Yosemite Family Adventures

Looking for responsible, outgoing nature lovers who want to guide in Yosemite! We can teach the rest!

Yosemite Family Adventures is a family owned & operated guiding company that provides private adventures in Yosemite National Park. We started our guiding company because too many companies focused on maximizing net profit, and not on maximizing the experience of the guest & satisfaction of their guides(Profit Sharing). Our tours include hiking, sightseeing, fly fishing, backpacking and astronomy.

We guide mainly in Yosemite National Park and on the border of the park in the Stanislaus National Forest. We also provide inclusive packages that include other locations in California.

Hello Coolworkers! My name is David Furry and I'm the owner of Yosemite Family Adventures. Before I started our guiding company, I was also a coolworker for 6 years. I was blessed to work at the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone and Yosemite, and now that we are growing, I can't think of any other website that I would want to use to find new team members. I don't just run this company from behind a desk, I'm also a full-time guide that's in the field as much as possible.  I started our guiding company because I got tired of working for large corporate tour companies and lodges that required me to conform to their cookie cutter, corporate appearance and regardless of the quality of my work and how reliable I was, I was still only known as employee number 196153.

Here at Yosemite Family Adventures, we encourage our team members to be themselves and embrace their uniqueness! In order to provide the best tours and adventures in Yosemite, we make sure to hire team members that have a strong passion for nature and the outdoors, great people skills and a willingness to continuously learn new skills and styles of guiding. We understand that our team members are an integral part of our success as a company and to show our appreciation for their hard work and commitment, we operate a profit sharing system that allows for a rewarding bonus. Our main tours include hiking, sightseeing, fly fishing, backpacking, and astronomy. If you're looking to join a smaller team where you're treated more like a family member and not just another employee, Yosemite Family Adventures is the place for you! Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you send your application our way! 

The Employee Experience

Here at Yosemite Family Adventures, we've chosen to use the term "Team Members" and not "Employees" because we feel that each guide is responsible for an integral part of our company and they are more than just employees! When team members are out guiding in the field, we don't micro-manage the flow of their tours, how they relate to their guests and what knowledge they decide to share! All we ask is that they provide an amazing experience that they would want to enjoy if they were on their own private tour with our company. We provide first class guide training that will make sure our team members have full confidence that they can answer almost any "Yosemite" question that their guests will ask and they will have plenty of knowledge to share with their guests during each tour!

We have decided to stay relatively small because we want to make sure we always focus on the quality of our service, the quality of how we treat our team members and the overall quality of our work environment! Our team members truly matter to us, and to show our appreciation, we have chosen to run a profit sharing program that allows our team members hard work to pay off at the end of their contract with a small piece of the profit they helped to generate throughout the year. We will do anything in our power to make sure they have an experience of a lifetime while working here at Yosemite Family Adventures! 

Ideal Candidate

We are looking to hire anyone that is reliable and hard working, trustworthy and outgoing with a great personality and they must have a passionate love for nature and outdoor adventures! We don't focus too much on "guiding" experiences as much as we look for strong customer service skills and a willingness and drive to learn anything and everything! I'm not saying we don't like guiding experience, I'm just letting possible future team members know that if you don't have any guiding experience, but you meet or exceed the above list, please send us your resume and we will see if your energy will be a good fit for joining our team! We can teach you how to be an amazing "guide", but we can't teach you how to have the qualities we've laid out above! :) 

Room and Board

We do not provide room and board. Our team members usually rent a custom home or spare room in the town of Groveland, CA for their working season. We are currently working with local lodging providers to see if we can help provide a "dorm" style option for our team members for the 2017 season. 

The town of Groveland, CA has a small grocery store and other local restaurants and coffee shops to enjoy. 

We are willing to help new team members find lodging, so please let us know if you would like some help! 

Employee Perks

As a small, family owned and operated guiding company, we don't have a large corporate array of discounts to offer our team members. We do work with other local guiding companies and if our team members are interested in experiencing their adventures, we will do everything in our power to help them get any discount we can! The main perk that team members will get to experience will be our profit sharing system, this will allow their hard work to pay off at the end of each season! 

Getting Here and Getting Around

Team members will need to have access to their own vehicle. They will need to provide their own transportation to and from the guiding office for each scheduled work shift. 

For Fun

When not at work, Yosemite offers more than 800 miles of amazing trails that team members can spend their free time hiking on! Yosemite is also home to more than 1,300 miles of rivers and creeks and 300 lakes and ponds that hold Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Brook Trout and Golden Trout and it's a wonderful place for fly fishing and backcountry swimming. We have three mountain peaks over 13,000 feet for anyone that loves to summit and if backpacking is your muse, you could spend a lifetime in this park and still have places to camp! Yosemite is home to 19 waterfalls over 300 feet and photography enthusiast will find that they can fill terabytes of memory with all the amazing landscape views and iconic landmarks in Yosemite. Anyone that loves to paint, sketch, draw or create anything artistic, will have an abundant amount of opportunities to do so, the only problem will be affording all the canvas they will need! :)

Our hometown of Groveland, CA is only three hours from San Francisco and the Pacific ocean! Team Members can spend their weekends playing on the beach, surfing in Santa Cruz, visiting exciting cities like Carmel, Monterey, San Francisco and more, or relaxing in California's wine country! If they don't want to head west, they can head east to Lake Tahoe, Las Vegas or Reno! For long weekends, team members can reach Oregon, Los Angeles, San Diago and the Grand Canyon in a half a day! We are pretty much strategically located to enjoy almost the entire west coast and to top that off, team members get to earn a living while guiding in one of the most beautiful places on the planet!

Amazing adventures, once-in-a-lifetime experiences and lasting memories are here for your enjoyment while working in California with Yosemite Family Adventures! Send us a resume and let your California Adventure begin! 

Our Jobs

Our main operating season runs from April 1st to November 15. New team members should be flexible with how many hours they work per day as each tour requires team members to work fluctuating hours each day! We do pay overtime and double overtime for any hours worked over 8 in one day! 

We are looking for outgoing and enthusiastic individuals that are excited to share their passion for nature and the outdoors with everyone they come in contact with while out in the field.  Although guiding and/or fly fishing experience is preferred, we are willing to train the right team member to lead adventure tours within Yosemite National Park and the Sierras!

Position Responsibilities:

  • Maintaining all permit requirements, state and federal regulations, and Yosemite Family Adventures protocol and procedures
  • Providing a safe, enjoyable and educational experience for every guest
  • Maintain a healthy and drug-free lifestyle in order to pass pre-employment and random drug testing
  • Be available to work 3-5 days per week from April 1st to November 15th
  • Willingness to continue reading and researching Yosemite-related topics thought out employment period
  • Maintaining and promoting Leave No Trace Principles 

Minimum Position Requirements:

  • 23 Years Old 
  • Drug Free
  • Clean Driving Record 
  • Ability to walk up to 15 miles at altitudes from 3000 to 9000 feet
  • Obtain First Aid/CPR Certification before Employment
  • Available During Weekends and Holidays through November 2017
  • Strong People and Customer Service Skills 
  • Flexible and Self Motivated 
  • Passion for Learning the History, Geology, Flora and Fauna of the Yosemite Region

How to Apply

We are enthusiastic about hiring new team members that have a passion for nature, great communication skills and a willingness to learn, so with that being said, we are willing to train new team members that don't have guiding experience as long as they meet the above requirements.

If you're ready to join the Yosemite Family Adventures team, please complete the contact form by clicking the  "Apply Here" link. Follow that up by emailing your resume to info@yfaguides.com

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