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The lodge
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The lodge
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Private Fly Fishing Club on the Legendary Beaverkill River

The Balsam Lake Club was founded in 1883 and is located on 5 miles of the Beaverkill River overlooking Balsam Lake, located in the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York. The location is magnificent. Hiking, fishing and kayaking are the primary outdoor sports. The Club consists of approximately 40 members, many of whom are over 50 plus some younger members with small children.

The Club is located in the heart of the Catskills and about 40 minutes north of Livingston Manor off Exit 96 on 17 west, about a 2.5 hour drive from New York City.

About Balsam Lake Club

The Balsam Lake Club was founded in 1883 and is located overlooking Balsam Lake which is a headwater of the Beaverkill River. It is located 14 miles north of a hamlet called Lew Beach in one the prettiest spots in the Catskills.  It is remote but magnificent. Hiking, fishing, and kayaking are the primary outdoor sports. There are very busy days (dawn till dusk) when members are present, followed by quiet times when they are not.  The season is from May 1st untill late October with a week on either end to open and close the club.

The Club consists of 40 members, many of whom are over 50 plus several younger members with small children.  and some members with teenagers. They are genuinely down to earth, relaxed, and courteous to a fault. They simply like being in the country, good fishing, good friendship, good food and good wine.

The clubhouse is rustic and sleeps about 12 people comfortably.  The Club’s electricity is provided by a water turbine generator, supplemented by a diesel generator at times of low water.  Members typically visit in groups of 6 – 8 at a time. These visits are concentrated on weekends and often extend across a long Friday – Monday weekend but can also include extended mid-week visits. Typically once a month during the season larger groups will stay at the club for an extended period up to five days that will include children.  Once a year there is an annual stocking event where 30-40 people will be at the Club for weekend festivities.  Certain members and their children will camp on the lawn while others stay in the Club itself.

The Chef and House Manager are free to pursue personal interests when not on duty cooking, responding to members’ needs and supervising the maintenance of the house. Quarters are provided in a separate apartment in the clubhouse which comfortably sleeps two people.  Internet and calling services are provided.

Note: While separate bedrooms are available to two independent staff members, this role is best suited to a couple given the housing configuration and the needs of the club membership.

Season: May 1st to late October

The Chef and House Manager report to the President of the Club and the Chairman of the House Committee. Our goal is to make sure every member’s experience is completely enjoyable and accommodating.

The Employee Experience

Joining the Balsam Lake team is a great opportunity (for a couple) chef + house manager team to continue to build their resume in a highly private fly fishing club setting. There are approximately 40 members of the club ranging in age from late 30's to the 90's.  Some members have younger children while others have grown children. Balsam Lake is situated in the Catskills and is one of the more picturesque settings in the United States. Balsam Lake Club in particular overlooks a private lake with extraordinary sunset views.  The club is family-friendly and takes great pains to make sure that young and old enjoy the Club as they wish to enjoy it and to that end certain weekends are reserved for members and their children over 14 years.  Other weekends are focused on family events, for example, the annual fish stocking weekend.  

The personal setting allows the chef and house manager to form good relationships with members on a one-to-one basis.

Ideal Candidate

Our ideal candidate for the Chef & House Manager positions is a couple.  We can accommodate two separate individuals but have found a couple is best suited to the Catskills experience.  Candidates should work well with people and be able to relate to members of all ages including children under 14.  

While the members are not picky with respect to their food choices, the Club is comprised of many sophisticated individuals who are well-traveled around the world.  

Room and Board

Room and board is provided on site in a private apartment adjacent to the lodge.  An ATV is provided for the use of the Chef and House Manager as well as the on site maintenance supervisor. 

Employee Perks

There are several perks to working at Balsam Lake Club.  First, the Club is situated in the heart of the Catskills which by itself is one of the major attractions given the hiking, biking, fishing and other abundant outdoor activities.  Second, The Club is only 2 hours from Manhattan and is in close proximity to other quaint towns and hamlets including Livingston Manor, Hudsen, Monticello, etc. Third, the position affords ample time for the Chef & House Manager to spend time outdoors and enjoy the Catskills.  Fourth, being situated on Balsam Lake and at the headwaters of the Beaver Kill River, simply staying on site is a treat all by itself.

Getting Here and Getting Around

We encourage candidates to bring their own vehicle in order to take advantage of the local sights and visit the surrounding area.  The Club does provide a stipend for work-related travel, for example, weekly trips to the grocery store and farmers market.

There is no public transportation in the surrounding area.

For Fun

There is an abundance of fun activities nearby. The Club is situated at the head of the Balsam Trailhead trail with several hikes nearby. The Club owns 5 miles of the Beaver Kill River with ample opportunities to fish. There are bike roads and trails. There are canoes on the lake adjacent to the lodge. There are lots of towns and hamlets to visit nearby. The Club is close to several major cities including Manhattan.

How to Apply

Please contact Peter Hunt at for more information. 

We will be interviewing candidates over the next three months and hope to make a decision by year-end.

There will be interviews with me, the President of the Club, the head of the House Committee, and one other member.

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