Bitterroot Dude Ranch

The ranch is located on the border of the Shoshone National Forest

Spend Your Summer Working on the Bitterroot Dude Ranch!

The Bitterroot is the last ranch in a remote valley bordering the Shoshone National Forest and the Wind River Indian Reservation in Northwest Wyoming. We are quite close to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks.

About Bitterroot Dude Ranch


The ranch has more the character of a family farm with many hundred year-old buildings and varied livestock than a commercial guest ranch. It has been owned and operated since 1971 by Bayard and Mel Fox. Bayard worked overseas for many years while Mel grew up on a farm in the shadow of Mt. Kilimanjaro in East Africa. Their son, Richard, and his wife, Hadley, are now also involved in the day to day running of the ranch.

Although the Fox family works hard to make the ranch experience great for our guests we rely on our team of employees to make the ranch the special place that it is! 

Our season runs from mid-May to early October.

Ideal Candidate

There is a wonderful international mix of people who come here to work from many places and many walks of life, but they share a common love of this wild, beautiful country, the horses and the life style.

"Expectations and work loads are clearly defined and well thought out. The pay is excellent. Guests are from all over the world and quite often fun to talk to. The ranch itself is both peaceful and exciting."  – Melinda Wu (former team member)

Room and Board

Since we are 26 miles from the nearest small town, all the staff live in log cabins on the ranch and eat the same excellent meals as our guests.

Employee Perks

Tips payable as a bonus when the contract is completed.

Getting Here and Getting Around

We will pick up employees when they arrive in Jackson or Riverton.

For Fun

Hiking, riding, fishing around the ranch and visits to Grand Teton and Yellowstone Parks if you have or can share a vehicle.

Our Jobs

Assistant Cook

Work under the head cook preparing three meals a day. The sophisticated menu contributes to a great learning experience, but be prepared also for some repetitive tasks.

Head Cook

Responsible for running kitchen, including catering 3 meals a day for up to 30 guests and 20 staff, menu preparation and food orders. This is a wonderful opportunity for someone to get creative. The convivial atmosphere of the kitchen reflects its location as the hub of ranch activity.


Clean cabins, waitress lunch or dinner and take turns doing the dishes. Afternoons off or work outside. Wonderful opportunities for horseback riding or hiking.


Maintenance: Building and mending fences, cutting firewood, general ranch maintenance. Irrigator: Divert water onto pastures. Maintain ditches. For both positions employee must be motivated, a self-starter, work independently, and be accustomed to long hours of hard physical labor.


Lead guests on enjoyable and safe trail rides as well as work with young horses. Good communication skills and a strong work ethic are crucial. Previous experience with green horses preferred.

How to Apply

Please Note: Apply only if you are available for the whole season (from the end of May until early October).

Please email a resume, picture, references and indicate the dates you will be available.

*If you are applying for a wrangler position a riding video is also very helpful.