Yellowstone Park Service Stations Inc.

Work and Play in Yellowstone National Park This Summer!

YNP = Yellowstone National Park = Yellowstone Park Service Stations (YPSS.) We have roots and history here along with being a family owned business. We are very proud to have operated in this pristine ecosystem since 1948. To quote what is often said: "the season of working for YPSS in Yellowstone was the best summer of my life." Feel free to reach out to see what this magic is about............

The Greater Yellowstone EcoSystem provides amazing diversity at every location. We have 7 locations spread out through the Park including our sister location and main office at the North gate in Gardiner, MT.

About Yellowstone Park Service Stations Inc.

Make Yellowstone National Park your backyard for the summer! As a team member with Yellowstone Park Service Stations (YPSS), you will be living and breathing the Park along with contributing to the long-term success and viability of the Park. We are on the frontline with Park visitors along with impacting many folks in a positive way.

Yellowstone Park Service Stations (YPSS) is the oldest concessioner in Yellowstone National Park. We are a small employer and want to stay that way.  We offer some of the best summer jobs working at our convenience store facilities and automotive towing/repair shops. Lives change when folks work for us.  Eyes and ears are opened.  Hearts are softened by the beauty of Yellowstone.  New friends become part of your lifetime Yellowstone fan club.  A sense of purpose will arise daily whether helping the Park visitor with stewardship or assisting with their purchase for their once-in-a-lifetime vacation.  To live and work in the Park can be a life-changing experience.  Are you ready for a change?  

Want to increase your chances of being a successful applicant?  Submit a complete application.  Take your time. Remember this will be the first impression we have of you.  Provide work and personal references.  Give us your maximum dates of employment.  Our peak season is really early June through the end of September.  The longer you can stay, the better your chances are to obtain employment.  

Room and Board

Working for YPSS you will enjoy the benefits of highly subsidized housing. Living in the dorms is only $3.50 per day and is charged via a payroll deduction. This also includes utilities such as electricity, heat, water and sewer.

You may also participate in an employee meal plan. You can get three meals a day at the employee cafeteria for $11.50 per day. This is also handled as a payroll deduction.

All of our dorms are within walking distance of the work location. This makes for a nice stroll in Yellowstone to get to work. Private dorm rooms are limited and sharing a room with another awesome employee is a strong possibility. All housing (including work location) is assigned by YPSS.

Quick list of dorm benefits:

  • Highly subsidized
  • Meal plan option
  • Walking distance to work
  • Free laundry facilities
  • Free utilities (electrical, water etc)
  • Free WiFi Internet HotSpot for employees
  • Making friends you may have for a lifetime
  • Living in Yellowstone National Park!

YPSS does have a limited number of RV/trailer sites. The daily charge for these sites is approximately $10.75 per day plus utilities such as electricity and propane. Please contact us to check on the availability of these sites.

Employee Perks

  • Yellowstone National Park = Your backyard
  • Volunteer opportunities to make an impact from trail maintenance to fisheries to wildlife management
  • Yellowstone Wildlife = Nature Sanctuary 
  • Two days off per week to explore the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem
  • Geysers, geysers, geysers!
  • Discounts on fuel and retail items at YPSS stores
  • Hiking, biking, and boating opportunities
  • Discounts at some other stores in the park and at some gateway businesses
  • Trout fishing paradise  
  • Seasonal Employee Health Care Program
  • Camping
  • Photography Bliss
  • Yellowstone Employee Recreation Program
  • Birder's paradise
  • Living and working with people from all around the country
  • Helping visitors from all around the world
  • Having a summer adventure you will never forget!

Getting Here and Getting Around

If you have the means to bring your own vehicle, we would encourage it.  This Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem is massive!  There is so much to see and do.  However, we have multiple employees every year who use public transportation to get out to the area and they still have an amazing summer even without having their own vehicle.  Usually they get around the Park with their new co-workers and friends.  

All of our work locations are within walking distance from your housing location.  Even if you have a vehicle, we will encourage you to walk to work as part of being a good steward.  Bike paths are present in some developed areas.  However, we typically don't encourage the use of bikes on the narrow/high-traffic main roadways due to public safety concerns. 

If you decide to take public transportation to the Park to begin your new adventure, please talk to us and we will walk you through your options.  There is really no public transportation within the Park.  

Don't worry!  We will guide you through the process.  Just ask if any questions arise.  

For Fun

Work/Life Balance = YPSS and Yellowstone.  Yes, we know that term is overused, but we believe it.  We have expectations when you are on the clock with us, but we are HUGE advocates of playing in your backyard as much as possible.  With set, consistent days off, you will be able to explore this 2.2 million acre National Park.  

Yellowstone is magical place. You will be living in some of the best country in the world for hiking, backpacking, whitewater rafting, fishing, rock climbing, geyser gazing, wildlife viewing, mountain biking and more. Whether you want to sit by a quiet stream and write in your journal, hike to the peak of a mountain, see a rodeo in a nearby town, or just hang out with new friends, Yellowstone has something for you.

Working with YPSS, you will also have access to the Yellowstone Co-op Employee Recreation Program. Activities include group hikes, educational seminars, gear rental, talent shows, and Park-wide leagues in basketball, volleyball and softball. To see what they provide, you can visit their website,

How to Apply

Complete an application thoroughly.  References will be checked so provide requested information. Contact us with questions or concerns.  

Contact Yellowstone Park Service Stations Inc.