YMCA Camp Loma Mar

Want to be a professional role model? Want to make friends and memories that will last a life time? Then come join the YMCA Camp Loma Mar Summer Staff Team!

YMCA Camp Loma Mar located in Northern California not far from San Francisco. We are a traditional overnight summer camp. We provide an amazing outdoor experience for campers and staff by being immersed in nature surrounded by beautiful Redwood trees and a big beautiful creek! The magic of Camp Loma Mar is the connection the staff makes with the campers changing one camper's life at a time!

YMCA Camp Loma Mar is in the ideal location for a Summer Camp! We are surrounded by the beautiful redwood trees! 15-minute drive to the ocean and Highway 1! 1 hour away from downtown San Francisco!

About YMCA Camp Loma Mar

YMCA Camp Loma Mar is a traditional overnight summer camp program that serves youth from ages 7-17. Campers are split into various age/village groups, we have Cubs, Bobcats, Mountain Lions, and an amazing teen development program with LITs and CAs. 

We have Archery, Paintball Slingshots, a Rockall, a Zipline, and a multitude of other camp classic activities, all nestled in some beautiful redwood trees on the property. We also have a beautiful creek that will take you on an adventure you won't forget and trails that will have you never wanting to leave! If your looking to have a major impact on your peers and youth, while immersed in nature then this is the place for you! 

Cool Fact: We are the birthplace of the Raggers program which is very unique in the camping world! If you have ever heard of the Ragger's program or if you yourself are a Ragger then you are already a part of the YMCA Camp Loma Mar family! If you don't know about the Raggers program, it's a self-improvement program that was started at Camp Loma Mar by the famous Thomas Caldwell himself!   

The Employee Experience

At YMCA Camp Loma Mar we care about our staff and always want them to know they have a home away from home. We provide bonding experiences throughout the summer that create friendships and memories that will last a lifetime! We make it a point to hire people for their positive, inclusive personalities and most of all if they have a good heart, an open mind, and are going to be here for the right reasons, FOR THE KIDS!!

Come to a place where being yourself is rewarded and celebrated and you can let your guard down and be you. We encourage our staff to be creative and allow them to share their talents and their true selves with each other. Camp is a magical place where everyone can be themselves, where all are welcomed and all are accepted, and every day we try to embody and exemplify the 4 Core values of Caring, Honesty, Respect, and Responsibility.

Ideal Candidate

Start Date: May 28th, 2024 for Leadership Staff Training and June 2nd, 2024 for Counselor Staff Training. We need all staff to be able to attend staff training.

End Date: July 27th. For Camp Clean up and End of Summer Banquet!!

Ideal Counselor Candidates:

  • Age requirement 18+
  • Previous camp experience preferred.
  • Highly motivated and energized staff, with a willingness to have FUN: get dirty, be silly, sing crazy songs, and act out hilarious skits, all in the name of providing a phenomenal camp experience.  
  • Open-minded and accepting of all backgrounds, regardless of color, race, gender identity/expression, or status.
  • You do not need YMCA Camp experience but some sort of youth work is preferred.
  • International Staff needing Visas to work need to go through Camp America or IENA.

Room and Board

Housing is provided. Counselors will stay in the cabins with the campers during the week and on weekends we provide a cabin that isn't being used! We have shower houses and gender-neutral bathrooms. Lead Staff and Kitchen Employees stay in separate housing, 3 multi-room guest houses with shared communal areas.

Food is also provided! We have an amazing Food Service Director on site that provides delicious and nutritious food and can assist with any dietary restrictions!

We will pick you up from the airport (San Francisco or San Jose) you just have to pay for your flight if you need to fly in! 

Employee Perks

  • Make friendships that last a lifetime.
  • Learn from extensive training, youth work, and leadership experience.
  • Earn a generous weekly salary (depending on the position) plus room and board provided in the beautiful Redwoods an hour from San Francisco.
  • Have the opportunity to make a difference in the life of a child.

Getting Here and Getting Around

It's highly recommended that if you can that you drive to camp so you can have a vehicle on-site and be able to go explore on your time off as you please! There are a few people who are unable to bring a car and staff are really good about seeing who needs to go into town and providing rides when they go.

We will cover the initial transportation by picking you up at the airport and taking you to the airport once the summer is over!

We are pretty remote and don't have any public transport around camp to get to the big city.

If you want to bring a bike you are more than welcome to.

There will be a couple of planned group staff outings and that transportation will be provided. 

For Fun

We have an amazing community of people living at camp every summer. Lots of international staff come in from around the world, so it's a great way to meet people, learn about other cultures, and provide yourself with options for places to stay across the globe.

On days off, adventures in the redwoods nearby or down to the beach (only 12 miles away), trips into San Francisco or Santa Cruz, drive-in movie nights, and many other outings are a big part of the culture.

Fun things to do are easy to find, whether you are looking for an adventure in the outdoors or in the city. We will be doing some staff outings during the summer and getting out of camp as much as possible! 

How to Apply

The best way to apply is to email me directly, with an attached resume.

We can set up an interview to talk about all our camp opportunities.

Contact YMCA Camp Loma Mar