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We have several openings for sales clerks, responsible for selling alcohol, tobacco products, making sandwiches, espresso drinks, dipping ice cream, making milkshakes and other types of food preparation.

There are two full time merchandising/laundry positions.  These positions receive and stock merchandise daily, keep the laundry area, showers and bathrooms clean during shift and are responsible for the coffee station.

We have two shuttle driving positions.  Drivers move customer vehicles and trailers from launch points to take out points on the river.  Able to back a trailer, drive a standard transmission, passenger experience, 25 years old and a clean driving record.  Season is May through September. 


  • Food Prep

    Employee hired is responsible for the following and any other duties asked by management.

    - Prepare food as needed, including but not limited to: waffle cones, pancakes, dipping sauces, and meat portioning, egg preparation, make deli and grilled sandwiches, prepare broaster foods, slice tomatoes & onions, prep lettuce and other items for sandwiches. 

    -Be responsible for keeping food areas stocked and product rotation.

    -Be responsible for keeping all food areas organized and clean.

    -Help keep all coolers/freezers organized and clean.

    -Help put away products as it is delivered.

    -Wash all dishes as needed.

    -Assist customers with ringing up their purchases and helping in the ice cream area.



  • Shuttle/Cab Drivers

    This employee is responsible for driving a customers vehicle with a trailer from the launch point on the river to the take out point and back the vehicle and trailer into a parking position. We also offer a cab service so the employee would transport passengers to various locations in Cooper Landing or out of town. Must have prior passenger transportation history, good driving record and ability to back trailers.
  • Stocking Clerk

    Eight hour shift, 1/2 hour lunch break. Employee will stock front of store from supply areas, stock beer from the cooler to display racks in cooler, stock merchandisers from back stock, rotate stock in all areas of the store. On delivery days, receive and check in deliveries, then stock the merchandise. There will be some positions that are both stocking and as a clerk to provide adequate staffing. Assists customers taking shuttle information, entering the sale into the computer and assist the sales clerks if busy ringing up customer sales.

  • Store Clerk

    Eight hour shift, start times will vary, 1/2 hour lunch break. Employee enters sales into computer system, takes payment via cash or credit card. Sells alcohol in accordance to State laws. Writes up shuttle information and takes payment. Makes espresso coffee, sandwiches, eggs, broaster food, dips ice cream cones, makes milkshakes, and assists with all other aspects of assisting customers, keeping the work area stocked and clean.

How to Apply

E-mail your resumes to wildman@wildmans.org, apply online through our website www.wildmans.org,  or call our toll free number 1-866-595-1456 to request an application or to talk to Cheryle or Barb about the job. You can fax your information to 907-595-1888. Can't wait to hear from you!

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