Whaler's Cove Lodge

Whale Breaching

Working Chef wanted at Alaskan Fishing Lodge!

Located on Killisnoo Island, west coast of Admiralty Island National Monument 60 mi. south of Juneau

Angoon, Alaska
$3,500.00 / month + tips
Previous experience required
Start Date:
Job starts in 4 months (Jun 24, 2020)

Whaler’s Cove Lodge is entering into its 38th Season of hosting Sport Fishing and Wilderness Adventures.  We are looking for a Chef who:

  • Has a "All-Hands on Deck” attitude
  • Has an understanding of every aspect of their trade through practice and education.
  • Is willing to tackle the production of a seasonal lodge: opening, performance, wrapping up.
  • Knows themselves well enough to enjoy living and working on a small island, in the middle of 17 million acres of stunning wilderness, with 30+ crew, and up to 48 guests.
  • Is tenacious enough to work through all of the challenges working in a remote location brings, including limited labor force.
  • Is encouraging to every person who works on their team: set the pace, establish the standard.
  • Is First In and Last Out.
  • Is willing to clean and who does clean!
  • Is a planner. It takes two + weeks, multiple modes of transportation, and many hands to get supplies to our kitchen.  Planning starts in the fall for the next summer.

    (Although this is seasonal employment; we prefer a multi-season commitment.) 

Qualifications to Include:

  • High School Graduate or GED Required
  • At least 7 years of professional experience as a Chef
  • At least 3 years of professional experience as a Sous Chef 
  • Large Batch & Scratch Cooking
  • Excellent and genuine customer service skills 
  • Ability to delegate, coach, and train
  • ServSafe Manager Certification preferred  
  • Culinary Arts Degree Preferred or Equivalent Experience
  • Demonstration cooking experience preferred
  • Hospitality financial management experience is a plus
  • Computer literacy preferred

Responsibilities Include:

Primary responsibility is to create an inviting, welcoming, pleasurable, and satisfying dining experience for our guests and crew.  Service will include three meals per day, for up to 80-100 persons throughout 100-120 days operating season.  Pre & post guest-weeks involve dining for owners, hosts, employees, and select contractors; approximately 36 people.  Although service is buffet, guests and crew are accustomed to well-flavored food and tantalizing displays.  The lodge has an established, rotating, 14-day menu for guests and an established menu for crew.  Inventory, stock, and rotation must occur without fail.  Ordering is performed in conjunction with management. Vigilance with sanitation is essential.

Additional Responsibilities Include:

  • Cooperation with Kitchen Manager and Front of House to ensure the best flow and to provide exceptional customer service
  • Food orders/quality/inventory control
  • Comply & implement all health and safety requirements.
  • Ensure proper equipment operation/maintenance;
  • Menu Selection and Presentation

Daily Schedule & Routine in Alaska

Kitchen is responsible for filling bellies with good food every day, for up to 120 days, without fail.  There are no other options for food service in our remote area.  Work week consists of six (6) days on shift, with one (1) day off.  A typical week during the operating season for the Chef includes 60-80 hours of work. 

  • Breakfast
    • 7:00 am each morning. 
    • A lunch bar is provided during breakfast (for guests and staff to pack brown bag lunches for consumption while out on the water or in the wilderness).
    • Twice a week, during guest turnover, double-breakfast service is required.
    • All guest turnovers happen first thing in the morning with outbound guests leaving on the same aircraft or ferry that the inbound guests arrive on.
    • Boats are typically away from our dock by 8:00 am each morning and by 10:00 am on turnover days.
  • Hot lunches are provided to crew at 12:00 pm, daily (approximately 30+/- people).
  • Hot Soup at 6:00 pm daily; Appetizers and Salad Bar at 6:30 pm daily.
  • Dinner served promptly at 7:00 pm daily; Dessert served by 7:30-7:40 pm daily

Dinner service is usually wrapped up by 8:15 pm. If circumstances prevent any staff from being able to attend dinner, our Chefs and kitchen staff will plate and hold dinner (warm) with notice. It is NOT a requirement for most of our crew to enjoy dinner with guests, however crew are welcome.  The dinner and evening presentation is a great way to wrap up the day's exhilaration moments. Evening presentations and awards are shared twice a week, the night before guests depart. Guests may chronicle their experiences with the group and share notable catches. We encourage guides and captains to take turns presenting our fish count and sharing their fish “stories”.

Our Chefs are encouraged to treat our crew with the same customer service as our guests. Without our crew, our self-sufficient operation would not be successful!  Management believes that our crew deserves just as fine of food as our guests. 

This is the routine, every day, up to 120 days each summer.


Salary ~ DOE~ Starting Range is $3500-4000 for summer work, on-site.  Plus TIPS.  Travel benefit to/from lodge is reimbursed upon completion of the first operational season.  Travel benefit is paid upfront for all return seasons.  Other benefits disclosed at interview.  

Accommodations & Meals during time in Alaska ~ Crew will be housed in modest, private rooms.  Only very few crew rooms have private baths, all others will share bath facilities.  Self-service laundry facilities (including detergent) are provided along with bedding and towels.  Our staff enjoys hearty meals served buffet-style in the crew dining room.  There is no obligation for crew to share their meals with guests; crew is welcome to enjoy their meals in the privacy of their rooms, etc.

Personal Items ~ your only living expenses while at the lodge will be personal items: i.e. toiletries, medicines, etc. 

This position will be living and working on-site in Alaska on a remote island for 3+ months; in order to ensure a safe living environment for all, a background and reference check is required prior to final hire. 

How to Apply

Please submit a resume and cover letter to Cover letter must state why you would like to work at Whaler's Cove Lodge. Only applicants that submit a resume and cover letter will be considered.


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