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Have a fun Alaskan adventure while working at a small restaurant located in the coastal rainforest.

Cordova is a small fishing community in Alaska. It’s located between the Copper River and Prince William Sound and is ONLY accessible by airplane or boat. The area is picturesque, with mountains meeting the ocean, covered in rainforest.

About Baja Taco

Baja Taco is one of the earlier taco buses, established in 1989. It was originally just an old bus, which was outfitted as a kitchen. We took a great idea, which was, to take a Baja style fish taco and use fresh Alaskan fish. The best fish in the world comes out of Alaska, so these are some of the best fish tacos you'll ever taste. Lots have changed over the years. With business picking up, a larger bus was purchased. Then in 2002, that bus was parked for good and a small cabin was connected to it. This gave locals a warm cozy place to hide from the weather while enjoying their food. The restaurant isn't the only thing that has grown, the menu is also larger. We offer delicious espresso drinks, baked goods, world famous milkshakes, a full breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu, beer and wine.

The Employee Experience

This job is a 40 hours a week job. The shifts are 8 hours long. The opening shift starts at 6am and the closing shift ends at 10pm. The staff is made up of 5-10 people, usual between the ages of 16 and 35, and there's always 2-3 people working at a time. This is a small, family-owned restaurant which means you'll be working closely with the owner. There are 2 positions, the counter person and the cook. You'll be trained to do both and then, work the position you are most comfortable with. The counter person takes costumer's orders, handles money, makes espresso drinks, milkshakes and smoothies, hands out food orders, run beers, washes dishes, and cleans. During busy times, 2 people split the counter job. This job is a 5 day a week job, which means 2 days off a week. Its a perfect fit for a person who wants to experience Alaska, but also needs to make money.

Ideal Candidate

This is a great job for a person who wants to experience Alaska off the beaten path. We are looking for a person that is dedicated to the Alaska summer work experience. Candidates need to be able to handle a fast paced environment and maintain great customer service. We expect you to be friendly, hard-working, honest, team-oriented, and clean. An outdoorsy person, who loves hiking and outdoor adventure, but also needs to make money, will love this job.

Room and Board

Housing in Cordova is very expensive and limited. As part of your wages, we provide housing. You will receive a small dorm style apartment. The small apartment is equipped with one bunk bed, one loft bed, linens/towels, a private bathroom, a small fully equipped kitchen, and wifi. You will share this apartment with one other same-sex employee and possibly a third person during the busiest months. This apartment is located right in town. You are perfectly located to walk almost anywhere. The restaurant is 6 blocks away. The grocery store is a 5-minute walk. And there is a trailhead 2 blocks away, that leads you up the beautiful Mt. Eyak.

Employee Perks

This job pays $10/hr plus tips plus end of season bonus. This job is a counter service job, tipping is not expected, however, many appreciative customers tip. The tips run on average $100 a week. Housing is provided at no extra charge. All employees are allowed one shift meal. At the completion of the agreed season, you'll receive a bonus of $2/hour for all hours worked for the season.

Getting Here and Getting Around

You'll be expected to provide your own transportation to Cordova, likely through Anchorage, Alaska. There are two commercial airlines that serve Cordova: RAVN Alaska Aviation and Alaska Airlines

Since there are no roads leading to Cordova, you do have to fly or take the ferry. Once you are here, the town is a very walkable community. Bikes are handy. I have a small inventory of loaner bikes for our staff.  

For Fun

Cordova is a fun place to be in the summer. The town fills with young people looking for seasonal work. To enjoy the summer, you must really enjoy the great outdoors because that's what we have to offer. There's endless hiking opportunity, camping, biking, kayaking, photography, and sports fishing.  The Chugach Forest is a hikers paradise. The District is nestled between the Copper River Delta and the southeastern end of Prince William Sound and covers approximately 2.3 million acres. Beauty and adventure surround this magnificent place. Hiking through this temperate rain forest is a dream. Most past employees have made friends and enjoyed spending time with them on little adventures, hikes, and bonfires.


How to Apply

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