Arctic Base Camp --- Guest Service
Work Arctic

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Work and Play under the Midnight Sun!

Fairbanks, Alaska - the gateway to the Arctic!


Arctic Base Camp --- Guest Service

Work Arctic
Fairbanks, Alaska
$12.00 / hour
No experience required
Start Date:
Job starts in 2 months (Apr 26, 2020)

We are an Alaskan-owned tour operator based in Fairbanks, Alaska. Northern Alaska Tour Company was founded in 1986 to provide unparalleled travel and touring experiences in Alaska's Arctic for guests while maintaining the highest standards of safety and commitment to traditional culture and the environment.

Arctic Base Camp Guest Services coworkers are primarily responsible for coordinating all activities associated with guest departures from and returns to Fairbanks. This involves greeting guests as they arrive, checking them in for their various tours,  and setting appropriate expectations. Guest Services gives a thorough briefing at the start of each tour, using soulful honesty to prepare everyone for the realities they will encounter during their experience, and addressing any questions or concerns guests may have. The start of a tour is a time when many things are happening simultaneously, and an ability to maintain calm under such conditions is definitely an asset.

Guest Services coworkers will often shuttle people to or from our Northern Alaska Tour Company headquarters in 15 passenger vans. Also, Guest Services takes primary responsibility for the essential task of keeping our terminal and restrooms tidy, clean and sanitary.

Arctic Base Camp (ABC) coworkers have shared housing as part of their compensation for the season and transportation to and from work is provided.    The housing is a two-story house in a quiet neighborhood in downtown Fairbanks, and it is close to restaurants, coffee shops, and grocery stores.  Meals are not provided with this position.  It is approximately 7 miles from our office location.  Bikes are available to borrow for recreational use or for commuting.  Coworkers are welcome to bring their own vehicles if they wish to have more mobile freedom during their time off.  Our ABC housing has three bedrooms with a capacity of 6 coworkers for the midnight sun season.  Our season begins in late April and ends in late September when our midnight sun tours end and Aurora tours continue.   There may be the opportunity for seasonal guest service coworkers to stay on for the winter season. 

How to Apply

Our Arctic Base Camp application is available on our recruiting website. Please apply online! 

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