Facilities Manager
Wrangell Mountains Center

Seeking Facilities Manager for our mission-driven nonprofit in North America's largest National Park

Even Alaska residents choose our neck of the woods for their vacations

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Facilities Manager

Wrangell Mountains Center
McCarthy, Alaska
$3,000.00 - $3,100.00 / month
Previous experience required
Start Date:
Starts in 5 months. (May 01, 2024)

The Facilities Manager (FM) oversees the facilities as a part of a collaborative leadership team working toward the successful operations of the campus. The Wrangell Mountains Center (WMC) is a private nonprofit that promotes living in close relationship with wilderness and with our local community. We also model an off-grid lifestyle by reducing our ecological impact.

The Wrangell Mountains Center values and practices cooperation and collaboration among the staff as well as program participants. The FM provides the structure and organization necessary for a smoothly operating work environment. The FM works closely with the Director of Operations and the Executive Director and reports to the Executive Director.

The WMC facilities are deeply meaningful to our organization. We seek someone to invest expertise and care, to generate pride in our facilities.

This position is ideally suited for someone who shares our values, is energized by our mission and vision, and can function effectively/professionally in an off-grid, wilderness setting with limited amenities.

Essential Core Responsibilities:

  • Maintain an organized, clean and beautiful campus that our organization can take pride in
  • Building projects, maintenance, and repairs- such as tent platforms, wall tent frames, shelving, building leaks, etc.
  • Maintain energy system: Solar, battery, and generator system upkeep
  • Monitor and maintain the water system
  • Vehicle maintenance/upkeep and town trips as necessary for resupply
  • Supervise staff, interns and volunteers 
  • Work with the Director of Operations to schedule staff, interns and volunteers in the Facilities department
  • Proactive Communication: Communicate regularly and effectively with leadership as a central member on the WMC leadership team; Communicate expectations with all facilities workers

Additional Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Contribute expertise (particularly through an off-grid and green energy lens) towards the planning of facilities projects and pre-season logistics, primarily via the Facilities Committee (meeting one to two times per month during the winter season)
  • Work with WMC summer staff leadership to coordinate priorities and delegate tasks for Facilities team
  • Ensure that the WMC campus is safe and functional, complying w/ applicable safety standards
  • Assist in planning and implementing capital building projects
  • Proactively identifies the needs of our campus facilities and initiates actions to address them
  • Promote an understanding of and commitment to WMC values and policies including general health and safety as well as judicious use of water and power systems

Required Knowledge and Experience:

  • Track record of successful facilities management
  • Proactive in communications
  • Ability to forgo most urban amenities in a remote setting for the duration of the season
  • Intermediate construction and carpentry skills
  • Familiarity with solar systems, generators, propane systems, and vehicle mechanics
  • Extensive experience working with small power and hand tools
  • Basic knowledge of and experience with operating and installing energy systems including DC and AC
  • Basic knowledge of  plumbing and well systems
  • Ability to delegate and oversee work of others
  • Driver’s license with good driving record and ability to operate a manual pickup with a trailer
  • Ability to safely lift up to 50 lb
  • Leading people in a dynamic off-grid environment
  • Self-starter
  • Organized and attentive to detail

Desired Additional Skills and Abilities:

  • Interpersonal communication skills and team building in a collaborative culture
  • Reliable and flexible, inspiring confidence and trust from co-workers
  • Interest in sustainability and communal living, and learning new skills
  • Familiarity with the Wrangell Mountains Center as well as the local McCarthy and Kennicott communities
  • Knowledge of historic buildings
  • Experience living in rugged, remote places similar to Alaska
  • Enthusiasm for recruiting facilities volunteers from local WMC supporters, community members and local seasonal employees  

Estimated time commitment:

Approximately May 1st  –  September 15th  (depending on WMC activities and needs), averaging 40 hours/week.

Due to a variety of unique factors, our 2024 summer season will be an exceptionally challenging one, and more hours may be required. Part-time remote work will be required before on-site position start date. These will be used to complete required trainings and courses, contribute to hiring facilities staff and attend planning meetings. Part-time work will potentially be  5-10 hours per month, paid hourly, beginning in January.


$3,100/month including meals and primitive lodging (valued at approximately $1,200 per month)

Our Facilities:

The Wrangell Mountains Center is headquartered in The Old Hardware Store, a historic building, originally serving boomtown McCarthy during the Kennecott copper mining period of the early 20th century. Abandoned in 1938, the structure was placed on the National Register of Historic Places after founding WMC board member Sally Gibert initiated ongoing stabilization and restoration efforts in 1976. What was once a store and rooming house is now an active, rustic, educational center with libraries, seminar rooms, kitchen and garden, and studio and office space for visiting scholars and artists.

Porphyry Place, an Alaskan homestead cabin acquired and added to the WMC campus in 2012, is used for public lectures, yoga, youth programs, and as a classroom.

There are two live-work studios behind the cabin managed as WMC housing for visiting instructors, artists in residence, and researchers. One is a tiny cabin (10X10) called The Bungalow which has a small wood stove. The other is called The Loft which is above the tool shed (Ed’s shop) and will likely be used as a staff lounge in 2024.

This past summer we recently built two Guest Cabins, small log cabins for additional guest accommodations. These units will need to be finished with tasks like installing a floor, a door and a wood stove.

Additionally we have The Greenhouse which is also used as a staff shower and sauna and potentially a laundry room. We are in the process of discussing a plan for the use of this space which the candidate will have a significant contribution to. 

The WRANGELL MOUNTAINS CENTER (WMC) is based in McCarthy, Alaska, providing residential and walk-in experiential education programs that foster discovery through direct contact with diverse environments. Meeting the needs of students, writers, artists, scientists, travelers, and local citizens, we offer opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to explore, express, and be transformed in this extraordinary place surrounded by wilderness. The WMC operates on a model of sustainability and resource conservation. Facilities are remote and off-the-grid, operating mostly with solar power and water pumped from our wells. Meals and chores (e.g., harvesting garden produce, splitting firewood, cleaning up) are shared between staff, volunteers, and sometimes program participants.

The Wrangell Mountains Center is an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to developing and retaining a diverse workforce. We're striving to build an inclusive workplace culture where all employees feel valued and our rich diversity is celebrated by everyone. We especially encourage Alaska Native, Black, Asian, Latinx and LGBTQ+ applicants as these groups are currently under-represented in our workforce.

How to Apply

Please fill out our online application. We also encourage you to submit a resume to sabrina@wrangells.org

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