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AVA is The BEST Outdoor Adventure Company! AVA's sister companies, Breckenridge Ski & Sport and Peak 1 Express offer employment opportunities as well!

AVA has established itself as a leader in the rafting and adventure outfitter business. From our guides and staff to outposts, equipment, trip offerings and level of service, we strive to set the bar at every turn. What could possibly be better than calling the great outdoors your office? Every day is an adventure in the outdoor industry, and every day with AVA promises lasting memories!

AVA Rafting & Zipline Locations: Kremmling, CO - Rafting, Stand-Up Paddle Boards, Inflatable Kayaks & More! (Colorado River) Idaho Springs, CO - Rafting, Ziplining, Via Ferrata & More! (Clear Creek) Buena Vista, CO - Rafting, Ziplining, Via Ferrata, Rock Climbing & More! (Arkansas River)

About AVA Rafting & Zipline

One thing we hear over and over from our staff is how much they love the AVA family. Each outpost has its own community and culture, and while things get competitive from outpost to outpost (who doesn't love a little friendly competition?), at the end of the day there's nothing we love more than coming together and celebrating our mutual love of the great outdoors. 

The Employee Experience

When you work with AVA...

You spend your work week using your amazing people & adventure skills to help others experience Colorado and create lifelong lasting memories that you played a HUGE part in, and then on your weekend you go on your own adventures! 

Whether you're enjoying the FREE adventure trips available to you just for being an AVA Rafting & Zipline employee, going on an outing to Red Rocks or winning an outpost volleyball competition, you are sure to create your own lifelong lasting memories both on and off the clock!

Redefine what it means to have another typical weekend, and join the AVA fam! 

Ideal Candidate

Why would you be a great fit for AVA? 

Do you love adventure?

Do our core values align with yours?

Do you already spend most of your time outdoors? 

Then chances are that if you answered yes to any of those questions, then AVA has your dream job just waiting for you at any of our three outposts in Buena Vista, Kremmling or Idaho Springs, CO. 

Take a look through the employment page of our website to search through our current openings and find your best fit here: AVA Rafting & Zipline Employment 

Room and Board

Well, Adventure Candidate, on this subject we have options. 

Buena Vista: Gold Camp is the on-site staff camping offered at AVA's Buena Vista outpost. Guides are responsible for a small contribution each pay check to offset guide lounge utility costs. Gold Camp is very close to the outpost so your daily commute will be minimal and the time with your fellow guides will be plentiful! 

Idaho Springs: Idaho Springs does not, unfortunately, offer any sort of staff camping. This outpost is our least remote option & is very close to Idaho Springs. Employees have the option to commute from brick & mortar housing in Denver or the surrounding areas or from camp sites of their choosing in the surrounding areas. Expect a 15 - 55 minute commute in most housing scenarios for this outpost. 

Kremmling: Kremmling is our oddball in between outpost. It is very remote and has camping in the area, but we do not offer any sort of staff camping. 

Employee Perks

One of the biggest benefits about working with & for such like-minded individuals is that the perks of the position are exactly what you want! 

  • YOU Get to be a Huge Part of Someone's Colorado Adventure!
  • The Summer of a Lifetime
  • Discounts for Your Friends & Family
  • Ability to Borrow AVA Gear
  • End of Season Bonus
  • Competitive Pay Rates
  • Employee Campground at the Buena Vista Outpost
  • Rec Center Access at the Idaho Springs Outpost
  • Gratuities from your Guests in Addition to Your Regular Trip Pay 
  • FREE Adventure Trips @ All 3 AVA Outposts
  • Year-round employment opportunities

How to Apply

Apply online via the link below.

Questions? Call Christina at 970-423-5191

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