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The most adorable co-workers you'll ever have
No miners were harmed in the making of this photo
Searching intensely for his college fund
Gentlemen, start your huskies!
Dining like a Klondike King
Come weigh your fortune
Prospectors in training
Allow us to take you on a trip down memory lane
What a lovely group of cast members
During our annual staff event, The Dredge Olympics, staff members compete in the highly competitive "Puppy Pull."
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Some leisure after a long day spent gold panning
Sometimes all you need is a friend to help you strike it rich

Work for the Ultimate Seasonal Adventure in Skagway, Alaska!

Bring the Klondike Gold Rush to life at one of Skagway's premiere and popular attractions!   We offer the best of Alaska and the Yukon all in one convenient location.

Skagway, Alaska at the top of Lynn Canal - the gateway to the Yukon.

About Alaska 360

In 1999, Klondike Gold Dredge LLC moved and restored a 1937 gold dredge from its working claim in the actual Klondike Gold Fields of the Yukon. The dredge is a 350 ton gold sifting machine brought back from the Klondike and reconstructed piece by piece on the shores of the Skagway River.  Guests are given a rare opportunity to learn the inner workings of the dredge and its role on the land and the people who toiled on it during its years of operation. In many ways, this dredge is the nucleus of our tour operations.

Guests are also given the opportunity to learn about the technique known as "gold panning" used in placer gold mining. Our guides provide an entertaining lesson on gold panning and guests are then offered to test their skills at our warm-water troughs.  We guarantee gold, and guests can get their gold weighed and made into an optional souvenir at the end of their experience in our gift shop.

In 2008, we added the Alaska Barbecue and Brewery to the property and the Klondike Gold Fields was established.  Guests can enjoy a variety of menu options including our buffet which offers various smoked meats and authentic Gold Rush delicacies.  We offer a unique selection of brews including our own soft drinks which we produce on site.  Guests can enjoy views of Harding Glacier, ships in port, and surrounding mountain views from our rooftop decks and patios. In addition, many interactive attractions, museums, and movies are available for both entertainment and education.

We further expanded in 2010 with the addition of our Gold Rush Sled Dogs tour which introduces the Iditarod Race to our guests and gives them an opportunity to watch and interact with our team and puppies. I mean come on, who doesn't love puppies? The experience was further enhanced in 2011 with the 40- Below Experience, allowing visitors to feel the extreme cold of the north.

Lastly, through our partnership with the historic White Pass & Yukon Route railroad, we provide an experience of a lifetime with our train tours. Guests are given a personal guide who will entertain them with stories of the Klondike and the building of this internationally renowned railroad. During this scenic journey, guests will see towering mountain peaks, enormous glaciers, and if they're lucky, the occasional brown bear. 

Over time, the Klondike Gold Fields continued to change and today has been renamed Alaska 360, mirroring our mission statement: to offer guests of all ages a unique mix of educational, interactive and entertaining tourism products, truly bringing alive some of Alaska’s highlights – all at one location: Alaska 360’s Dredge Town. 

The Employee Experience

Our Company Mission and Values

It is important for us as a company to have the mission and values we are all expected to share be stated clearly and embraced by all employees. We hold each member of the staff to the high bar these set and constantly strive to help one another achieve them.

Company Mission
We offer guests of all ages a unique mix of educational, interactive and entertaining tourism products truly bringing alive some of Alaska’s highlights – all at one location. Through excellence, we create exceptional and unforgettable experiences, every single time, all at an outstanding excursion value.

Company Values
Alaska 360’s nine Core Values represent the principles and beliefs that have guided our company throughout the years. These values are reflected in all of our employees' decisions and actions every day.

  1. Customer Orientation - For every single customer we are willing to go “the extra mile.” We “live” customer service, we focus on each individual customer’s needs, and we quickly resolve any type of complaints
  2. Excellence / Quality - We constantly strive to provide the highest quality of products and customer service, and show excellence in every action that we take
  3. Efficiency - Our work can be best described as practical, fast, focused, simple, flexible, and cost efficient, without ever compromising on quality
  4. Entertainment/Education - From the very second customers meet one of our staff members to their final farewell, we strive to provide them a well-balanced mix of information and excitement all around our products
  5. Flexibility - Going the extra mile for all customers requires everyone to adapt to both internal and external changes while maintaining all of our other core values. Flexibility in our way of thinking and in the way we operate is key for us.
  6. Dedication - It takes 100% dedication and passion to create a truly memorable experience for all of our customers and to achieve our company goals
  7. Cooperation - We trust each other and work cooperatively together to create the necessary synergies to achieve our objectives and reach our vision
  8. Staff Orientation - Our employee oriented company culture not only strives to address all their needs but helps them to grow personally and professionally on a continuous basis
  9. Openness - We share knowledge and information with each other, we are inquisitive and receptive to ideas, we give and receive constructive feedback, and we confront problems immediately and directly

Ideal Candidate

We are an innovative, fast-growing company guided by values that focus on teamwork, integrity, and respect for our colleagues and customers. We seek fresh ideas, new perspectives, a diversity of experiences, and a dedication to service that will help us better meet the needs of the many people and businesses that rely on us each day, so candidates who wish to contribute in this capacity are highly valued at this company. 

We are most interested in those candidates that have strong communication skills, and we believe this to be the most important trait to succeed at this company. Any staff member at Alaska360 will be expected to convey ideas or information to not only guests, but also other departments, tour companies, and cruise ship personnel. Those individuals who are outgoing and energetic, strong public speakers, customer service oriented, entertaining, and can communicate with little or no supervision, will do well here.

Those with a passion for learning and for sharing the history of our area with our guests will also thrive at our company. For this reason, those with a background in education will excel in a work environment such as this one. Especially for our guides, this means being able to work on their feet for extended periods in all weather conditions, wearing gold-rush period costume (check out Skagway's weather here), all while still maintaining a high quality of tour that provides the guests with an educational and entertaining experience.

Our staff must also be flexible in a constantly-changing work environment, as each day brings new challenges to overcome. Individuals must be able to learn new information and tasks, and respond independently to situations that may arise.​

Any skills that include acting, performance, magic, music, puppetry, juggling, etc are cherished here. We would love to provide you with an opportunity to craft your talents while you entertain our guests. If you have any woodworking, mural painting, carpentry, or landscaping skills, these are also valued as we are always striving to beautify our site. Any off the wall talent you might have could potentially find its home here at Alaska360. And finally, our preferred availability is May 1 thru the end of September and we are seeking candidates over the age of 21.

Room and Board

Alaska 360 offers rental housing for staff. All tenants share the kitchens, dining, living, and laundry rooms.  Most bathrooms are also shared. We pride ourselves in maintaining a “green,” energy-conscious site. Our rental fee includes heat, water, and a reasonable electricity budget which renters are expected to monitor and use judiciously. Washers and dryers are also provided at no cost to employees. Internet is not included by the company, but available at the expense of the employee. It is also offered for free at the public library, and cost effective hotspots are located throughout town. Housing options can vary from season to season as we have a few different housing locations. Staff should expect shared rooms. All shared facilities are non-smoking.

If you choose not to reside in employee housing, it is best to start looking for alternative housing at your earliest opportunity. The demand for seasonal housing is very high so apartments and houses can be quite expensive and difficult to find. 

Employee Perks

We offer a competitive wage and a substantial "retention" bonus to employees who complete their contracts in good standing.   In addition, tips can be earned by the employee.  When possible, we try to schedule employees two consecutive days off a week to enjoy the local area. We provide our employees with complimentary tickets on our tours for friends and family. We have reciprocal touring agreements with many local companies so our employees can experience other local tours at a reduced rate. We also have a company wide employee event held once a month during the summer to show our appreciation for our staff. Our employees enjoy discounts on items in our gift shops and at our restaurant as well.

Getting Here and Getting Around

Getting here: You have three choices – Air, Land, or Sea….

By Air: The closest major airport to Skagway is Juneau, Alaska, and the only two major airlines presently flying into Juneau are Alaska Airlines, and Delta. Once there, you can fly to Skagway on a 45-minute commuter flight using Alaska Seaplanes which flies to Skagway each day, weather permitting. The Alaska Marine Highway ferry also makes weekly runs between Juneau and Skagway, which is a less expensive option. The Alaskan Marine Highway ferry terminal is about a four mile cab ride from the Juneau airport.

By Land: If you are traveling by car or an RV, you'll join the growing number of visitors who travel the Alaska Highway each year. Skagway is only 110 miles south from the Alaska Highway, via the South Klondike Highway. The lakes of the Yukon and British Columbia that you'll pass along the way are the headwaters of the great Yukon River. This modern two-lane highway is an easy scenic drive.

By Sea: Skagway is the northern terminus of the Alaska Marine Highway System. A fleet of modern, car-carrying vessels serves all of Southeast Alaska. Northbound travelers can access the system at Bellingham, Washington and Prince Rupert, British Columbia. Each vessel has an observation lounge, bar, cafeteria and a solarium where camping is allowed free of charge. Mainline vessels also feature stateroom accommodation. Upon your arrival in Skagway, someone from our staff will be there to greet you and bring you to Alaska 360’s housing and our site, Dredge Town.

Once here, a car isn't necessary unless you want to venture out of town.  You can easily get around on foot or by bike.  The city bus, SMART, also offers an affordable option for our employees for commuting to and from work.

For Fun

Along with staff gatherings, employees will enjoy a multitude of activities in and around Skagway.  There are over a dozen hiking trails within city limits, including the historic Chilkoot Trail, and these cater to all levels of experience.  Sports enthusiasts can participate in the local softball league and various other athletic events throughout the season.  Fitness buffs can join the recreation center and take advantage of various classes and group sports along with use of the gym. And if you enjoy a night on the town, we have quite the night life with karaoke, dance nights, and live music.  

The town celebrates many events during the summer, such as Solstice and Independence Day.  Local businesses put on events of their own such as Spring Stroll, Rhubarb Festival, Blues Brews and Barbecues.  You can easily visit nearby Haines for the Southeast Alaska State Fair and their annual Brew Fest.

Additional activities include wildlife viewing, camping, fishing, rafting, horseback riding, climbing, and photography to just name a few.  Staff is encouraged to take advantage of the ferry system and local tour operators to get out and experience all Alaska and the Yukon have to offer!

How to Apply

Visit our website to see more of what we do and email your resume to to get an application. Online interviews will be granted to suitable candidates.

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