Wind River Ranch and Ministries

Wind River Ranch and Ministries

Wind River Ranch is a Christian Family Guest Ranch serving approximately 70 guests per week from late May thru September. Our staff is committed to providing radical hospitality and blessings to our guests.

Wind River Ranch is located just outside Estes Park Colorado, gateway to majestic Rocky Mountain National Park. The ranch sits across the valley from Long's Peak, one of Colorado's 14k foot mountains. People from all over the world come to visit this area because of it's breathtaking beauty.

About Wind River Ranch and Ministries

Wind River Ranch and Ministries is a Christian Family Guest Ranch.  As a team, our staff is commited to delivering radical blessings and hospitality to our guests.  In essence, our seasonal staff is the "delivery system" to our guests.  We strive to pour into our summer staff as much as we do our guests and the formula results in changed lives.

The majesty of Rocky Mountain National Park surrounds the ranch offering breathtaking views in every direction.

Our culture make us one of the best places to serve and impact lives for the better.  Many of our staff return year after year.

During our summer season, we accommodate 65-70 guests for 14 weeks and 35-40 guests during our conference season in September. The guests and their needs are our number one priority, striving to make their week unforgettable in every way possible. We have hundreds of opportunities during the summer to impact and bless the lives of our guests in a meaningful and long lasting way, whether it be through the food, giving moms and dads a respite from cooking and taking care of any dietary needs their family may have, an encouraging note left in a cabin by a housekeeper, or getting a child or adult on a horse for the first time, taking them to see the incredible creation that God made all around us. The opportunities to impact a life are endless!

As part of being on staff at Wind River Ranch, the job description goes beyond the daily tasks of your job and putting in your required hours. Being a part of this ministry means being flexible with your time, being willing to jump in wherever needed that might not be part of your job description. “That’s not my job” is not in our vocabulary here. Days can be long, working on your feet for the majority of it, so resting when possible and recharging is key to not burning out. Living and breathing and working with 35 other staff has the opportunity to be a very tight knit community, or a very fractured and separated one. We encourage everyone to develop Godly relationships, challenging each other and building one another up in their personal walk with God. You will live in one of the most beautiful mountain areas in the country, don’t forget to stop and appreciate His beautiful creation!

The Employee Experience

Over 25% of our seasonal staff return to serve again and we are blessed to have them. We believe our seasonal staff is INTEGRAL to delivering radical hospitality and blessings to our guests.  We "pour into" our deposit, no return!  Need we say more?

Ideal Candidate

Integrity, character, heart to serve and desire to HAVE FUN.  Great work ethic a given.  We look for staff who love to serve guests and help their fellow staff become better.

Room and Board

All room and board provided.  

Employee Perks

Above and beyond our location and phenomenal culture we have a truly unique staff community that translates to a life changing experience. 

For Fun

Work in one of the most beautiful places on the planet.  Wind River Ranch and Ministries sits across the valley from Long's Peak one of Colorado's 14k' mountains.  Hiking, biking, fishing, climbing steps away. 

The town of Estes Park is minutes away and has been called, "the little Swiss Alps" of Colorado.  Scenery is breathtaking.

Our Jobs

Wind River Ranch and Ministries operates mid May-end of October.  Staff needs are:

  • Wranglers
  • Housekeeping
  • Kids, Tweens and Teens staff and Leaders
  • Dining Hall Wait Staff
  • Head Chef, Sous Chef, Breakfast Chef, Prep Chef
  • Maintenance

How to Apply

To apply go to:

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