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This is why we're here!
Come experience Denali from our perspective
Every seat is a window seat
Denali, the star of our show!
Riverview of the Alaska Range at the end of main street
Team building when the weather is poor
Main Street Talkeetna in the snow
5 Otters on the Pika Glacier, a busy day!
Dispatch team overnight trip
Fly day, fun day!
Having fun on the job
I moosed you!
Just hanging around
Just moosing around.
K2, a man who loves the van, next round ready to go!
Pilot meeting on the glacier!
Rain day.

Imagination is the only Limit! K2 Aviation is a family owned and operated flightseeing company in Talkeetna, Alaska, a prime destination for tourists and outdoor enthusiasts.

K2 Culture-Safety first, fun a close 2nd. Gain valuable insight into tourism and the aviation industry. K2 operates a mixed fleet of wheel/ski fixed wing aircraft - up to 50 flights a day! Guests arrive from all over the world to gain access to Alaska's amazing backcountry, especially Denali, the highest peak in North America and are surprised to leave with much more than a great view.

K2 Aviation is located in Talkeetna, Alaska 100 miles north of Anchorage. Talkeetna is known as "The Gateway to Denali" and offers an abundance of outdoor opportunities for locals and visitors. In this Artisan "Boho" town most everything is within walking or biking distance. Talkeetna is great for people who like the outdoors and a small town feel.

About K2 Aviation

K2 Aviation is a respected and familiar name in aviation, in the climbing community, and the tourism industry, having provided Talkeetna flightseeing tours and air taxi services since 1979. K2's experienced and professional staff has earned a solid reputation for excellent service and safety.

Guests from around the globe experience Alaska's wilderness with a K2 Aviation flightseeing tour of Denali and the other magnificent peaks of the Alaska Range. From Talkeetna, the dramatic features of the Alaska Range - glacier-filled valleys, rugged peaks, and towering mountains - can be explored with a variety of flightseeing tour options. Showing guests Denali, the highest peak in North America is what we are known for. 

K2 operates a mix of fixed-wing aircraft including Cessna 185s, de Havilland Otters, and Beavers as well as a Piper Cherokee.

The Employee Experience

The sky is the limit! Your experience here will be whatever you make it. Employees say working for K2 is unforgettable, amazing, enlightening experience. Expect small airplanes and a small town, big hearts and big wilderness. Also, tourists. They are all around us.

K2 Aviation runs a professional operation with a focus on safety. We also work in tourism and like to make things fun. Guests come from around the globe to fly in K2's small aircraft to get closer to North America's highest peak, Denali. You get to be part of that experience. Most jobs intertwine in one way or another and you will get a glimpse at several different parts of the operation. Teamwork and a positive attitude result in a rewarding and enjoyable workplace.

Employee on the job training takes place during the first week or two of your summer job. Your supervisors will be working with you daily performing a lot of the same tasks as seasonal staff. They are available to help you at any time.

Smiles are easy to come by and this is truly a place where memories are made!

Ideal Candidate

We are a friendly and social group around here. All of our jobs are interlinked one way or another and the energy, synergy, and pulse of the place becomes part of who we are. The ideal candidate will come to understand this. A good attitude and a great work ethic will put you right into the fold. Our team is made of a mix of first year employees with a varying degree of returners. While you’re at work, be ready to be your best self. Be ready for new experiences. Be ready to smile. Be ready to work hard, Be ready for sunny days, be ready to be the one with a fresh joke when we’re going on day 3 of rain. We are in a small town and a lot of people say that being in Talkeetna is like being at summer camp. Be prepared for that. Outdoors and a small touristy town is what you’re going to get when you come here.  We hope you’re ready to explore Alaska!

Room and Board

Small cabins and rooms for rent in Talkeetna are available. K2 will help with locating options but is not responsible for providing housing.

Employee Perks

K2 Aviation offers employees a fair wage and a fun and friendly atmosphere for a summer job.

  • Standby flights on any of our tours (Typically one FAM flight is  included as part of our training process, the rest is up to you during your time off)
  • Use of employee lounge 7am-9pm daily, free wifi, employee showers, kitchen, Laundry $3 wash/dry
  • Small K2 clothing allotment
  • Discount on merchandise at K2 Gift Shops
  • Use of company bicycles (first come/first served)
  • Tons of free tours/discounts offered as reciprocals with our friends in tourism

These are just a few of our employees' favorite things!

Getting Here and Getting Around

Go north on the Glenn Highway (AK 1) approximately 34 miles. Take Parks Highway (AK 3) approximately 64 miles. Turn right at the South Talkeetna Spur Road and travel approximately 13 miles. Turn Right at the sign to Talkeetna State Airport. Take a right on Second St. Once you drive over the railroad tracks, you'll be able to see the airport. K2 Aviation will be on your right-hand side. Talkeetna State Airport Talkeetna, AK 99676 Call Us: 907-733-2291

Upon accepting a job offer you will receive a welcome packet with different options for getting to Talkeetna, Shuttles, motorcoach, ride with another employee, ride the train from Anchorage to Talkeetna. We try to include contact information and pricing info when we can. 

Most places in Talkeetna are within walking distance. We have several bicycles for employee use as well. If you have a car, you'll be able to expand your exploration opportunities, although you don't need one to make it through the summer. 

For Fun

Talkeetna offers a wide variety of activities for your off time. The area is flush with trails, lakes and rivers. Hiking, biking, fishing, rafting, kayaking, bonfires and camping, canoeing, SUP are all popular activities. You'll also find several employees flying in their free time or swimming in the local lakes. Bring your camera because Talkeetna is a great place for photography.

Local vendors include guided fishing, rafting, ATV rentals, bike rentals, SUP rentals, horseback riding, hiking, and climbing. Discounts and comps are available at several companies for K2 employees throughout the state for excursions and lodging in other remote Alaska towns.

You will find a plethora of artists and musicians here as well with live music in the park most Friday nights. 

How to Apply

Keeping you happy and healthy during the Covid pandemic.

Please apply online via the link below. 

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