Mount Rainier Guest Services

Spend Your Summer in Paradise!

Mount Rainier Guest Services operates Paradise Inn, Jackson Visitor Center (Paradise), National Park Inn (Longmire), and Sunrise Day Lodge. This is inside concession work involving food service, gift shops, and lodging.

Beautiful Mt. Rainier

Our main operating season is mid-April through early to mid-October.

Employment with Mount Rainier Guest Services is an excellent opportunity to work in
an area of pristine mountain meadows, streams, canyons, lakes, rivers, old growth forests, and glaciers. It is also an opportunity to meet employees and guests from all over the world. Let us warn you, however, that while life in the mountains is invigorating both physically and mentally, work with Guest Services is hard and serious. It is no easy task to provide meals, accommodations, and other services to over two million visitors each year.

Staff at Mount Rainier

Our Jobs

Food and Beverage, Retail, Bell Staff, Front Desk, Driving Jobs, Accounting, Security, Laundry Operations, Housekeeper, and Seasonal Supervisory

Big tree within the park

Room and Board

Employee housing has Wi-Fi capability!

All Rainier Guest Services (RGS) housing is non-smoking and no pets are allowed.

Glacier Dorm in April

INSIDE the park: Rustic dorm rooms are available at a payroll deduction of $40 per week per person for rooms with 2-4 persons. All dorm rooms involve two or more persons per room with shared bathrooms. Rooms are gender segregated meaning we do not have co-dorm rooms; exceptions are made for managers with single housing privileges. Room inspections are conducted regularly to check for cleanliness and safety compliance.

Women's dorm room

OUTSIDE the park: Limited modern shared housing is available outside the park at our RV location at a weekly summer payroll deduction of $60 per person. No meal plan is available at the housing outside the park. Free shuttles running on a set schedule will take you to and from work. However, employees must be able to provide their own transportation to and from grocery stores, etc as there is no public transportation. There are no facilities for children or pets in company-provided housing. 

Outside View of Ashford Housing

RV SPACES: RV spaces with full hookups are available at the Ashford complex, outside the park, at a payroll deduction of $60 per week / per site. RV’s must be self-contained with showers and bathroom facilities. You may arrange for telephone hookups and satellite TV dish. Groceries and sundries may be purchased at a convenience store in Ashford but most people make a weekly run to Eatonville, 30 miles away. Well behaved dogs and cats, under thirty pounds, one pet limit per RV space are allowed but must be exercised on a leash, not be left outside unattended, and must be cleaned up after.

EMPLOYEE MEALS: are served in Employee Dining Rooms (EDRs) in the operating units. Strict vegetarian diets cannot be accommodated. An automatic payroll deduction of $55 per week will be made for those employees living in park dorms. There is no cooking allowed in dorm rooms.

End of Season Dinner

LAUNDRY FACILITIES: We provide laundry facilities at no charge inside and outside the park and at the RV site. We provide soap at laundry facilities inside the park only.

Getting Here and Getting Around

Employees need to arrange their own transportation to and from the Park. Free transportation at the beginning and end of employment dates is available from Seattle beginning early-May. Those with earlier arrival dates can be picked up from the Greyhound bus station or the Sea-Tac airport. The Ashford office must be contacted for arrangements.

Getting Around Please note that there is no public transportation within the park.  Employees may ride the free company shuttle that makes trips between Ashford, Longmire, and Paradise throughout the day, however, employees riding to/from work have priority over employees on personal time.  Shuttles are on a fixed route and schedule and may not deviate from that.


For Fun

Part of the enjoyment that comes from a summer job in a National Park stems from the changes in life style represented by working in rustic surroundings. If accepted for employment, you will be working in the mountains over 60 miles from the city. Our facilities are more rustic than those in the city and, because of the remoteness of our location; we have fewer of the conveniences to which you have become accustomed.

Sunrise Crew

The possibilities for hiking, climbing, fishing, and photography are almost limitless. Year-around skiing and snowboarding is available to those who want to hike to the year-around snowfields. The National Park Service will have an orientation meeting at the beginning of the season to acquaint our staff with hiking safety and laws within the Park, and park Service rangers are available throughout the season for hiking advice. Other activities may include movies, picnics, pool, volleyball, and day trips to surrounding Washington attractions.

Narada Falls

Special Consideration

Some of our operations are as high of an altitude of 6400 ft., which can affect heart and respiratory conditions. As our season gets underway in May and June, there could be 15 ft. of snow pack and it can snow anytime! The weather will be cold and wet at times even during the height of summer.

How to Apply

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To increase your chances of being hired:

  1. Show the exact dates you are available.
  2. Please be realistic about your job choices. Your chances of being selected increase if you are willing to accept a Housekeeping, Snack Bar, or Kitchen Utility position as there are more of these positions than any others.

Our contact information is:

Rainier Guest Services

PO Box 108, Ashford WA 98304

360.569.2400 x1104

Mountain Goats on Mt. Rainier

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Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter

Housing: Dorms and RV Space - Other

Staff Size: 250

Age Requirement: Minimum age of 18

Location: Washington