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1661 Inn
Sunset views from the lawn at The Oar!
Summer 2022 front of house staff!
Rainbow over the lawn at The Oar!
Narragansett staff bartending a wedding
Inside dining at The Oar Restaurant
Nature trails along the South side of the Island
Bar staff with one of our amazing managers!
The Narragansett Inn
Catering at The Narragansett Inn
Beach Volleyball
Narragansett wedding
Scotch beach swells
Beautiful Sushi Take Out Order prepared by our Amazing Sushi Chefs!
Team sports
Guests with their decorated oar! People come from all over to see the oars displayed at our restaurant!
Our company animal farm and gardens
Expand your sushi skills with us this season!
Deck at 1661 Inn
Full Block Island Boat Basin located in front of The Oar
Always finding ways to have fun!
Race Week(2019) is always a blast!
Beach Volleyball Sunset

Spend The Summer On Block Island; Sun, Fun and Life Long Memories.

Discover Block Island’s unspoiled beaches, 200-foot bluffs, freshwater ponds, and lush rolling hills under a quilt of wildflowers. Our beautiful island is described by The Nature Conservancy as “one of the last 12 great places in the Western Hemisphere.”

Block Island is part of the U.S. state of Rhode Island and named after the Dutch explorer Adriaen Block. It is located in the Atlantic Ocean about 14 miles (23 km) east of Montauk Point, Long Island, New York. The island sits about 13 miles (21 km) south of the coast of mainland Rhode Island. The island is separated from Rhode Island by the Block Island Sound.

About Block Island Resorts

Block Island Resorts provides a very friendly and family-like workplace with a high employee return rate. Our staff is reliable, courteous, and professional. We offer competitive pay for all positions which is based on experience, availability, and ability.

The Employee Experience

Block Island is the perfect summer workplace for those of you that love the outdoors! It is filled with amazing like-minded adventurous young professionals who enjoy the beautiful beaches, recreational sports (basketball, softball, soccer, and volleyball), sailing, yoga, paddle boarding, spearfishing/fishing, surfing, farmers markets, arts, skateboarding, and amazing hiking trails throughout the island! Block Island is known as the Bermuda of the North and you'll understand as you hike along its stunning cliff trails. As well as when you discover the islands many secluded beaches for sunsets and swimming. We encourage our employees to enjoy all that the Island has to offer! Our work schedules enable all of our employees to have valuable time enjoying the island's beauty and meeting new friends. You will learn so much about the hospitality industry while working for our company! The islanders and returning workers are very welcoming and love embracing new friends to the group. Most days, they'll be found relaxing together at the beach, joining together for sunsets and nightly bonfires that follow.

"Working and living on Block Island is like nothing I've ever experienced before! The scenery is unlimited and the small island community feel is present. I have made many lifelong connections with friends who I've met on Block Island. The work is not easy at times but the results are satisfying and the memories you have at the end of the summer are priceless. -Humphrey, Server, Bartender, Summer '16-'24"

"It is a very different living environment that most people are not used to. The most exciting aspect of working at The Oar is the opportunity to meet new people. I have gained a ton of knowledge and a new perspective on the food service industry from this high-volume kitchen. Another perk of this job opportunity was building connections with other seasonal employers." -Anna, Kitchen Staff, Summer '21"

"I have worked at The Oar for the year 4 summers as a server and a bartender. I have learned a lot not only as a service industry worker, but also pertaining to myself. Each year continues to get better. I have made some lifelong friends and had some amazing experiences. The high volume tests you both mentally and physically, but I wouldn't change it for the world. I can't think of a better way to spend the summer." - Stephanie, Server and Bartender, Summer '18, '19, '21, '22, '23" 

"I just finished my first summer bartending at The Oar on Block Island and honestly, I can't wait for next summer to begin. I spent the summer working hard (about 7 shifts, 6 days a week), making money, and having an incredible amount of fun. The best part of time off has to be either the beaches, watching the sunset over the bluffs, enjoying different themed bar nights, and overall never running out of new adventures. I made friends from across the U.S. and around the world. I worked harder than I ever knew I could. The only downside was the housing although it is better and cheaper than other options on the island. Make sure to bring a fan (No AC allowed), heavy blankets (it can get cold), and cleaning supplies! Overall I had a great experience and am thankful to have become a part of the Oar family." -Natalie, Bartender, Summer '19, '20 & '21(Manager)

"My first year at The Oar has been nothing short of unique. The work is hard but very rewarding and the money is unlike any other serving job. The best part of my first year was becoming extremely close with every one of my coworkers. Do not be surprised if you leave Block Island with a second family from all over the U.S. and across the globe. Housing is the only disadvantage but you will be too busy making money and out on adventures to even notice. If you are looking for good money, great friends, and stories that will last a lifetime- this is the job for you! Come ready to work hard but prepare to have the summer of a lifetime!" -Lauren, Server, Summer '19, '20, '21, & '22

"It is a very different living environment that most people are not used to; there is very limited space. The most exciting aspect of working at The Oar is the opportunity to meet new people. I have gained a ton of knowledge and a new perspective on the food service industry from this high-volume kitchen. Another perk of this job opportunity was building connections with other seasonal employers." -Anna, Kitchen Staff, Summer '21

"The difference between when you first get to the island and the middle of the season is a shock. The work is stressful although the new people and experiences make it all worth it! The best part is that there is never a boring moment working at The Oar!" -Mel, Kitchen Staff, Summer '20

"Summer 2019 was my first season at The Oar and going to Block Island ever. I worked as a host and it was my first time working in a restaurant ever. I truly knew nothing at the beginning but learned a lot and fast. I asked a ton of questions (still do at the end) and never felt that any question was dumb (even when they were). I truly loved my experience because I made friendships that will last for life. Not to mention that I had plenty of time to go to the beach and explore the island. I would definitely recommend working at The Oar!" -Rebecca, Host, Summer '21

Ideal Candidate

If you are a positive-minded individual looking for the experience of a lifetime on beautiful Block Island, then The Oar team is for you!

Room and Board

Dormitory style rooms with shared baths are available. Non-tipped positions pay $85/week and tipped positions pay $150/week. A security deposit of $150 is required. Housing is only available for employees who are available to stay for the full season. 

Employee Perks

All staff recieve a fifty percent discount on food at all locations while working and a twenty percent discount when not. Room discounts for visiting family are available and vary depending on time of year and availability.

Getting Here and Getting Around

For more information about high-speed ferry service from Galilee (Point Judith) to the island, please go to
The high speed from Point Judith runs seasonally and drops off in Old Harbor.

To find out about traditional ferry service from Point Judith, Rhode Island, check out 
This year-round ferry service takes about one hour and drops off in Old Harbor. This is the only car ferry service to Block Island.

From New London, Connecticut, go to
This is a highspeed passenger ferry that drops off in Old Harbor.

New England Airlines:
Regular flights between Westerly, Rhode Island and Block Island

Montauk, NY (on the tip of Long Island) offers passenger ferry service in season to New Harbor.
Visit for more information.

Some staff bring cars and this is ok, plenty of parking. If no car it is strongly recommended you bring a bike, Great Biking!

For Fun

When you’re here, you’ll soon discover that the beach is everywhere and the only question is where to begin your exploration.

The Island’s 17 miles of beaches offer many choices. Within walking distance of the ferry landing is three-mile Crescent Beach, which is divided into three glorious parts: the Fredrick J. Benson Beach, Scotch Beach, and Mansion Beach, situated beneath cliffs and the stone walls of a vanished mansion.

The Greenway, a network of trails that wind for more than 30 miles, offers a peaceful retreat for the occasional stroller or the serious hiker.

The best way to tour Block Island depends on the visitor. Rent a bike, car or moped, jump in a taxi, or view your surroundings on horseback or foot!

If you are looking for something to do there is something for everyone. You can kayak, paddleboard, parasail, play tennis, basketball; go charter fishing, or relax on the beach. Maybe browse through our unique boutiques and galleries or visit the nightclubs for live entertainment.

There is something exciting for everyone, at every age, here on Block Island.

How to Apply

To be considered for employment all applicants must submit a current resume, references, and exact dates of availability. Our season runs from May to mid-October. Phone Q&A followed with a Skype or Zoom interview. All H2B Applicants must apply through MTL only. MLT Website Link 

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