AVA Rafting & Zip Line/Peak 1 Express

AVA is The BEST Outdoor Adventure Company! AVA's sister company, Peak 1 Express is a reliable and affordable transportation company in the mountains, that offers employment opportunities as well!

AVA strives to deliver the very highest level of guest service while bringing awareness and understanding of the surrounding wilderness to our guests. As leaders in our industry, we set examples in safety, professionalism, outdoor skills and guest service, while providing low-impact environmental recreation.

AVA Rafting & Zip Line Locations: Kremmling, CO - Idaho Springs, CO - Buena Vista, CO - Breckenridge, CO Peak 1 Express provides the highest level of guest service in the county and industry. From the moment we pick them up until they reach their destination, we provide exceptional customer service and hassle-free transportation. (Based out of Breckenridge, CO and Avon, CO)