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~Make memories to last a lifetime and build your 21st century skills, all while enriching the lives of our campers~

Our 2023 season runs from June 11 to August 11, with some specialized jobs starting earlier.  Apply today!

We are located in the beautiful northwoods of Minong, Wisconsin

About Birch Trail Camp for Girls

Do you want to make a positive difference in the lives of children and work in an environment where you can explore your own potential? Then Birch Trail is the place for you! You'll get to enjoy a fun, safe, non-competitive summer camp environment with almost every activity imaginable. Working at Birch Trail gives you the opportunity to gain leadership skills, meet people from around the world, spend your summer outside, and have a great time while you earn money. We also offer internships! We'll work with you to develop a project that you can submit to your adviser for credit. 

Birch Trail is a traditional summer camp for girls aged 7-15 located in Minong, Wisconsin. We provide a safe, fun, and non-competitive summer camp environment for 200 campers and 100 staff. While in camp, the girls have the opportunity to do a wide variety of activities, including climbing, canoeing, sailing, swimming, tennis, water skiing, land sports, horseback riding, arts & crafts, dance, yoga, and drama. All staff members also have the opportunity to use the camp facilities and enjoy all that camp has to offer. Our staff members regularly describe their experiences working at Birch Trail as “the summer of a lifetime.”

One of the hallmarks of a Birch Trail experience is our extensive wilderness trip program. All Birch Trail campers go on trips ranging from overnight to eight-day camping trips in the upper Midwest and Canada, including the Boundary Waters Canoe Area and Isle Royale National Park. 

If you love working with kids and working in the outdoors, Birch Trail is the perfect place to spend your summer! Gain 21st-century skills with experience that will help you stand out. 

The Employee Experience

The hardest job you'll ever love, working at Birch Trail will offer opportunities that are hard to find elsewhere. You will be selfless as you put the needs of your campers first, and you will love doing it! We want you to have as much fun as the campers, as long as you're keeping them safe and healthy. Camp creates lifelong friendships and bonds while shaping your future and enhancing your marketable skills. You'll work on oral communication skills with peers and children, grow your critical thinking skills, use your creativity like never before, learn how to collaborate with your best friend and with people you don't always agree with, take on leadership roles and develop your interpersonal skills-all while working in the beautiful Northwoods of Wisconsin. 

On your in-camp time off, take advantage of all the things camp has to offer too! 

Ideal Candidate

We are looking for people who are sincerely interested in working with children, ready to work long hours and keep their energy high, and are looking for a summer of a lifetime! We want staff members who are patient, understanding, sensitive, and nurturing. These intangible qualities are hard to find and harder to measure. Our commitment to excellence offers no shortcuts when it comes to our campers' physical, emotional, and social needs. The hardest job you'll ever love, working at Birch Trail will offer opportunities to get back to nature, make lasting friendships, earn valuable career experience, and—best of all—have tons of fun!

How do you know if you are right for camp? We are looking for people who really love to be and work with kids, and are ready to work harder than they ever have before! What if you're great with kids but you don't know what you could teach for activities? No Problem! We can teach you how to sail or how to make a clay pot, but we can't teach anyone how to truly accept, support, and nurture a child.

Room and Board

We live in cabins; some are new and some are older, though they all share a few things in common: all have bunk beds, a place to sit and read, a beautiful view, and a whole lot of character. Cabin Counselors have space separate from the girls that is most commonly divided by a wall. All specialty staff lives in staff housing and though they may not eat with a cabin, they are still expected to attend all meals. When time permits, specialty staff participate in other camp programs and tasks.

Employee Perks

Salaries are very competitive and based on the individual applicant’s experience. Great paid internship opportunities are also available. Compensation packages include room & board plus a travel stipend. Additional salary bonuses are available for certain certifications and for additional weeks worked either before or after the camping season.

Getting Here and Getting Around

Birch Trail Camp is located in northwestern Wisconsin, in a small town called Minong.

We are approximate 2 hours northeast of Minneapolis/St. Paul, 5 hours northwest of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and 6 hours northwest of Chicago.

We provide a travel stipend (included with salary) to help you get to and from camp. The amount varies depending upon where you're coming from.

For Fun

While in camp you are going to be pretty busy! So when can you relax? Well, every staff member will get six full days off (8:00 am to 12:00 am the following morning) during the camping season. For a number of reasons, these days are assigned. First, it is important that we make sure cabin and activity areas are always covered. Second, it makes it easier for you to plan your time off with other staff members. This system also works well when you want to have someone visit you during the summer. Any special circumstances that might take you out of camp, such as a wedding, during the season? If so, please let us know right away! You will also have six nights off (5:00 pm to 12:00 am) which you can choose during our weekly Wednesday evening staff meeting.

But wait, there's even more free time for you! During some cabin clean-ups and rest hours only one counselor is needed in each cabin. You and your co-counselors can rotate this responsibility so that you'll have a chance to go for a run, hike, bike ride, swim, sail, paddle or do something else! What was that about biking? Our five mile biking trails are fantastic! Many staff bring or ship their bikes to camp and you should too, the trails are great!

How to Apply

Please click APPLY HERE to view many more details and when you're ready, complete our online application:

International staff are invited to contact us at any time, and then apply through a visa-issuing agency that we work with. 

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