Camp For All

The barrier-free camp where campers of all abilities come to Discover Life!

Serving nearly 11,000 children and adults throughout the year, Camp For All provides opportunities for campers to find hope, grow in self confidence and realize they are not alone. Discovering they are not defined by their challenge, they focus on what they “can” do.

Located in Burton, Texas in a tranquil setting, encompassed by lush landscape and rolling hills, the 206-acre campsite features more than 100,000 square feet of facilities, two lakes, nature trails, wooded areas and cleared areas for a wide range of activities. The smoke-free facility is fully accessible and designed to foster campers’ independence.

Jobs in the Spotlight

Live, Work, Play, Change Lives! Now Looking for the most creative and adaptable program instructors.


About Camp For All

Camp For All is a place unlike any other. Every day we strive to bring memorable moments into the lives of our campers. From the second they come thru the gate, we transform can’t do into CAN DO.  The limitations, reservations, and restrictions placed on them in their everyday lives have a chance to disappear here.  Through the help of our encouraging staff and our culture of universal programming, each camper can be successful at anything they try.  Campers come to camp and realize there are no-barriers to what they can be or do while here at camp. With endless possibilities here at Camp For All campers are able to Discover Life. 

 As the Program Team, we are in the front row of all the amazing things camp can do. We have the unique privilege of getting to help create those amazing moments. Through training, hard-work, role modeling, problem-solving, team-work and a passion for our mission, our staff excel at helping our campers grow in a multitude of ways. Our team is a collective of people whose experience may vary but whose love for camp is apparent in everything they do. While our facilities are amazing and our activities are great, it’s the program staff who really help set Camp For All apart as a nationally recognized leader in special-needs camping. Because we believe our campers deserve the best, we have very high expectations for our staff members. We look for people who thrive on high expectations and look to tackle each new challenge with a smile. 

Ideal Candidate

The key to our success is the caliber of our staff. Our staff create an atmosphere for growth and implement dynamic and meaningful programming. Their job is not for the faint of heart and thus we look for those who find joy making our mission come to life. 

At Camp For All, we look for dedicated and responsible people who aren’t afraid of hard work. People who have a swiss-army knife mentality, versatile and ready for anything. No day is ever the same here at Camp and being someone who is prepared and flexible helps bring out the best in the team. They are asked to teach a wide variety of activities which means their ability to adapt is one of extreme importance. 

It’s not uncommon to find our staff in a hot dog costume and singing “let it go” while washing dishes or with a face covered in bright colored, camper done, make-up while belaying campers up a rock wall.  Days can be long and tasks can be tedious, but we look for people who enjoy finding the “fun” at any moment. 

Program staff are problem solvers.  Whether leading an activity by themselves or working together to complete preparation for an evening program, new challenges arise at the drop of a hat. We look for people who can think outside of the box, who are able to listen and validate someone else’s idea, to find the flaws in their own ideas or willing to ask for help, all to find innovative solutions.

Our staff are like the players on the ‘92 dream team.  Like, Michael Jordan, David Robinson and Larry Bird, they are great individual players. But the magic happens when they are able to work together for a greater cause. Each season we look to assemble the greatest camp team ever assembled. 

Room and Board

Throughout each season our staff live in a community of their own called The Retreats. The Retreats at Camp For All consist of five semi-private living bungalows with prime yard space, a multipurpose clubhouse, and access to round the clock Wi-Fi.

Each Retreat has 4 bedrooms and 4 large baths, 2 of each flanking a communal living area. Each bedroom may house up to 3 Instructors at one time, with one bunk bed and one single bed in each room. The communal living area in each Retreat has a couch, armchair, coffee pot, mini-fridge, sink, and microwave.  

During off-time, Program Instructors have access to our Arts & Crafts kitchen equipped with two refrigerators, and two oven/stovetops to best suit their cooking needs. Along with the option to cook their own food in our Arts & Crafts kitchen, Program Instructors frequently have access to a plethora of delicious leftover Camp food provided by our Kitchen staff. During working hours, all meals are provided to Program Instructors. Outside of working hours Instructors may sign up for meals if the Kitchen is cooking for another on-site group. 

How to Apply

The all-important 1st step.

Follow the apply link below to access our employment applications on our website.  There you will find applications to our various open positions, including Program instructor. We’ll accept resumes as supplements to the application itself. Those can be emailed to 

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