Waterfall Resort Alaska

Alaska's Legendary Sport Fishing Resort

Celebrating more than a century of tradition, Waterfall Resort is a record-setting salmon cannery turned Southeast Alaska fishing lodge that draws anglers from around the world, who come to our remote shores in pursuit of wild king and silver salmon, halibut, lingcod, and more than 20 other fish species.

Our 52-acre resort is located in the Alexander Archipelago on Prince of Wales Island's craggy western shore, surrounded by the Tongass National Forest, the world's second largest rainforest. During the fishing season, temperatures are 60 to 65 degrees F, and rarely exceed 70 degrees. Weather conditions here can vary from sunny to rainy in the same day, and occasionally it can get down to the 50s.

About Waterfall Resort Alaska

Waterfall Resort is the most popular fishing lodge in Alaska, not only among the 60,000-plus guests from around the world that we've hosted to date, but also with our dedicated crew. If your customer service and experience are outstanding, if you’re passionate about the outdoors, keen to spend your summers in the rugged Southeast Alaska wilderness, and like to fish as much as we do, let’s talk!

The Employee Experience

Our fishing season extends from early June to late August; the number of guest reservations affects staffing arrival and departure date. Guests expect and deserve our crew to present a warm, friendly, professional image.

Whether on or off duty, all employees are expected to act cordially to guests at all times and under all circumstances. You are allowed adequate time off duty, but from the minute you step off the floatplane at the resort until the minute you step back on for your return flight home, you’re part of the Waterfall Resort crew. We have a one-to-one, crew-to-guest ratio, and we're especially proud that, like our guests, many of our crew members have been returning to work the fishing season with us for many years.

Most seasonal employees are paid by the hour, and time and one-half is paid for over eight hours per day, 40 hours per week. The normal work week usually ranges from 40 to 54 hours, however there may be times when you will be asked to work more or less than the normal work week, and you will be paid accordingly.

Ideal Candidate

We give full consideration to every application received. Where practical, we hold personal interviews. There is a great amount of responsibility in our constant care for guests. We expect crew members to be self-sufficient in this isolated location, and tolerant of close contact with other people. It is essential that you have a cheerful disposition, a passion for hospitality and guest service, and an ability to work effectively under pressure.

During our entire season, the resort operates at full capacity, which requires everyone to work at top capacity. The ability and desire to do a full day’s work is essential. At least one year of college is desirable but not required. NOTE: If you are not a self-starter, or have to constantly be told what to do, please do not apply.

Room and Board

Meals and lodging are provided while you are employed at Waterfall Resort. Meals are served cafeteria style. The crew dining room is also used for reading, lounging, card games, etc. Food supplies must be flown in and at times there may be shortages of certain items, but meals are good and plentiful. NOTE: Special diets, including vegetarian diets, cannot be accommodated.

You will be housed with other crew members in rooms furnished modestly and comfortably. Space is limited and there is little privacy. Because of limited power supply, we suggest you bring only essential and required electrical appliances. Each person is responsible for cleaning their own quarters. Management will periodically make inspections of living quarters. Because of the close housing conditions, it is imperative for everyone’s benefit that crew keep their living quarters tidy.

Employee Perks

Waterfall Resort is a self-contained community, and crew receive food and lodging as part of their compensation. As such, there is no necessity to spend much if any money while at the resort. Many crew members are able to save most of their net pay. If money burns a hole in your pocket, you will only be able to dispose of it on such things as souvenirs, refreshments, and personal care items available in the resort’s General Store.

In addition, you can enjoy pure fresh air, a pristine natural environment, camaraderie among the crew, spectacular sunsets, and watching with the astonishing abundance of wildlife, from orcas and black bears to puffins and bald eagles.

Getting Here and Getting Around

Accessible only by air and sea, Waterfall Resort is easily accessed via floatplane from Ketchikan, Alaska, 90 minutes from Seattle, Washington. Crew must pay their own way, round-trip to Ketchikan. For those not living nearby, this can be a considerable expense. You will be flown from Ketchikan to Waterfall Resort by floatplane at our expense. There are no roads connecting the resort; you must either fly in or use the Alaska Marine Highway (ferry) from Bellingham, Washington, or Prince Rupert, Canada, to Ketchikan. We recommend that you make your reservations to Ketchikan well in advance of your travel dates. There is no way to bring employee vehicles to Waterfall Resort.

For Fun

The area around Waterfall Resort is one of the few coastal areas in the world that has a large marine mammal population, which includes humpback whales, orcas, sea otters, and sea lions. Beaches abound with extensive seabird colonies, fascinating geological formations, former and present-day Alaska native villages, totem poles, and every ecological system found in Southeast Alaska. Employees may also enjoy the hike our namesake waterfall. Each year, thousands of pink salmon swim up Waterfall Creek and collect at the base of the waterfall in their trek upstream to spawn. Our resident black bear population (there are no grizzlies on the island) is especially thrilled by their arrival.

Crew members are responsible for their own recreation during time off at Waterfall Resort Alaska. The resort does provide limited internet and cell phone service in specific areas. There is a television and VCR/DVD player available for employee use in the employee social area; however, program availability is limited.

  • If you care to bring your own tapes or DVDs to share, please feel free to do so. We have a library of paperbacks to read and, if you enjoy reading, we ask that you bring some of your favorites to exchange.
  • If you have a talent or recreation that you would like to share with either guests or your coworkers, please let us know about it so we might call upon you.
  • There are hiking trails and many miles of beach reflecting regional history, sights, and sounds ideal for photography enthusiasts.
  • When not in use by guests or resort business, there is limited access to boat use for personal fishing or nature tours. This activity must be by appropriate arrangement with management.

How to Apply

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