Elevate Gap Program
YMCA of the Rockies

Hikes around Snow Mountain Ranch

A semester long program for young adults ages 18 - 24. Outdoor adventure, employment, & networking!

Located in the mountain town of Estes Park, Colorado next to Rocky Mountain National Park.


Elevate Gap Program

YMCA of the Rockies
Estes Park, Colorado
$12.56 - $14.11 / hour
No experience required
Start Date:
Starts in about 1 month. (Aug 08, 2022)

The GAP Program:

Participants will gain a variety of experiences in the outdoors while gaining work and life skills. The three components of this program are outdoor adventure, employment in the hospitality industry, and belonging in community groups. The program fee ($250) will be refunded to participants upon their completion of the program.

Elevate Days: Once a week, participants will spend time learning new skills in the outdoors. Using small cohorts, groups will participate in hiking, rock climbing, skiing, and backpacking adventures, while learning about essential wilderness skills like how to plan ahead and prepare, backcountry safety, flora and fauna, adventure sport techniques, and more. These trainings will prepare participants for outdoor adventure jobs at the YMCA and beyond. They will be paid between 4-8 hours per week for attending these trainings, and will be awarded a certificate at the end to indicate their proficiency in the field.

Hospitality Days: Four days a week, participants will work alongside their cohort in the housekeeping and food service departments, earning $14.11/hour, which includes the appreciation fund & work completion bonus. 

Days Off: Participants will have at least 2 days off per week to participate in activities near Estes Park or throughout Colorado. As part of the Rocky Mountain Living Package, they can opt into other outdoor adventure opportunities and excursions with other staff.


  • Documented professional outdoor experience in things like climbing, biking, backpacking, mountaineering, fly fishing, environmental education, camping, horseback riding, cross-country skiing.
  • Networking opportunities through outdoor job panels and visits to likeminded organizations
  • WFA and CPR certification
  • BEETLES certification
  • LNT certification
  • And more!

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