Pantry/Line Cooks
Zion Mountain Ranch

Farm Restaurant near Zion Park Seeking Creative Cooks

A ranch setting by Zion National Park


Pantry/Line Cooks

Zion Mountain Ranch
Previous experience required
Start Date:
Job starts immediately! (Mar 18, 2017)

Work at Cordwood near Zion National Park and enjoy all that Southern Utah has to offer. We are looking for cooks with a passion for creating healthy, delicious food dishes with herbs and vegetables grown directly in our on-site garden.

This person is responsible for carrying out the creation of recipes designed by our Farm Chef, as well as other responsibilities under his direction. We are a farm-to-fork establishment with an emphasis on local, organic suppliers wherever possible. Our establishment caters to couples, families, and large groups from around the world who are looking for memorable meals. Experience with this type of food preparation is desired, but not necessary if you are open to learning new preparation methods.

The ranch expects its staff to maintain high standards in grooming and congeniality. The resort maintains an illegal drug and alcohol abuse-free environment, and we do drug testing. Housing is part of the compensation, or free hook-ups for your own RV are available.

How to Apply

Email us your resume, the position you are applying for, along with a cover letter explaining why you are interested in this position.

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