ primary responsibility is for the safety and welfare of campers taking part in the riding program. Riding groups will typically include 4-10 campers and at least one counselor. Counselors will be responsible for managing camper behavior, enabling the wranglers to focus on instruction.

f. Arts and Crafts Coordinator

Colvig Silver Camps
The "Art Barn" Coordinator sets up for activities, leads activities when necessary and oversees cleanup. The Art Barn Coordinator is also responsible for keeping a running inventory of supplies, keeping craft materials and equipment operative and noting items to reorder.

g. Climbing Instructor

Colvig Silver Camps
Responsible for planning and leading all aspects of our rock climbing and ropes course programs. Including an in-camp climbing wall, several initiatives activities including our low ropes challenge course, a variety of in-camp rock climbs, day & overnight trips to various climbing areas.

h. Range Instructor

Colvig Silver Camps
The Range Instructor is responsible for planning and leading all aspects of our target sports programs (e.g. Rifle Shooting, Skeet Shooting and Archery). This includes range management, range safety and range commands as well as equipment inventory and routine maintenance.

i. Photographer

Colvig Silver Camps
Must be very mobile and thorough each day in order to get as many quality pictures of camp’s activities as possible. Should have experience using various types of cameras, photo editing software, basic computer software, as well as some formal training in photographic arts.

j. Cook

Colvig Silver Camps
Working with the other Chefs in the kitchen, prepping/cooking 3 meals/day for large groups (from 50 - 100+ people). Must have competent knowledge of food, cooking, baking, prepping, and menu planning. Commercial kitchen experience preferred. Childcare, summer camp and/or outdoor experience desired.

k. Nurse

Colvig Silver Camps
Must be an RN and able to work in the state of Colorado. We hire one full time, residential nurse and one substitute nurse to cover days off, busy days, etc. Our nurse position is tailored to provide the camp community with optimum health care in a unique environment.

How to Apply

Please fill out our online application and visit our website for more information.


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