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Alta Peruvian Bar
Alta Peruvian Bar
Blue bird day at Alta
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View of Mt. Superior from our parking lot

Live, Work, and Ski in Alta, Utah!  

The Alta Peruvian Lodge is located at 8,600 feet in Utah’s beautiful Wasatch Mountains, at the base of the world famous Alta Ski Area.

Alta, Utah

About Alta Peruvian Lodge

Alta is noted for its amazing snow conditions. Dry, fluffy powder may be found from November through April, giving Alta the best skiing conditions in the world.

The Alta Peruvian Lodge is a 72 year old rustic ski lodge with a warm, comfortable ambiance. We operate a hotel, restaurant, gift shop, ski rental and repair shop, and a bar. We are currently seeking hard-working, friendly people to join our staff for the 2020-2021 ski season. We see a lot of returning staff each year, but are always looking for new individuals to fulfill our needs.

Please be aware that our employee housing situation will likely need to be adjusted for whatever COVID-19 restrictions still remain in December.  At this time, it is too early to say exactly what changes we will have to make, but we will keep you posted on changes as they happen.

Ideal Candidate

We have many different types of jobs at the Alta Peruvian, from jobs that require a reasonable amount of training to highly skilled positions. It goes without saying that we are looking for hard working, motivated, and pleasant employees, working both in the public eye and behind-the-scenes.

What connects all of our employees is the fact that they are living and working in a (not too) remote ski area. Hence, our ideal candidates must be willing to embrace the seasonal, live-in lifestyle, which includes the ability to get along well with others living in close quarters. Also, (while not a requirement) an interest in winter sports and activities, especially skiing and snowboarding, is a definite plus as the Town of Alta does not offer much more in terms of activities. There is no “town” in the sense of restaurants, bars, and nightlife. The area primarily consists of the small handful of lodges that cater to their guests, so it can be a long season for someone who has no wish to venture out and have fun in the snow.   Many of our employees come to Alta with the intent of learning to ski, and leave at the end of year feeling like a seasoned pro!   

Room and Board

Most of our employees are “live-in” employees, meaning they are housed in our shared-room dorm facilities. Housing and meals are included as part of all live-in employee’s compensation, including all utilities. 

Employee Perks

In addition to their monthly salary and room and board, live-in employees receive a season pass to either the Alta or Snowbird ski areas, whichever they choose (about HALF of our seasonal employees last year were strictly snowboarders). A deposit is required for the pass, to ensure that employees complete their term of employment. Employees may also purchase an upgrade to a combined Alta-Snowbird pass (the two ski areas were connected by a new lift a few years ago).

Also, employees have access to two outdoor hot tubs, our outdoor heated swimming pool, our bar (a popular local's hangout for those over 21), and free WiFi service.

For Fun

Both the Alta Ski Area and Snowbird Ski Resort are within minutes of the Peruvian Lodge. Alta Has 2,200 skiable acres (it is a skiers-only resort), and Snowbird has 2,500 acres (for skiers and snowboarders). Our lodge has an outdoor heated pool and two outdoor hot-tubs that are accessible to our lodge employees. Also, Alta is located only about 30 minutes from downtown Salt Lake City, which has an abundance of other recreation, shopping, and dining activities.

How to Apply

Thanks for your interest in Alta Peruvian Lodge.  Please complete our online application.

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