Customer Service Person
Willows HuckLand

Customer Service In A Huckleberry Superstore / Jam & Pie Factory

Hungry Horse is nestled between two large mountains and is at the confluence of two wild and scenic rivers. It is 8 miles from the west entrance of Glacier National Park and accesses the Wilderness!


Customer Service Person

Willows HuckLand
Hungry Horse, MT. 8 Miles from Glacier Park, 16 miles from Johny Depp & celebrity city Whitefish
$12.00 / hour + tips
No experience required
Start Date:
Job starts in 2 months (May 25, 2018)

Happy people on vacation flock into Huckland to watch the Huckleberry pies and delicious preserves being made, grab a shake or burger and buy their T-shirts when they see we have the best shirts at the best prices.

We broke all our daily records last year and employees do get a company tip when a record is broken!  It is fun to work here because the place smells heavenly with the pies being freshly cooked.  We are very dearly loved by customers, kids, and the online trip advising community. (Check out our reviews - last year United Airlines even did a story on us in all their August in flight magazine worldwide !....because locals said our Milkshakes were the best anywhere! )

You will meet and greet guests from Europe, Asia and the USA, serve them a shake or burger, and ring up their merchandise. Our company culture is to serve them and meet their needs and our guests appreciate that we are not pressuring them but just knowledgeably assisting.   

The camper cabins you stay in have epic views of giant mountains and after work you can walk to two chrystal clear rivers within two blocks of where you stay surrounded by mountains !  We schedule so that employees can have a couple consecutive days off each week to back pack in unrivaled Glacier National Park or enjoy thousands of square miles of adjacent wilderness.

As the owner, I just love working at my own place just to see the smile of a kid biting into a Huckleberry Ice-Cream cone for the first time or to get the many grateful thanks from guests who thank us  for providing better merchandise at cheaper prices and have finally found a place really dedicated to refreshing them rather than taking advantage of their being a tourist.

You can check us out on Facebook at "Willows HuckLand" or "HuckleberryLand."  Our website is  Start your summer of a lifetime!   Apply now !

How to Apply

Yay no huge online application!  Just provide a recent picture and 3 checkable work references (phone #s).    Resume is not required but can be sent to    Application by text is also Ok. 406-270-8677 (Some hires say its the first job they got with a text but it reflects our culture; cut the red tape, get things done efficiently, and get on to hiking in Glacier ! 

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