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  • Banquet Captain

    Food and
    $23.00 / hour


    • Oversee and manage events
    • Setup and breakdown of events, to include all equipment, supplies, beverages, decor, etc. (to include flipping of event space)
    • Check the overall room for accuracy in accordance with the event's floor plan - tables in correct positions, the correct number of chairs per table, service tables and equipment are set up correctly, etc
    • Act as the point of contact for the host/client
    • Review BEO 1 week prior to the event and communicate any questions and/or concerns to the Director of Special Events
    • Hold a pre-shift meeting at events with staff to review BEO and service standard(s) - roughly 20-30 minutes prior to event start time
    • Coordinate with culinary staff (Executive and/or Sous Chef) to maximize guest experience
    • Open and pour bottled wine/champagne for guests
    • Carry plates of food and/or drink on trays
    • Bus and set tables, as needed
    • Setup and breakdown of food buffets and unique stations
    • Communicate guest, client and staff feedback to management in a concise and timely manner
    • Supervise events to ensure they run smoothly and exceed client/guest expectations
    • Anticipate guest and host needs, respond promptly and acknowledge all guests in a friendly manner
    • Ensure compliance of safety standards and company policies and procedures
    • Maintain and exemplify high-level service standards and requirements for events
    • Organize event responsibilities and complete all preparation work
    • Lead event staff to provide an outstanding customer experience as well as compliance with all company policies and procedures
    • Coordinate breaks and/or meals for staff
    • Assign staff to various stations and work tasks at events
    • Communicate event changes and modification efficiently as they arise throughout events
    • Identify situations that compromise the company’s reputation and brand image
    • Inspect employee grooming and uniforms and rectify any deficiencies
    • Ensure replenishment of items as specified on stations, passing trays, buffets, etc. as requested and/or needed
    • Maintain an accurate cash drawer throughout your shift (if required) and be able to account for any and all discrepancies in the final drawer tally
    • Check customer identification and confirm ID meets the legal drinking age in accordance with TIPS training guidelines
    • Responsible for making sure all food leftover is returned to the kitchen or packaged for the client, when applicable
    • Ensures any "To Go" boxes, leftovers, decorations, gifts, etc. are given to the designated person/people
    • Ensure that all supplies and materials are returned to designated storage areas in a clean and organized fashion
    • Perform final site inspection with event staff to make sure that closing duties have been completed and that site is left clean
    • Work alongside staff to provide continuous training and keep morale and engagement high
    • Ensures clean-up follows specific guidelines such as all dishes to the dish pit, soiled rented laundry in designated laundry bags (keep Buffalo Rose linens separate), wiping down of all surfaces, etc.
    • Complete post-event audit through iAuditor and submit to Director of Special Events within 24 hours
    • Keep an accurate log and record of all alcohol or non-alcoholic inventories at the event when applicable
    • Monitor and handle all guest complaints through acknowledgment and pacification.
    • Elevate any serious problem or guest complaint to the Event Coordinator and/or Operations Manager right away to mitigate consequences
    • Attend all employee meetings when applicable
    • Follow all relevant Buffalo Rose policies and procedures outlined in the Employee Handbook
    • Perform other duties as assigned


    • 21 years of age or older
    • High school diploma or equivalent
    • Minimum 2 years experience in Food/Beverage/Hospitality Management - specifically banquets/events
    • Nights and weekends required
    • TIPS certification
    • Excellent organization and communication skills
    • Basic computer skills
    • Fluent in English


    • Strong customer service skills - an individual that understands what it means to go above and beyond to make a guest happy.
    • Attention to detail - it’s often the minor details that go overlooked. Those are the details that can take an event from good to extraordinary. We are looking for someone who understands the importance of those details and takes a proactive approach to ensure those details are attended to.
    • Leadership skills - a Captain must be a leader among the staff and understand when to rally, when to reprimand, how to resolve conflict, and when to jump in to help the team with the job at hand.
    • Management skills - as a Captain you will not only manage the staff, but also the event. A Captain has to understand the timing of food, event timelines, staff scheduling, and client coordination. The Captain must have a great working relationship with the culinary staff to collaborate towards the goal, a successful event.
    • Speaking skills - as the Captain you will often be the lead point of contact for the host and for the guests of an event. You must be able to accurately and effectively communicate standards to staff, give orders, and speak with the guests/hosts with confidence. You must be a PEOPLE PERSON!
    • Stamina - As the Captain, shifts will often be long and tiring. A Captain should be able to work long hours on your feet, lift heavy objects (up to 50 lbs), and be ready to do it all again the next day.
    • Organizational skills - on-premise catering often has many moving parts all at the same time and requires an individual serving as the Event Captain to be highly organized and confident. An organized Captain will understand Event BEO’s, spreadsheets, and general organizing practices.


    This position requires an individual that will regularly lift/push/pull up to 50 lbs. You must also have the ability to reach with hands and arms in any direction and kneel and stoop repeatedly. You must have the ability to work on your feet for long periods of time being very active (8-12 hours).

    This Company Describes Its Culture as:

    • Outcome-oriented -- results-focused with strong performance culture
    • People-oriented -- supportive and fairness-focused
    • Team-oriented -- cooperative and collaborative
  • Housekeeping Supervisor

    Winter Park
    $18.00 / hour

    We are looking for a Housekeeping Supervisor to lead our team of room attendants and ensure we provide excellent customer service. Housekeeping Supervisor responsibilities include organizing employee shifts, training and motivating team members and checking private and public areas for tidiness. To be successful in this role, you should have a good understanding of sanitation regulations and team management abilities. Ultimately, you will help ensure our daily housekeeping operations run smoothly and that guests are satisfied.


    • Train housekeepers on cleaning and maintenance tasks
    • Oversee staff on a daily basis
    • Check rooms and common areas, including stairways and lounge areas, for cleanliness
    • Schedule shifts and arrange for replacements in cases of absence
    • Establish and educate staff on cleanliness, tidiness and hygiene standards
    • Motivate team members and resolve any issues that occur on the job
    • Respond to customer complaints and special requests
    • Monitor and replenish cleaning products stock including floor cleaner, bleach and rubber gloves
    • Participate in large cleaning projects as required
    • Ensure compliance with safety and sanitation policies in all areas


    • Work experience as a Housekeeping Supervisor or similar role
    • Hands-on experience with cleaning and maintenance tasks for large organizations
    • Ability to use industrial cleaning equipment and products
    • Excellent organizational and team management skills
    • Stamina to handle the physical demands of the job
    • Flexibility to work various shifts, including evenings and weekends
    • High school diploma is a plus

    Employee housing is available!

  • Maintenance Tech

    Winter Park
    $18.00 / hour

    A Maintenance Technician is responsible for keeping a facility operating and repairing any problems when they are discovered before they have a chance to worsen. A Maintenance Technician will be required to perform a wide range of repair tasks around the hotel including but not limited to the following:

    • Performing routine maintenance around the building such as fixing structural damage, for example, window, door or wall repair
    • Routinely collecting trash and other items around the property
    • Winter snow removal from the property
    • Repairing broken or leaking plumbing to avoid water damage and restore full use of water fixtures
    • Working on damaged electrical wiring when a shortage or severed wire occurs
    • Maintaining the building HVAC equipment in order to keep climate control in the facility functioning properly
    • Applying preventative measures to the building to reduce the risk of future problems, such as using a sealant on a flat roof
    • Fixing potential safety hazards to avoid injuries
    • Painting the building when old paint has become faded or chipped

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